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Live Feed Updaters Needed!!!

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  • Live Feed Updaters Needed!!!

    We're almost to the start of the new Winter season Celebrity Big Brother and we're going to need some Live Feed Updaters! It seems a lot of regulars either aren't watching this season or have personal stuff going on that may/will prevent them from doing Live Feed Updates, including some of the BBU "staff". Any help will be appreciated. Remember, all you need to put is the time, camera #, location and what the conversation is about. If, like me, you can't type fast, you don't have to put the conversation word for word, just the essence of it. Remember that personal opinions should not be included in the Live Feed Updates topics... only what is actually going on in the house. You can put any personal opinions in the Live Feed Discussion topics. Thanks!


    2:04 PM BBT, Camera 2, Bathroom area

    Omarosa, Shannon and Marissa talked about forming an all-girl alliance and they did a pinky swear on it.

    Omarosa said, "I'm the queen of this alliance, honey! You best believe that! If you backstab me, I WILL throw a temper tantrum!!"

    2:08 PM BBT, Cameras 3 & 4, Blue bedroom

    Chuck told Mark that he can't stand Sugar Ray's music and proceeded to put Mark in a MMA sleeper hold, knocking him out cold in 10 seconds flat.

    At the same time Ross, James & Keisha were cooking and cleaning in the Kitchen.


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    Any help.. Any time is much appreciated. I have extenuating circumstances and I'm not able to jump in as much as I would like this time around. So , anytime you're watching and can update, please, please, please help out : )


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