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  • Live Feed Sneak Peeks

    Monday 2/5 5:30 BBT

    Sneak Peek delayed. Stay tuned

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    6:03 BBT

    Ross and Marissa at the chess board talking about the pics. Something was drawn on.

    In the teal bedroom. Ariadna and Brandi talking. Somebody was talking about cheating. They are saying that the boys are trying to save face. It was the spelling game for the comp. Omarosa is also there.

    James is sleeping in the other bedroom. He took a Benadryl. The ladies say is face looks a lot better now. Talking about not talking around the guys.

    (Sorry guys, they keep saying things and I don't know the context.)

    Omarosa left and Ross came in.


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      Mark, Chuck, and James went up to the gym to work out. Chuck and James doing some sparring. (I'm headed back to the teal bedroom with

      6:16 BBT and it's gone

      Went back to listen to the early convo with the ladies.

      Shannon has Power of veto. They are talking about saving ______ and staying with the plan. They like Chuck.

      Mark was saying that no no she already pushed the button during the comp. The guys were talking about the girls cheating with Brandi helping. Guys are being poor sports.
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        6:08 BBT Today is day 6. Marisa and the guys were in the kitchen talking about already being more emotional.


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