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Live Feed Updates-February 8, 2018 (Day 8)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 8, 2018 (Day 8)

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    3:20 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping. Keshia is sleeping in the HOH alone. Everyone else is downstairs.


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      Went back a little bit

      12:30 BBT

      Shannon and Ross are talking. They seem to have an alliance (not sure if it's real). James and Chuck are on the block. They are talking about Jams.

      Marissa and James are in the BY.

      Shannon telling Ross that Marissa told James to go talk to James. Shannon told James to chill out. They don't know what is going to happen yet. Shannon and Ross talking about keeping Brandi around because she is such a big target. She better not f up their game though. Talk about Brandi better not get drunk and give away strategy. Ross is going to talk to her. Mark game in. chit chat, Ross left and went to the bathroom. Marissa in there also. They talk about swooping in to pick up Ari, they feel bad for her because of the person she was closest too.

      Chuck and James talking. Brandi made a comment about Marissa being Jewish. Marissa asked her if she was calling her Jewish because of her nose. She told Chuck she heard he had targets. He tells James he never said anything because he has never had any power or influence. When the cameras came up, Brandi came out in high heels and knee pads. They discuss the rest of them don't live in the Real housewives world, but Brandi has to realize that the feeds are live and there's no editing out the bad stuff like they do in RH.


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        Keisha in HOH bed sipping something. Everyone else sleeping.


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          7:16 AM BBT

          Keisha has turned out the lights in the HOH Room and went back to sleep so everyone is sleeping now. I believe wake-up time is suppose to be 8am BBT, so in about 40 minutes.


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            11:11AM CBBT

            I just got here and we are on PUPPIES!


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              A little overnight recap.......

              Brandi got drunk last night. She complains that her boobs are getting bigger. Other housemates agree that since she has been in the house, her boobs have grown a lot. They all speculate that she may be pregnant but Brandi says she's not because she broke up with her boyfriend 2-1/2 months ago. (Ummmmm!) Brandi accuses Chuck & James of telling Shannon they want Brandi out of the house. Mark chimes in to defend Chuck and James (as in Mark is saying he never heard that from them) and Brandi tells him that she didn't invite him to her conversation.

              The ladies separate Brandi from thee group and decide that maybe it's time for Brandi to go to bed. Brandi ends back with the group ad tells James that she is coming after him because he is trying to get rid of her. The ladies finally convince her to go to bed and someone gives her charcoal to absorb the alcohol.

              The guys and Keshia are outside talking about how obnoxious Brandi was tonight. James says she's actually been nice the last few days and that it must be the alcohol that brings this ugliness out in her.

              This morning Brandi apologizes to Mark for making him mad last night but says she has no memory of what she did.

              Now we are current and the entire group is in the bar lounge sending out a tweet. They are all giving their twitter handles to James (no clue why he has the computer).


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                12:30 CBBT

                They have officially sent their tweet. Now we are on FISH!


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