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Live Feed Updates-February 10, 2018 (Day 10)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 10, 2018 (Day 10)

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    5:20 BBT

    All HGs sleeping. Ross and Marissa are sleeping in the HoH.

    Flashback to around 3:10 BBT

    Ross and Marissa talking in HoH in the dark. Ross beat Metta and won the Bowlarina comp. Marissa won her round (against Omarosa??)

    They talk about Metta walking out the exit door twice, say you can't walk out twice and then win $250K.

    There was some talk about someone not being in their bed and they would be pissed if they stayed in a hotel over night.

    ETA-Clarification-Marissa did beat Omarosa and sounds like Omarosa made a trip tot he hospital. She is the one that is not in her bed.
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      6:52 AM BBT

      HGs are still in bed/sleeping. I guess Omarosa is still gone (in the hospital). IDK.


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        8:56 AM BBT

        They had been on FISH for the past 20 minutes or so.

        We come back to folks just getting up for the day.

        Cams 1 & 2 on HOH Bathroom/Bedroom
        Ross getting up and ready.

        Cams 3 & 4
        Porsche Room
        Keshia making bed and fluffing pillows.

        Metta sits up and then goes back to sleep.

        Marrisa was in there for a minute and left.
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          9:01 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Ross, Mark & Marissa in the Storage Room.

          Ross talking about how dry it is. Said he was coughing and blood came out when he blew his nose.

          Marissa talking about comfortable the HOH Bed is.


          • #6
            9:03 AM BBT

            Ross & Mark in the Kitchen.

            Talking about how empty the house seems. Saying Omarosa is still not there.

            Ross was starting to talk about what they told him about Omarosa and they go to FISH!

            Marissa going to take a shower in the HOH bathroom.


            • #7
              9:16 AM BBT

              Folks basically getting breakfast and getting ready for the day.

              Cams 1 & 2

              Keshia (cooking eggs), Ross, Mark & James in the Kitchen.

              Cams 3 & 4 Bathroom area

              Shannon getting ready to take a shower.


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                9:20 AM

                Metta in storage room looking for something to eat. Ross was in there for a minute and Metta asked him how it was sleeping in the HOH Room. Metta asks him about his pictures. Ross says he really liked them but feels bad that Shannon didn't get any, probably because of the quick turn around. Ross tells Metta that he is welcome to come up there and sleep.


                • #9
                  9:22 AM

                  Cams 3 & 4, Teal Room

                  Brandi getting up.

                  James just said Ross got information about Omarossa... not to worry that she is OK. They tried to go to FISH but weren't quick enough.


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                    9:27 AM BBT

                    Cams 1 & 2

                    HOH Bedroom

                    Ross on the bed reading his letter.

                    Marissa out of shower and getting ready for the day.

                    Cams 3 & 4

                    Metta, Mark, James, Keshia in the Kitchen. Ariadna came walking through says good morning. Metta says he hopes he still has a girlfriend when he gets out of the house.


                    • #11
                      9:30 AM
                      Cams 3 & 4, Bathroom area

                      Brandi was complaining to Shannon & Ariadna, saying she is going on strike because they haven't given her a curling iron for her hair and they told her she would be able to color her hair and she hasn't been able to yet.

                      Ross comes in there and sits on couch. Brandi talking again about being on strike because she doesn't have a curling iron. Ross had told them they can come up and sleep in the HOH Bed.


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                        9:40 AM BBT

                        Quick update and I'm out...

                        Brandi cleaning the fridge in the Storage Room.

                        Ross & Ari are going to make a breakfast quiche for... Metta, James, Marissa, Ross & Ari. Mark says he doesn't usually eat breakfast.

                        If anything exciting happens, please feel free to jump in and do some updates!


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                          11:18 am BBT Just jumping in, never posted before.... but Marissa, Brandi, and Ari are wondering if Omarosa is coming back. Everytime anyone starts talking about her, we go to fish. But before that happened this time, the girls were able to say that it’s almost not fair because she is getting a chance to rest and recharge. They then refer to an asthma attack. So guess that’s why she left the house and went to the hospital. Earlier Ross said the plan is Omarosa and Keisha on the block and if she doesn’t come back then he’ll put up Metta and Keisha


                          • #14
                            1:50 BBT

                            Catch up

                            Omarosa still not back in the house. Keisha was in the bedroom pumping and talking with Mark. She said she's the kind of person that turns inward when something like last night happens and she has to have time to process it. She can't pretend nothing happened and be all nice.

                            James was working out and Marissa went in to talk to him.

                            Now almost everybody (except Shannon, Keisha, and O) is in the kitchen making lunch. Wraps


                            • #15
                              Ross and Marissa cleaning out the refrigerator in the storage room and semi-joking around about putting Shannon or James on the block, IF Omarosa doesn't come back and Keisha or Metta win veto and come off the block.

                              They are checking all the expiration dates on the meat and stuff in the fridge and throwing out or freezing the stuff that is about to expire and throwing out the stuff that is expired. They are shocked at how expensive some of the stuff is and feel bad that they have to throw it out and waste it. When they restocked they put the new stuff in front and that what everyone was taking. The stuff in back is bad.

                              Ari is in the kitchen making a healthy apple pie.


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