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Live Feed Updates-February 11, 2018 (Day 11)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 11, 2018 (Day 11)

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    5:10 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      HGs up and milling around in the kitchen.


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        I've been half listening as I do chores. People getting dressed and such. Still convos about blindsiding Shannon. Ross and Marissa now discussed it with Mark. Brandi and Ari are the ones that originally proposed it to Ross I believe.

        Interesting Note- Omarosa got to talk with her husband John while she was in the hospital. They cut to fish whenever it is mentioned.


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          sounds like they will be playing veto today. BB told one of them 2 hours ago that it would be about an hour, so they are expecting it to be any time. There was talk about costumes.


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            SO ... Hello BBU'ers ... I'm here for just a short time, so sorry that I haven't been here, I explained in the Stop By and Say Hello Thread ...

            Currently - 6:53 PM BBT

            Ross, Shannon, James and Mark are discussing who to vote out ...

            Ross says Omarosa ...
            Shannon tells him that's a personal decision
            Ross says - nope .. she is coming after him
            James says it's not fair, because Keisha is coming after him ...

            They decide they will talk with Brandy, Marissa and Ari...


            • #7
              Ross and Mark

              Ross tells Mark that he feels like he's playing Shannon's game....


              • #8
                Ross to Mark - - I think Shannon has a Final 2 with James .... and a Final 2 with Omarosa.....

                Ross - at some point we have to stop playing Shannon's game


                • #9
                  Mark to Ross- If you get house guest's choice, pick me.... do not pick Shannon ...

                  Ross tells Mark that if he doesn't pick Shannon to play .. it's too obvious.

                  Mark tells him that ( Backdooring Shannon ) would be the "most beautiful backdoor in the history of this game"


                  • #10
                    Ross talks with Keisha ...

                    Keisha tells him that the option that she's thinking about .. he ( Ross ) will only get one shot ...

                    Ross tells her that he hopes she ( Keisha ) wins Veto ...


                    • #11
                      Ross to Keisha - if another option happened and you stayed .... could we work together?
                      Keshia- Absolutely


                      • #12
                        Ross to Brandi - - they want Keshia gone....
                        Brandi- why?
                        Ross- because they think she is a stronger player ....and Omarosa has asthma and won't be able to compete in challenges... they aren't wrong...

                        Ross to Brandi - right now, if votes stay the same... Keisha goes...


                        • #13
                          Ross and Brandi agree that Shannon and Omarosa still have a F2 deal in place....


                          • #14
                            Brandi to Ross - they're okay with her (Omarosa) throwing around language like she threw around the other day?

                            Ross tells Brandi that he needs her to say that to the others.... that's the only argument..

                            Ross- that's what I need you to say


                            • #15
                              Brandi to Ross - hopefully it goes our way and we get Shannon out....

                              Ross- it's not the worst thing in the world to get Keshia out... she is a strong competitor....


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