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Live Feed Updates-February 12, 2018 (Day 12)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 12, 2018 (Day 12)

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      5:43 AM BBT

      All HGs are still in bed/sleeping.


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        9:18 AM CBBT

        Happy Live Eviction Day!

        They are awake and talking about their dreams from the night before. Seems they are all dreaming about the goings on in the house.


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          9:27 AM CBBT

          Ross and Brandi talking (have no clue where, because the cam is showing fish but you can hear then talking). They are talking about getting rid of Shannon and trying to keep James on their side by promising to get rid of Keshia next. Brandi tells Ross that without Shannon here to pull the strings, Ross can pull Mark in.

          For real FISH! (with annoying music)


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            9:45 AM

            Omarosa talking to Shannon in the bathroom. Omarosa is talking about how she is going to be crisscrossing the country. She is scheduled to do a 60 Minutes exclusive. Most of the others are in the kitchen talking about breakfast food.


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     of the houseguests all using Metamucil. Mark brought his own, has requested more from BB........



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                10:14 CBBT

                James and Brandi talking. Brandi thinks they should get Omarosa out. James is pushing to get Keshia out. Brandi trusts Keshia more than Omarosa. James doesn't understand why there's an issue. Shannon has joined in the conversation and is on James' side to get Keshia out. Marrissa chimes in and thinks Omarosa should go. Shannon and Brandi are going back and forth about Keshia and Omarosa and James is looking irritated with Brandi because Brandi is not wavering on wanting Omarosa out.

                Slowly, all the HG's are heading to the HOH for a lockdown. Ross was called to the DR, so they may be getting ready to play the Veto comp. Omarosa talks about making sure she gets everyone's address written down, (she is using toilet paper and eyeliner to do this) so she can visit everyone when she is traveling doing her interviews. James is upset that someone would zoom in on what she is writing and get his information. Omarosa tells him she only does it when they are on HOH lockdown, because she knows the cameras aren't on.



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                  12:19 PM CBBT

                  Still on Fish!


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                    12:45 PM

                    Feeds are back. Shannon is packing up all the stuff left in the HOH. She heads downstairs and finds all of her (larger) alliance in the bedroom. Everyone is still trying to get Brandi on the "get out Omarosa" bandwagon (meaning James and Shannon). Brandi tells James that to be honest, she (B) doesn't like him (J). Brandi says she doesn't trust one of the three (Shannon, James & ?). Shannon thinks it's her that Brandi doesn't trust. Ross tells them that he is stepping out of the debate and he knows that getting Keshia out tonight is better for the two (James & Shannon) game, but if either of those two win HOH, and they don't target Omarosa, Ross will not vote for either of them to win the game. James tells Ross he doesn't have to threaten him. Ross says he isn't threatening, he's just telling him. (lol). They talk about what comp they think will be the POV tonight (which will be on the LIVE show because it is Happy Live Eviction Day! ). I think the way it stands now, Keshia will go home. If Keshia or Omarosa win POV, Mark will go up as the pawn. Mark volunteered and they all promised him they wouldn't vote him out tonight. Everyone leaves except Marissa, Brandi and Shannon. Brandi is still leery of not getting Omarosa out tonight.

                    James and Mark are working out. Mark is telling James that Brandi really does like him (James). Mark. thinks she is just pulling her reality tv persona out. James is saying that Brandi is a bully. James says that Brandi is in with the other girls trying to turn them against James.


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                      The veto players are:

                      Head of Household - Ross
                      Nominees - Keshia, Omarosa
                      Picked Players - Ari, Marissa and Shannon


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                        Keisha and Ross face off - Ross is eliminated
                        Keisha picks Omarosa and Shannon - Shannon is eliminated
                        Omarosa picks Ari and Marissa - Ari is eliminated
                        Omarosa and Keisha to face off - Keisha is eliminated
                        Marissa and Omarosa face off - Omarosa

                        Marissa win the Power of Veto


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                          Power of Veto Holder Marissa did NOT use the Power of Veto


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                            Keisha or Omarosa will be evicted...


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                              Keisha says her "plea" is to go home., she also tells James that she did the dirty work of Shannon ( in his nomination )

                              Keisha to houseguests - normally this is a plea to stay..... I have fought very hard in this game..... really wanted to compete and be here with you all .. but the truth of the matter is ... my breast milk has continued to deplete while being here.... please use whatever ounce of passion you have to send me home

                              Omarosa tells Keisha that she loves her and that's she proud of her. Shouts out to family... and asks them to "please make the choice that is best for Keisha" ...


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