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Live Feed Updates-February 13, 2018 (Day 13)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 13, 2018 (Day 13)

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    2:42 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      4:10 BBT

      Everyone was milling around. James was in the Speakeasy tweeting and had just walked out when they went to puppies. (Noms time)


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        Shannon and James are nominated. Shannon in the LA bedroom complaining that it's not fair because everything she has done has been to help the group. They're trying to explain to her that she's a strong player and a threat. She's arguing that she's not that strong and isn't more of a threat.

        She's complaining that she's all alone. The others have someone and she doesn't have anybody. They tell her she has James, that they're always together. Now she says she's an outcast.


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          Omarosa walks in and Shannon addresses her directly and tells her about her conversations with Keshia and that she told all of the others about the alliance they had. She tells her that the things Omarosa said in the room the night of Chuck's eviction were very hurtful. She says O pulled another card that night that was totally inappropriate and not true. She won't repeat it, but it was wrong.


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            Shannon cries a lot. Omarosa goes and gets the toilet paper for tissue. Brandi and Omarosa leave and Shannon tells the rest of them that they can leave. They slowly get up and leave. Mark has come in and lays down on the other bed. After the others leave, Mark offers to leave. She says it's ok, he can stay. It's the others who are the traitors.


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              James and Metta working out.

              Ross, Marissa, Brandi, Ari, and Omarosa are up in the HoH talking about not wanting people to quit, the DR, and other random stuff.

              (I have to do some work, but will keep an ear out to see if anything happens)


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                We are on bunnies.


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