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Live Feed Updates-February 14, 2018 (Day 14)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 14, 2018 (Day 14)

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping.


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      Metta is up just staring at the fish tank under the tv.


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        8:57 AM CBBT

        Ross is talking to Shannon. He is trying to explain to her that his thought was always to get Omarosa out this week, but Ariadna and the others had decided to get Shannon out. Since he is just one person, he just had to go along with them. Shannon talks about how Omarosa is in their ear and Shannon doesn't understand why everyone thinks Shannon is in an alliance with everyone. Shannon explains why she decided to flip the vote (from James to Chuck) and why she felt that Keshia was the stronger player and need to go. Marissa (I didn't see her at first) is trying to explain why everyone thinks she has a final 2 with many people. Shannon says that Keshia was the stronger player but Omarosa is a dirtier player. Shannon just felt because of her strength. Keshia needed to go.

        Shannon is very weepy and sniffly. Marissa says she felt that putting Shannon up, that Shannon would just take it ass part of the game and wouldn't be upset like she is. Shannon thinks if she had really done something wrong and got caught, she thinks she would have reacted as if it was just game, but she didn't do anything wrong. Marissa and Ross say they always knew that the "final four" they made with Shannon and James was bologna because Shannon said as soon as James left the room that they needed to get James out.

        Shannon seems to be blaming Omarosa and Brandi for her predicament right now.


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          9:17 AM

          Mark and James are talking in the kitchen. James said he has knew intel. He said that yesterday James was not the target but now he has heard that has changed. Mark says that is news to him. James says crying normally doesn't get you anywhere, but maybe it does in this house. James wants to talk to Ross to see if this new info he has (that James is now the target) is true. James says that Shannon came to him and told him that Ross and Omarosa were in on the decision to put Shannon and James on the block. Mark says he definitely knows that that is not true.

          Mark and James enter the bedroom where Ross, Marissa, and Shannon are talking. Shannon gets up and leaves the room.


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            9:29 AM CBBT

            James tells them about the new intel he has (it came from Omarosa) about everyone is flipping to het James out. Marissa and Ross are shocked that anyone would say that the vote is flipping. Marissa says she was just talking to Shannon because she wanted to apologize to her because she felt Shannon was taking things personally.

            Shannon comes back in and they drop the convo. They tell Shannon that they were just talking about how Omarosa was stirring stuff up in the house.

            Meanwhile, Brandi and Omarosa are in the bathroom and Brandi says she heard Ross, Marissa, and Shannon in the bedroom and they were all laughing and making up with each other. Omarosa says the house flips fast and that she, Brandi and Ari need to stick together. They talk about how they need to win the next HOH because they feel the house is splintering again and everyone is going to be after them now.


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              9:45 CBBT

              James and Ross are talking. James is apologizing because he thinks that Ross may have taken his questioning Ross as if James did not trust Ross (I think maybe about the house flipping?) Ross said that he did think that James was upset at him. James tells Ross that as much as he likes Mark, he doesn't trust him 100% not to say things to other people. James says he completly trusts Ross. James wants to be final three with Ross and Marissa and that James and Ross should stick together. Ross says he tells James everything. They hug and James leaves.


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                9:51 CBBT

                Ross heads up to the HOH where Marissa has just gotten out of the shower. They talk about how amazing Omarosa is playing. Marissa says you know why she did that. She wanted to get into James' ear in case he wins HOH he will think Omarosa is on his side. Ross says he knows that and that he can't even be mad at her because it was such a great game move for her. Ross talks about how Shannon is still giving him dismissive looks.



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                  10:00 CBBT

                  Shannon and Omarosa are talking in the aqua bedroom. Shannon is still weepy and sniffly and is explaining to Omarosa how Shannon fought hard this past HOH to keep Omarosa and get out Keshia. Omarosa wants to start with a clean slate with Shannon. Omarosa is trying to pump Shannon up to win the Veto today. Omarosa says she is really wanting a woman to win this year. She says that Ross and Marissa are teaming up with James and Mark and that Shannon really needs to talk to Brandi and Ari. Shannon says she will.

                  Shannon asks Omarosa if Shannon and James are still on the block together, would Meta vote with Omarosa, Brandi and Ari? Omarosa says yes, he has already come in and told them they need to vote out James not Shannon. Shannon and Omarosa hug and say they are going to start fresh with each other. They apologize to each other for things they have said about one another in the heat of the game. Omarosa tells her that she was upset with Marissa because Marissa wanted to backdoor Shannon last eviction. This is news to Shannon. Shannon leaves and sits in the living room weeping a bit.


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                    (I forgot to mention in my post above, that they think OTEV is tonight)

                    10:11 CBBT

                    Marissa is talking to Brandi and Arianda. She tells them that James came to her and Ross and told them that Omarosa told him twice today, that they were flipping the vote to get James out. Marissa says that she and Ross were trying to convince him that they were not. Brandi says she doesn't understand why Omarosa would say that because it is not the plan. Marissa says she thinks it was just to get herself off of James' radar in case he wins HOH tonight. Marissa also says she wanted to personally clear the air with Shannon because she likes her and that getting Shannon out is strictly game play. Brandi leaves the room.

                    Shannon and Brandi talk in the other room. They are talking about Omarosa and the house and who is saying what to whom and why they may be saying that. Sorry for that cruddy synopsis, but Brandi is either a really good whisperer or she doesn't have her mic on. Brandi does confirm to Shannon that Meta came to them last night and told them to vote James out. Shannon talks about how James was in the room talking to Marissa and Ross and that she left the room and tried to listen at the door to what they were saying. She says that she went back in the room to break it up and they all stopped talking. Shannon says when she was talking to Ross and Marissa, they were just telling her why they flipped on her and that it wasn't personal. Shannon also tells Brandi that James told Shannon he was going to put up Brandi and Ari if he wins HOH and specifically wants Brandi out.


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                      moving on........

                      10:30 CBBT

                      James is talking to Brandi, Marissa and Omarosa in the aqua bedroom. Shannon is in the next room with her ear smashed against the door <snicker>. I think that Ari is in the room too, but I can only see a leg. James seems to be trying to call Omarosa out for telling him that the house has flipped against him (because, you know, this is going to endear him to them). Omarosa is trying to refresh his memory on exactly what she said to James and that she was trying to encourage him and thank him for having her back before. She says you asked me if everyone else is still good with him and Omarosa said she didn't know that he would have to talk to them. Omarosa says that somehow you (James) twisted that into everyone flipping the vote to get him out. James keeps interrupting her to tell his side and that he is talking about two different conversations. James says what Omarosa is talking about happened in the kitchen but then they went to the bathroom and Omarosa told him that she him to know that everyone has switched and they are now going after him. James asked her if that included Ross and Marissa and Omarosa said yes. (Oh! Ross is also in the room but is on the bed with Ari that is just out of camera sight) James heads to the door saying he has said his peace and he is not about the drama of arguing. Ross asks him to clarify what was said to him (James). James gives the short story of what Omarosa said and then he leaves.

                      Omarosa tells them again what happened and Ross tells her that it's ok, he believes her, she was just trying to cover her ass. Brandi says she doesn't believe Omarosa. Omarosa is upset with Brandi wanting to know why and Brandi says that Omarosa was privy to a conversation/debate between Brandi and Ari and then went to running to James and telling him.

                      Marissa chimes in with why she and Ross talked to Shannon and James. Everyone leaves.



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                        11:02 AM CBBT

                        Shannon is still crying. Everyone is trying to console her and tell her it's just a game and and they all like her and she has still veto to play.

                        Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


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                          3:40 BBT

                          Went to puppies

                          I rewound and It sounds like Marissa is hosting the veto comp.


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                            7:45 BBT

                            Still on puppies, waiting for the veto comp to finish up.


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                              10:01PM CBBT
                              and we're still on the pups ..just under 3 1/2 hours in so far


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