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Live Feed Updates-February 15, 2018 (Day 15)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 15, 2018 (Day 15)

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    James won the veto comp. They came back about 11:01 BBT

    The comp was the big black box. It was really dark inside.
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      HGs were given sushi, beer, wine, and valentines cupcakes after the comp.

      Ari and Brandi discussed whether to put up Mark or Omarosa as a pawn. Mark apparently volunteered, but Ari may put up Omarosa instead.


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        6:10 AM BBT

        All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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          10:01 AM CBBT

          Marissa and James whispering in the bathroom. Marissa tells him that she thinks Brandi told her (Shannon?) that they were back dooring her. James says pouting never helps anything when she should be talking to everyone trying to get them to put Omarosa up. He says she has already given up, and even though he loves her, this is all on her. Marissa is concerned that Shannon might know they were going to back door her (when Keshia was voted out) and James reminds her that they were going to backdoor him and he still likes all of them.

          Mostly chit chat now. There are only four people that are awake now.


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            We are on Puppies! right now, so I am going to flashback a bit and see what I can find.....

            12:03 PM CBBT

            Marissa, Ari and Brandi in the HOH putting on makeup. Marissa is happy that Shannon had come up to the HOH room and was being nice to everyone because she has done nothing but pout all morning. Talk turns to James and Brandi said she was walking through the kitchen and overhear James telling Mark that he was so happy now and how he has done nothing but make bull**** deals with people. Marissa is a little annoyed that he said that and that they need to get James out next. Brandi tells her that they never planned on keeping deals with James so she doesn't know why anyone would be upset with him that he's not keeping his. Marissa says that's true.

            Brandi leaves to get coffee and change her batteries. Immediately. Marissa tells Ari about what a sourpuss Shannon has been all morning and how frustrated Marisa has been with Shannon's mood swings, Marissa says she thinks Omarosa must have told Shannon about the previous plan to backdoor Shannon. Ari does not believe that happened. Ari says that even if someone did tell Shannon, so what. It didn't happen. Ari asks Marissa if she and Ross have a deal with James and Mark. Marissa says she does not but she can't speak for Ross.

            Talk turns to James and how ****y is being. Marissa says he won veto so that's probably why he is acting like that.

            We go to FISH! at 12:14 CBBT.


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              2:05 PM CBBT

              James used the POV and took himself off the block. Ari named Mark as the replacement nominee. HG’s have been discussing strategy if it is a double eviction tomorrow night.


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