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Live Feed Updates- February 17, 2018 (Day 17)

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  • Live Feed Updates- February 17, 2018 (Day 17)

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    5:42 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      9:45 BBT

      Guys are downstairs eating and talking about comps. Ladies are upstairs getting ready. They want to see Marissa without her wig.


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        9:55 BBT

        Ladies talking about viewed and live feeders and how serious we are capturing everything they say (We try, some are better than others).


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          Omarosa asking Ari how they can get to the end of the game with the guys being so strong and Ross having such a good social game/

          O asks who the vote for Shannon was. Brandi walks in and says it was her.

          Talking about Shannon and the game being too much pressure for her.


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            11:50 BBT

            Women upstairs doing the beauty parlor thing and the guys downstairs James doing dishes. The others napping.


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              12:10 BBT went to fish.

              back at 12:22 Not sure why they were on fish
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                Brandi and Ross downstairs in the bedroom talking. James has joined Omarosa, Ari, and Marissa upstairs.


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                  12:35 went back to fish


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                    Still Beauty parlor up in the HoH room but people are moving around more. Ross has been cooking with slop. Brandi has showered and they're putting something on her hair.

                    They're speculating about who the nominees will be, the saying they'll just have to wait and see. Noone knows who she will put up. Ross saying that Metta asked again this morning to go up and get voted out. Ross said Omarosa told him no.


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                      They know that there will be some special power with this veto.


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                        Omarosa told Marissa that she may put up Ross and Mark and see what the twist is.


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                          gonna jump in for a bit and pick up from where geo left off earlier...

                          2:00PM BBT

                          Apparently Ross cooked up something yummy with slop because both Metta and Mark seem to think it's great..going on about it a bit.

                          The three talk about how they're glad they dont have to endure the 'punishments' as long as the normal BB because this Celeb version is an expedited game so things like punishments only last 24-48 hours

                          Metta's daughter apparently left college to go into chef school


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                            2:25PM BBT
                            Cams 1/2
                            Ross, Brandi & Marissa chatting in the Teal BR

                            they're talking about who Omarosa might put up OTB

                            Brandi telling them she (Om) is on board with getting James out

                            they say they need to not push Mark too much (about him going up)

                            Brandi says she (Om) already knows what she's gonna do

                            Ross: yeah..she's just filling time

                            Brandi says Om asked her who she would get out and Brandi answered "James" and Om said "well I can't do that!"

                            Brandi: well we can (she means by possibly the Veto twist)

                            Ross says Om hasnt talked to him so he thinks that gives a big hint (that she will put him up)

                            they talk about how whoever goes home Monday will only be going home 6 days before it ends so it's no biggie

                            Ross leaves and the girls talk about how Ross is freaking out (about possibly/probably being nom'd)


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                              3:10 PM BBT

                              Cams 3/4 in the kitchen James & Omarosa talking

                              James is talking about knowing people by their 'avatar' ... (I think he's talking about video games)

                              then they start talking about guns. Om tells him the guns she has

                              says she has a shotgun and her husband said all she has to do is 'make the noise' of loading one into the chamber and it would scare someone away

                              they talk about guns/gun laws/rules in different areas

                              James talking about rules and how they need to be enforced better as opposed to adding more rules

                              {{ironic they are discussing gun/gun control/rules without knowing we have had another horrific tragedy of a school shooting in Florida }}

                              discussing laws in Florida versus somewhere like Cali and DC


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