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Live Feed Updates-February 19, 2018 (Day 19)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 19, 2018 (Day 19)

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    6:04 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


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      {{figured while we wait for tonight's show I'd throw in some updates from today...gonna go flashback to grab some 'highlights'.. }}}


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        9:38AM BBT
        Cams 3/4
        come from WBRB to Marissa & Ross whispering in Hollywood BR

        she is talking about if one of the two come down (Ross or Brandi) Omarosa said she would put up Mark as renom

        she tells him he can't repeat any of this because it would come back as being her that told it

        Says she's just trying to keep O from putting her or Ari up as replacement ... because if it does happen (Mark up as renom) they would have the numbers to vote Mark out

        they discuss what POV comp might be and what the Veto (with america voting) will be and hoping that O really does put Mark up if she has to renom ...

        HOH lockdown and feeds on FISH then to puppies for over almost 2 hours

        HGs spend the next little bit cleaning and getting ready for tonight. O moved her stuff down from HOH BR

        12:30PM BBT

        Ross & Brandi talking on Cams 3/4
        they are talking about Metta wanting to go ... something about whether they 'promised' someone ?? not to put "her" up next week (relatively sure they are talking about Omarosa)

        Brandi saying it's not that hard to make deals.. Ross says he just said "you're not my target"

        they say basically any deal made at this point doesnt matter

        Ross: who knows what this twist is gonna bring

        he says any of them..including Omarosa..could be walking out the door because of the one knows


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          1:07PM BBT
          Cams 3/4 in workout room/gym with Mark & James

          Mark apparently has something wrong/aching in his arm... says they put something on it like Ben Gay not that but something like it?

          James says they just have to get through the week... Mark says he's sure there will be some interesting 'developments' after tonight

          James asks Mark if he thinks he/they should go to Omarosa at any point and say something like 'are we still good?'

          Mark tells him no .. asks James if O approaches them is that what they are gonna say (that they are still good)

          Mark says they need to not talk much/say too much ... just stay with the plan.. says if they say too much it will tip Omarosa off because he says she is 'very astute'

          1:16PM BBT
          Cams 3/4 in SR with Brandi & Ariadna

          they are talking about Ross & Marissa... says anything they tell Marissa, she runs back and tells Ross
          they say that Ross is not loyal to anyone in the house and he won't be..not even to Marissa.. say he has deals with everyone in the house

          Ari says this is why they need to talk to Marissa


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            1:46PM BBT
            Cams 1/2 Teal BR

            Brandi, Omarosa

            Omarosa saying viewers are probably saying that BB 'set that up' for her to win the safety in the first week (ummm...yeah you're right ..that is what people thought/said lol)

            keep getting FISH here and there for the next few mins

            still on Cams 1/2 in the teal room
            Omarosa, Brandi and Marissa t

            Marissa says she’ll put up James if she gets to name someone
            Om tells them if she has to renom she has to put up Mark (because of her deal with James) *but* if James ends up OTB anyway (like from the twist) and she has to break a tie, she would vote him out

            2:22PM BBT
            Cams 1/2
            Hollywood BR Ross & Marissa
            the two of them kinda going back and forth on if they two of them were up OTB together, she/he would go home (both of them saying it would be them)

            Marissa saying if noms stay the same (Ross/Brandi) all out war will happen because she would vote out Brandi

            says she's just sad..she's made friends with them all... she just doesnt want to put any of them out

            Ross saying it's just the's okay

            Marissa leaves to go get something to eat.... Brandi is there and talking to Ross now..
            he tells her that it all just doesnt matter, they don't even know what the twist is or what's gonna happen..but they need to just take a deep breath and not be worried ..

            he keeps saying it's just the game and someone's gotta go home, etc

            at around 2:25PM-ish BBT we went to cute little bunnies and that was that
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              Tonight's Results

              Power Veto Players are:

              HoH -0marosa
              Nominees - Ross and Brandi
              Picked Players - Marissa, Mark and Metta

              Veto Twist Winner is ....

              The VIP Veto: The winner of this Veto will have the option to use the Veto once or twice or not at all in the same Veto Meeting. If the winner of the VIP Veto removes one of the nominees, he or she will wait for a replacement nominee to be made before deciding if they want to use it a second time.


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                LIVE Power of Veto Competition Underway ...


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                  It was oh so close......

                  Ross won the VIP Power of Veto


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                    The winner of this Veto will have the option to use the Veto once or twice or not at all in the same Veto Meeting. If the winner of the VIP Veto removes one of the nominees, he or she will wait for a replacement nominee to be made before deciding if they want to use it a second time.


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                      Veto Meeting Results...

                      Ross uses the Power of Veto on himself....

                      Omarosa names Metta as the replacement nominee

                      Ross DOES NOT use the second time.


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                        Brandi and Metta face the threat of eviction tonight....


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                          Live Voting:

                          Ross votes to evict Metta
                          James votes to evict Metta
                          Mark votes to evict Metta
                          Ari votes to evict Metta
                          Marissa votes to evict Metta

                          By a vote of 5 - 0 .... Metta World Peace has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House


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                            Metta to Julie- You have no idea how hard this was.... it was unbelievable.
                            Julie- you're crying ...
                            Metta- these are actually tears of joy. I have 10 new brothers and sisters..

                            Julie asked Metta who he would like to see win Celebrity Big Brother
                            Metta tells her he would like to see Ross take it all.

                            Double Eviction Night on Friday Night!!

                            Sunday - Live 2 Hour Season Finale of Celebrity Big Brother

                            The drama continues on the Live Feeds ..

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                              The drama continues on the Live Feeds....

                              Marissa to Ross- America saved us... America wanted us 4


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