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Live Feed Updates-February 20, 2018 (Day 20)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 20, 2018 (Day 20)

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  • #2
    3:20 BBT All HGs sleeping

    Flashback- Mark won HoH. Everyone spent time chilling up on the sky lounge talking and playing pool.


    • #3
      6:27 AM BBT

      All HGs are in bed/sleeping.


      • #4
        12:26 PM CBBT

        It's a slow day in the CBB house. Ariadna and James talk about Shannon being all about the game 24/7. She played too hardcore for any of them and things are less intense in the house since Shannon left.


        • #5
          1:02 PM BBT

          Brandi and Adriadna talking. Brandi wants to make a list of things she needs like her vitamin D anythings like that, if she is going to be in the house any longer. They talk about Brandi having a situation (lots of gestures being made, no sentences are being competed) seems maybe a lump? Or a bump? Subject is changed when Mark comes in to winning veto, how to use it, who is safe, etc.


          • #6
            1:22 PM CBBT

            Marissa, Ariadna, Brandi and Omarosa in the kitchen. They are talking about the HOH comp not being one that was designed for a woman to win. Brandi says the only way to do it is to crawl across on your boobs and pop an implant. Marissa says a sad "I know". (Maybe that's Brandi's situation she and Ari were code talking about above). Brandi is certain that she is going up, they just aren't sure who will be up next to her. Brandi asks Marissa why one of her hair extensions is longer than the other and Marissa explains that her head is full of different lengths of extensions. They talk about using the gym later.


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              1:34 PM CBBT

              The ladies are talking about resolving conflict in the house. Basically, they all get along well and when there are issues, they say their peace and everyone seems to move on.



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                5:40 BBT

                Back from puppies. Brandi and Ari are the nominations.

                Mark joking that it is hard to tell people you like why you don't like them. They all agree nominating people is the worst part.


                • #9
                  7:00 BBT

                  They have gone to kittens.


                  • #10
                    7:30 BBT

                    Back. The HGs are working on tacos for dinner. Everybody hanging around together. A brief meeting in the store room w/ Marissa, Ross, Ari, and James at the end. They assure Ari that she is not the target.

                    (I thought the kittens were to pick veto players, but I haven't heard them talk about it. Only 1 person will not be playing).


                    • #11
                      They are speculating that the veto comp is going to be OTEV.


                      • #12
                        I am out for the night. They are enjoying their Taco Tuesday.


                        • #13
                          Flashbacked-Omarosa, James, and Marissa are joining Mark, Ari, and Brandi in the veto comp


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