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Live Feed Updates-February 22, 2018 (Day 22)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 22, 2018 (Day 22)

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    2:48 BBT

    All HGs sleeping

    Flashback to around 1:10 BBT Talk with James, Ross, and Marissa. Marissa figuring out she is probably going up and she is joking that they better nor vote her out. Also planning for the double eviction.


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      10:28AM CBBT

      Omarosa and Ariadna talking in the bathroom. Omarosa doesn't want Ari to think she will be alone in the house once Brandi leaves. Ari says that she knows she still has Oma. They talk about Ross a little bit and Oma says that the is a dangerous player because he can float from the boys to the girls so easily.

      Brandi joins them and they wonder what Shannon must be thinking or feeling. They all agree that Shannon knows she played too hard too soon. They don't think that Shannon will invite them to a cookout now.


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        10:33 AM CBBT

        Brandi thinks that Shannon is probably yelling at the TV. She feels bad because Brandi knows that this is Shannon's favorite TV show and that Shannon probably was just too excited about playing.
        (sidenote: Marissa is having the cookout, not Shannon)

        They talk about Chuck and Metta and how much they all liked them. Omarosa tells them that while she was in the hospital Shannon was following Keshia around throwing Omarosa under the bus. They talk about Keshia and her baby and how it wasn't the wisest idea for her to come into the house when she was still breastfeeding.


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          10:40 AM

          The ladies all about how the jury questions will go down, what type of questions they might ask, and how their attitudes could be towards them. Omarosa leaves and Brandi & Ariadna talk about how they had never watched BB before except for the series they (BB) gave them to watch. Brandi says if she is ever given the chance to play a game like this again, she is going to be sure to watch the show ahead of time.

          Brandi tells Ari that they need to get Ross to honor his promise to keep Brandi. Ari tells her there is no way Ross is going to vote out Marissa. (apparently it's common knowledge they are putting Marissa up after Ari tase herself off the block). They talk about how Ross and Brandi had a friendship outside of the house and Ross and Marissa just met in here.



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            11:34 AM CBBT

            Mark, James and Ross in the HOH. They are talking about why they have to put Marissa up next to Brandi. They are afraid if they replace Ari with Omarosa, it would be too much temptation to get Oma out for some people. Ross says he thinks that Marissa realizes that. Mark says if they don't get Brandi out this time, it's their own fault.


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              11:49 AM CBBT

              Ross and Marissa are in the bedroom talking about Omarosa. Marissa is saying that everyone has a deal with Omarosa except her. Marissa says it's obvious that the guys (Mark & James) told Oma that they wouldn't put her up this week, if she would keep them safe next time (if she wins HOH). Marissa says Omarosa is not one bit nervous. Marissa is sure that Oma has a final-3 with Mark & James. Ross says if James wins HOH and doesn't put Oma up, then they will know. Marissa says it will be too late then. Ross agrees. Ross thinks that Marissa should go to them and ask why Omarosa know's that she's not going up. (trying to suss out if they have a deal with her). Marissa points out that this seems to be more of James' HOH than their f-4's HOH (meaning Ross and Marissa don't seem to have a say in any of the decisions).


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                11:51 AM CBBT

                James and Mark are talking in the HOH about Ross. Seems that they are trying to figure out what votes Ross could get if he were sitting in the f-2. They don't think he can win if he is sitting with a female next to him unless it's Omarosa. They know that no one wants to have Omarosa at the end as representation of what their season was about. They talk about what comps could be left and how Omarosa might fair in them. Mark says that Marissa and Ross are still trying to get them to keep Brandi. James says they seem to have a friendship with Brandi that neither he or Mark can understand because they have not seen the "nice" Brandi.


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                  12:08 PM CBBT

                  Everyone seems to have congregated in the kitchen, so no game talk now.


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