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Live Feed Updates-February 24 and 25, 2018 (Day 24 & 25)

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  • Live Feed Updates-February 24 and 25, 2018 (Day 24 & 25)

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    4:30 BBT
    All HGs asleep

    Feeds came back at 12:29 BBT
    Ross is the new HoH.

    Flashback to ~1am BBT-
    Ross, Marissa, and Ari talking. Ross explaining to Ari why he had to vote out Brandi.
    Ross saying that Omarosa was trying to stack the jury with the ladies. She told him that she wanted to sit next to Mark in the F2.
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      2:14pm BBT

      BB leak with Ross coming out of the DR and calling them all to the living room.
      Producer Heath talking Ross and HGs through picking numbers for order of competing in veto. It is an individually timed event. (BB Comics??).

      1. Ross
      2. Ariadna
      4. Marissa

      Went to puppies and kittens at 2:17 BBT.

      Expect 4-5 hours of feeds down.


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        7:00 BBT Feeds back

        Ross (?) won the veto.
        Last edited by sdkgeo; 02-24-2018, 10:55 PM. Reason: Edited to correct who won veto. I think. I thought it was Marissa.


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          There were pictures. Marissa didn't want to look at the pictures.

          It was identifying what day events happened.


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            7:30 BBT

            Mark and Ross talk in the LA bedroom. Talk about whether the last HoH will be physical. As of now the plan is to vote out Omarosa. Ross did consider whether to get out Ari because no one can win against her, but he does think Omarosa is the best choice. He has a nightmare of sitting there and hearing Julie say congratulations Omarosa, you are the final HoH. They decide on Omarosa, but Ross says they can still talk about it.

            Ross is letting Mark sleep up in the HOH. Ross is going to sleep downstairs.


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              Ross talking to Ari in the HoH. Telling her that Omarosa came to him to tell him that Ari was torn because Brandi made her promise she wouldn't take Ross. Ari wants to confront Omarosa. Ross tells her it is unnecessary drama.

              Ari wondering then why Omarosa has been so nice to her.

              Ari not sure how to act with Omarosa now.

              Mark and Ross going to play pool, then Ari will play too.


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