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Live Feed Discussion- February 7-8, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion- February 7-8, 2018

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    Have they shown who got the "recast" swag bag yet?


    • KennyERJ
      KennyERJ commented
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      Not that I know of. The Live Feeds start at 12 midnight (ET) so maybe we'll learn who got it then.

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    It has begun


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      So I'm watching live feeds AD....Brandi is in the bathroom and Chuck needs to go in there. Brandi all of a sudden comes out and grabs her purse and says I'm not done yet. She goes back in the bathroom and I swear to God you can hear a bunch of sniffing. It's at the st 46 -49 mark.


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        Now Omoroso and the beauty Queen just double dipped in the ice cream a few times... eating out of the container...Yuck Get a bowl!


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          Now Keisha is in on the action and she's eating ice cream out of a tub with only a spoon.. Where's your manners ladies.... looks like Ross Matthews notices.
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            WRONG MARk.....The EAGLES won the superbowl!!!!


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              Is James really trying to show people how to MMA fight (punch) with Chuck in the house?????


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                Checking in from the hospital....

                "Looks like"....

       EITHER still Shannon ...or Keisha...if Keisha isn't the "recast HoH' ...she 'might have some special power to use at a later time

                James and Chuck are nominated
                Shannon won the PoV

                There was talk about how they 'might' save Chuck and nominate Mark..

                However...Shannon did not use the Veto

                James still seems to be the #1 target.

                quickie LFU .

                Brandie drinks and talks too much
                Meta tried to escape several times ...had the house on total lockdown

                Arie and James are dressed as babies as the result of a punishment ...they have to crawl around...this punishment lasts until next Wednesday


                • #10
                  Hope you're OK Lexi❤ Brandi...always drinks to much... Seriously she has not been on one show where she didn't over and ovrer indulge way too much... Her poor sons must get so much grief from their friends... I swear she was doing something shady in that bathroom.


                  • beckyd30
                    beckyd30 commented
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                    Is it fair how they are giving so much alcohol to this cast but they limit the amount for a regular season?

                • #11
                  Hope you're okay, Lexie. Speedy recovery to you.


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                    So I checked the feeds real late, you know, to make sure Shannon was comfortable in the hoh room, and to my surprise, she wasn’t in there. I must be way behind.😀


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                      Keisha is now HOH. Shannon pulled the orange chip which matched Keisha's and she opened revealing the recast is her. She is now HOH and nominated James and Chuck. Metta is angry because he wanted to go up and home. Misses his wife and kids.


                      • beckyd30
                        beckyd30 commented
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                        He can self-evict anytime he wants.

                    • #14
                      Of course we don't have to share our political opinions (I'll keep mine to myself as well) but did anyone believe Omarosa's breakdown with Ross about all she's lost and how we (America) should all be worried about Trump in Whitehouse? (Ross says he's playing investigative reporter asking probing q's. I love Ross.)


                      • Walleye
                        Walleye commented
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                        It’s an act. She needs sympathy because she has correctly picked up on that she isn’t well liked.

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                      Feel better soon, Lexie! I hope all is well.


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