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Live Feed Discussion- February 10, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion- February 10, 2018

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  • #2
    I'm sleuthing. Everybody is asleep and I am trying to decipher who is in HoH bed. Marissa's and Ross' beds are empty so I'm thinking one of them is the HoH.


    • #3
      Confirmed Ross is the new HOH.
      It would seem Ommarosa was injured, but is ok.
      The HOH comp costume included tutus.
      Last edited by Lucky2balady; 02-10-2018, 11:29 AM.


      • Freebyrd
        Freebyrd commented
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        Yay for ROSS! I really like him! Hope he goes far in the game as well as Marissa. Could you imagine the HERO Marissa would be if she won BB? Her son would be so unbelievably proud of her! He's such a cute little boy who obviously looks up to his Mom.

    • #4
      So, read that Omarosa is missing and is out of the BB house? Wonder what happened to her??? Inquiring minds and all that want to know! These 'celebs' have very fragile nerves and other medical issues when it comes to anxiety, etc. It does not surprise me. They like to be pampered - it's what they live for once they have made it to the Big Screen. No lie. Very few are humble, very few are able to just age gracefully. Hollywood is for the tough at heart.


      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
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        Word is that Marissa accidentally hit her with one of the balls (bowling ball?) during the HOH Competition and they took her to the hospital. James just said production told Ross not to worry, that Omarosa is okay.

    • #5
      Hmmmmmm Brandi just cleaned up the fridge in the storage room. She did a good job. That’s a couple things that she’s done that I liked.


      • #6
        So, that is a breast pump that Keshia has been using... her baby girl, Ella Grace, was born last January so is now 13 months old.

        Sad that her husband decided to file for divorce only a few days after she announced she was pregnant and only 7 months into their marriage!!


        • Walleye
          Walleye commented
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          Wow, guess they should not have got married. That is sad.

        • ~2much~
          ~2much~ commented
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          That was Lisa Wu's husband 1st..Right?

        • Lynette
          Lynette commented
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          Yes, that was her name Lisa Wu. Thanks 2much. They were on Atlanta Housewives for a season or two and I remember when they divorced. He was the basketball player. Think he was married before Lisa too.

      • #7
        I really like Ross. He’s very funny and he’s smart. He knows what everyone needs socially.


        • #8
          I change my mind I officially like Brandi more than Omaroso And that is saying something for me because I despise Brandi. Please don't let her come back to the house.. This is gonna be of racial blood bath if she does.. She is a nasty nasty player.. she Intentionally putting them on a defense by claiming the decision was racially motivated.. Everyone will bend over backwards to prove otherwise especially Marissa. That is a disgusting way to play the game IMO.


          • ElizaJ
            ElizaJ commented
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            At first I thought Omarosa wasn’t too bad and I was starting to like her. After seeing her on The Apprentice I really didn’t care for her. Her true colours are coming out and she is
            disgustingly condescending. She cuts people off when they are trying to speak and I want to throw a brick through my tv screen every time she does that. I can hardly wait to see her backside exiting the house.
            Last edited by ElizaJ; 02-10-2018, 10:57 PM.

        • #9
          I love Ross and I am happy he is HOH.


          • ElizaJ
            ElizaJ commented
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            I LOVE Ross as well ❤️❤️

        • #10
          He is one of my favs too 2much.

          The only person I really dislike this season is Omarosa. I'm iffy on Brandi and James, I go back and forth. But I don't actively dislike them.

          My faves now that the feeds have come up, Ross, Marissa, Shannon, and Mark.


          • #11
            Oh yuck. Omarosa is back. I was hoping she was not going to come back. I guess the silver lining may be that we get to see her evicted.


            • beckyd30
              beckyd30 commented
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              One can only hope. It would be great if several caught Keisha and Omarosa talking about black girl magic Alliance. Then they could pull the race card on them by saying you're having an all black Alliance what's up with that? Why you got to be a color in this game? You don't! This game isn't about your color your race your Creed it's about your personality. And Omarosa has proven time and time again her personality sucks!!! :-)
              Last edited by beckyd30; 02-10-2018, 08:02 PM.

          • #12
            I keep wondering it Metta is trying the Dr. Will strategy. Keep telling them to put you up and vote you out so that they think you are an easy vote and can therefore wait.


            • #13
              I didn't see Omarosa come back before the feeds went to bunnies. I wonder if they are having the nom ceremony. I figured they were waiting to see if she would or not. She was gone so long, I didn't think she would come back. They may have made an exception for her. She is drama magnet. I was hoping Keisha would stay a little longer. I enjoy listening to her talk. She is smart without being over-confident. IMHO


              • #14
                Omarosa is back, and on the block as expected.


                • #15
                  Omarosa and Keshia are on the block.


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