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Live Feed Discussion- February 14, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion- February 14, 2018

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    Morning everybody


    • kokomogirl
      kokomogirl commented
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      Morning, geo!

  • #3
    hahaha. I check in her once a day just to see if anything is happening. Apparently, we are all just so *excited* about this "Celebrity" season. Meh. Buncha rich folks making money, and okay, I know the winnings go to charity, but they're all there pumping their 'brand', or themselves. Yawners.


    • HannahHonee
      HannahHonee commented
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      I think Shannon dates Russell Simmons so she might not need money but I'm pretty sure everyone else is playing for money. No one else has mentioned charity.

    • ophelia__
      ophelia__ commented
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      holy. that information makes me like them all just a bit O's case, anything times zero is still zero, so she's even below zero now. How sad that they had to do this to make some scratch money. Desperate HouseGuests?

    • HannahHonee
      HannahHonee commented
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      Why would you be offended if they are playing for real money? They aren't A list stars with financial security. Marisa had a Broadway show over a decade ago. She probably got 7k/week for a year. I'm sure she needs money.

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    I guess the veto players were picked yesterday. Players are:



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      I'm baaaaaack I'm sure y'all didnt even notice LOL but I *FINALLY* have my internet back! They still have some 'work' to do apparently? but Im just happy to have it back for the time being anyways I've been playing catch up all day/night... JUST getting to tonight's epi... so I'm not looking up ^^ (even though I admit I did peek at LFUs and know most/maybe all of what happens on the epi lol) Anyhoo.. I'll be back to chat more and try to do some LFUs if I can (and if no one else is around/doing them) later Hope everyone is doing well! Happy ❤️'s Day, BBU fam!


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Of course you were missed! I think of you as swooping in and out. Lots and lots of posting and then nothing, lol. Glad it was just the internet out and not any injuries or illness.

      • Shan
        Shan commented
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        aww thanks Lynette and lol that's a very apt description of my activities.. I do kinda swoop in, post like mad and swoop back out...MIA for a bit and then the cycle continues

        things are relatively good here, for the time being anyway, thankfully

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      just took a peek and I see the Feeds are still on puppies for the POV comp... geez, finally get caught up and wanna fire up the Feeds for basically the first time of this mini-BB celeb season and what do ya know? PUPPIES instead of HGs lol

      Gonna stick around for a bit longer to see if they come back but not sure how long/late I'll be able to hang lol


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