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Live Feed Discussion-February 19, 2018

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  • Live Feed Discussion-February 19, 2018

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  • #2
    Good morning everybody. Happy veto and eviction day day. I've seen a lot of support for the VIP veto. I can't wait to see which veto they get.


    • #3
      I probably missed it, but is there somewhere on this site where there is description of the different vetos being voted on?


      • Lynette
        Lynette commented
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        Hey birdiefriend. See below. It was posted when voting opened a few days ago.

      • KennyERJ
        KennyERJ commented
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        Diamond Veto- Use to take someone off the block AND you get to name the replacement nominee.

        VIP Veto- Take one person off the block, then, after the HOH puts up a replacement nominee, you can take another person off the block.

        Spotlight Veto- You HAVE to use it to remove someone from the block.

      • birdiefriend
        birdiefriend commented
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        Thank you ever so much for the answer!! Now, I just have to decide which I would prefer to have Diamond/VIP - both have up/down sides!!

    • #4
      Veto choices courtesy of sdkgeo.....

      3 choices
      Diamond Veto-Pull off a nominee and name the replacement
      VIP veto-Can use the veto once or twice. After the replacement is named after the first use they can choose to use it a second time.
      Spotlight veto-The Veto has to be used.


      • #5
        I have no clue who is going home tonight. Alot will depend on which kind of Veto wins the vote. Omarosa's target is Ross. James and Mark's target is Brandi. If Marissa wins a diamond Veto she is going to back door James even though she has made a final four with her, Ross, James and Mark.

        Now Brandi and Ari are throwing Ross under the bus to Marissa.

        And Metta has once again offered to go home and the four cannot understand why everyone will not vote out Metta so they can stay together. They sure didn't go for that deal when Shannon suggested it so she could stay.

        Should be an interesting night. My wish is that some how Ross comes down and Marissa goes home. I have grown very tired of her on the feeds.
        Last edited by aprilshowers; 02-19-2018, 03:41 PM.


        • #6
          What a let down of a cool veto. I liked Metta' s funny antics but I'm betting they'll never do celebrity bb again due to 2 ppl quitting and asking to be sent home.

          Ross won the vip veto with putting together a block puzzle 1st (barely in front of O), used it to save himself and O renomed Metta per his request. They unaminously voted him out along with orwell the owl.


          • #7
            As much as I don't like Omarosa, it would have been much more interesting if she won (she almost did.. milliseconds behind Ross. The 4 still would have lost a member as she would have renomed someone, Ross would have saved one and O would have still had another to target.



            • #8
              Side note....watching live feeds with Ross on computer and watching Ross on the TV with the American Rescue Dog Show?! Very strange!


              • HANNAHRACECAR
                HANNAHRACECAR commented
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                I haven't seen him on tv in years. I love dogs I'll have to check that out.

            • #9
              The house guests are thinking it may be the slip and slide. I think James and Ari would have the advantage in that one. Ross and Marissa will probably not two well. Brandi may do OK but think James or Ari will win this one.


              • #10
                Could be, they already had lanes set up with just the ropes for the veto, so it would be easy enough to flip it pretty quick for the slip and slide lanes, but getting the oil down would take some time.


                • #11
                  Does anyone know if HOH comp will be on feeds?


                  • #12
                    belle, Doesn't look like the HoH is on the feeds. They have gone to puppies.


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