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Vote to send a house guest on a "Field Trip"!

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  • Vote to send a house guest on a "Field Trip"!

    Select A Houseguest to send on a field trip.

    Vote up to 10 times per day until August 9, 2019 at 9am PST (12 noon ET).
    I just voted for a Houseguest to go on America\'s Field Trip! Vote for your favorite Houseguest by going to

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    Have you voted today?

    Who are you voting for and why?


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      Hi Kenny,

      So far Jackson has been getting all of my votes. On the off chance he leaves Thursday I will switch to Christie.

      The main reason I do not like Jackson is the fact that he blatantly cheated as a HN with no penalties or acknowledgment of cheating by BB. I don’t know why he is being coddled by BB.

      Christie’s fakeness/crying/paranoia is over the top and she is at the bottom of HG’s I want to see go further in the game.

      I don’t want to vote for someone I like because the odds of punishment and nomination are greater than safety and the ones I like namely Nicole does not have a good chance to win the competition over the likes of Jack, Christie or Jackson.


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        I was splitting my votes between Jack, Jackson and Kristie. I am now going to vote Kristie and Tommy I think. Jackson's game is pretty much over so I think unless he wins HOH he will be on the block every week anyway. No way I am voting for anyone I like. I know that one of them will get safety but I don't want to risk anyone I like to end up on the block.


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          I'm splitting my votes between Jackson, Christie & Tommy. As long as Jackson is in the house, I will want him out. If Jack stays on Thursday, I'll switch Jackson to Jack - I want them both out! Those remaining deserve a chance to compete to win without intimidation.


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