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  • Final PUSH ....

    Hey guys,

    As excited as I am for BB21 to end, it also makes me sad.

    This season has been a little lackluster, it's been a little frustrating, and for many, not what they had hoped for,.... BUT .... for us... YOU are what makes Big Brother so special, no matter who ends up in the Final 3 or as the winner of Big Brother.

    It's been more quite in the forms than in past seasons.. and it is what it is ... I know that life jumped on me this time around and I wasn't able to be here as much as I have been in the past, I'm betting it's the same for some of you .. for others.... this season just didn't get your juices flowing enough to stop by and chat... we get it!

    There's always hope for Season 22 .. right? !

    We're hopeful... and in saying that.... we hope that if you enjoyed any of your time here this season ... or you want to be hopeful with us about next season ... that you'll help us in this final push to get some support for BBU.

    We need help.

    With the off -season coming -.. we're going to struggle .... we struggled before Season 21 began and with live feed sales nearly at zero ... we don't have anything in the tank (so to speak) to help us with the expense that it takes just to keep BBU going on a minimal level.

    Any support by way of your donation is appreciated.

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