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Big Brother 21- Meet NICK MACCARONE **Evicted** **Jury Member #4**

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  • Big Brother 21- Meet NICK MACCARONE **Evicted** **Jury Member #4**

    Three adjectives that describe you: Outgoing, caring, and talkative.

    Favorite activities: Playing/watching sports, going to the city to drink/meet women, and working (I love helping kids).

    What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?
    Breaking the seal of being the first one to poop. I know you are going to have some really beautiful girls in there and it's going to make me have to hold it in until 2am until I finally get comfortable with them. I also will miss my mom a lot and that sucks.

    Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most?
    So, I have only watched since BB17, and that was fate, because we had a tornado in my town and it knocked the power out for a week, and it just so happened that my aunt got power back and she was watching the premiere of BB17, which I ended up getting hooked on. Tyler is my favorite. He was extremely intelligent, respectful, but he was humble at the same time. He was a competition machine. He should have probably won, but Kaycee was a good choice as well so I was not upset.

    Do you have a strategy for winning the game?
    100 percent. Since I started watching on 17, the winner of the first HOH has done extremely well. James won in 17, and won America's Favorite. Nicole won in 18, and won the whole show. 19 was the Paul season, and I know for a fact that Josh took the safety for the first week, who ended up winning. And Tyler won first HOH in 20 and won second and America's Favorite. When you think about it, you aren't getting too much blood, you just have to pretend that you do not want it and then nominate who everyone tells you to. Also, when people are scared, they will try to make deals and alliances, so I can just sit back and form the best alliance possible.

    My life's motto is...
    "You have to live your life like you only die once." I got a sport bike because I am not going to wait for the chance of me falling and becoming paralyzed and never being able to ride. I am going to LIVE, take chances, and if something happens when I'm going 160 down the Expressway, then so be it.

    What would you take into the house and why?
    - A football/baseball that I could throw around with another Houseguest because I love sports.
    - A TV only to watch sports.
    - And probably a phone that only allowed me to FaceTime my mom because I'll definitely miss her.

    Fun facts about yourself:
    - I have bowled five 300's in bowling and my dad was a professional bowler on TV.
    - I caught a foul ball at a Phillies game off the bat of Cliff Lee.
    - I completed classes in the Scouting Academy in order to become an NFL scout.
    - My best doubleheader in baseball I went 7-8, two homers, and 8 RBIs.
    - I was voted most talkative in high school out of 700 other students.
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    Big Brother 21 Houseguest Nick Maccarone might be an empathetic therapist outside of the house, but inside the house he'll say and do what he must to win. With a clear knowledge of the game dating back to BB17, Nick tells BB alum Jeff Schroeder that he wants to form a dominant alliance and ride it all the way to finale night. Watch the two-night premiere of Big Brother 21 on Tuesday, June 25 and Wednesday, June 26 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.


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      "You have to live your life like you only die once." WHAT?!?!?!????


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        Just hit the play button and you can watch right here...


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          Lol I think he’s crazy on his strategy. I think he is an early out or final three lmao.


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            Not sure on Nick here... he's the first I've watched so I can't "place" him accurately just yet but I feel like he'll be middle of my list as of now off to watch more!


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              Inside The Big Brother 21 Jury House With Evicted Houseguest Nick...
              In this exclusive look inside the Big Brother Jury house, the latest evictee of BB21, Nick Maccarone, spills the beans on what it's like to be out of the game, riding in a car for the first time in two months, and getting to decompress. Watch all-new episodes of Big Brother on Sunday and Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c, on CBS and CBS All Access.


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