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Live Feed Discussion- Before the Feeds Start (Leaks, rumors, etc...)

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  • Live Feed Discussion- Before the Feeds Start (Leaks, rumors, etc...)

    This is where you can discuss anything that you hear about before the Live Feeds actually start!

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    There was an audio leak on the feeds Friday 6/21 9:38 am BBT to 10:08. You can flashback to hear the HOH talking about noms. No video, just audio.
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      Thanks for the info, kokomogirl ! I'm listening now! (Note that the date of the leak is Friday, 6/21 and as kokomogirl said, it's BBT, which is PST)

      From what I'm gathering, Christie is talking to Nicole and we find out that Christie is the, "first HOH". I'll explain why I put that in quotes in a second. Later she talks to Ovi and some of this info is from that conversation too. Christie is talking about putting up one guy and one girl for noms. She says she's already told Cliff that she might (will probably) put him up as a pawn because she doesn't feel like he'll go home no matter who he's up against. For the woman, it sounds like it might be Kathryn because both Christie & Nicole were annoyed by her being paranoid and talking about her, "meds", plus she was the first out of the HOH Competition.
      Ok, the confusion about the first HOH comes in when Christie talks about why she doesn't trust Jackson (who it sounds like they are calling by his last name Michie). She says something about 4 people volunteering for something. She finds out those 4 (Jackson, Cliff, Jessica & one person) made a pact to work/stick together but then Jackson turned around and "nominated" the other 3 people! Both Cliff & Jessica told Christie about the pact. From info I'm reading on the net (rumors), some are saying it sounds like one person has already been evicted and they think it's either Kemi or Analyse.
      Another reason Christie wants Kathryn up as the female nominee is because it sounds like Jackson (Michie) is trying/wanting to start a showmance with her and Jackson is already close with Jack and she doesn't want those 3 coming after her.
      Some other random info, Christie revealed to Nicole that her last relationship was a 7-year relationship with a woman and that she's a lesbian. Doesn't mention anything about the woman being older or about it being house guest Tommy's aunt (as rumors are saying).


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        Sorry Kolomogirl...I can't find it.😥


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          Hey everyone. I finally showed up. I watched last night's ep twice. I didn't dislike anyone the first time around. Kemi is originally from where I lived 10 years and just moved to NY. Local news did an interview and I didn't care for her much. Second time through the episode I'm not feeling Jackson, he literally campaigned for votes, wins, then apologizes for winning, he's sorry, somebody has to be the bad guy ..... whaaaaaat? I didn't care for his attitude. IDC if Kemi leaves and maybe by next week we'll have a better idea of how Jackson really is.


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            From the interviews, I didn't care for Kemi, Isabella and there was something off about Jackson (good looking though!)

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          I don't want to ruin anything but have any of you seen the rumors/spoilers?
          I read one about the first person out/loser of camp comp and it's a shame. Second rumor/spoiler made me a little bit happy but there's going to be backlash.


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