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Live Feed Discussion-July 1, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 1, 2019

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    Good morning, everyone!

    HOH: Christie Murphy
    Originally Nominated: Kathryn Dunn & Cliff Hogg III
    POV Winner: Sam Smith
    POV Ceremony: Cliff Hogg III was removed from the block
    Replacement Nominee: Ovi Kabir

    Next TV Episode: Tuesday, 8/7c PM (POV Competition & Ceremony play out)
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      So---I loved last year as many of the powers (Tyler's) did not affect the game and it turned out to be a very true season. Looks live Ovi's special power is going to be wasted. Unless I misunderstood, there was no mention of him being able to use it after a renom based on POV. Appears he will be evicted without the opportunity to use it. Anybody else have a different understanding?


      • Thurman
        Thurman commented
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        I think the “powers that be” will allow it. The renom was done by the HOH, so using the power after veto renom still falls under the guidelines.

        Besides, more drama/excitement = higher ratings for CBS.

      • kokomogirl
        kokomogirl commented
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        While I think that based on how it reads, Ovi cannot use his power for renoms but it doesn't specifically address this. BB has been known to change things up when it suits them (remember OTT gifts we voted on!?!). Every poll I have seen wants Kat evicted over Ovi. BB ratings are down, there's a petition to kick Jack off the show....if CBS/BB think it is in their best interest and would improve their standing with fans to allow Ovi to use it now, it could happen.

      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        Why do they want Jack off the show?

    • #4
      At this point it looks like Ovi is going to go. Does anybody think that there is even a sliver of hope for him?


      • #5
        I'm not a big fan of all these twists and "special powers". It's way, way too much. It's taking a lot of the fun and good social play out of the game.


        • CubbyBrother
          CubbyBrother commented
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          awc---that was the beauty of last year--and why I think that it was such a great year. Of the special powers:

          Sam had the ability the first four weeks to give someone a chance to get back in the game---it only got used by default in the fourth week. She never used the power herself.

          Tyler got that crazy eight week power to keep himself off the block or off during the veto---he never had to use it.

          Bayleigh had the opportunity to change the nominations--and never used or got to use it.

          The special powers that kept Paul off the block for a month completely ruined season 19 for me and probably the reason Cody won America's Favorite as he was on to Paul week one, but Paul had such production protection, it soured the season for me.

          I'm OK with special powers, but really like it when they don't affect the game at all---like last year.

        • Livzee
          Livzee commented
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          Agree...the game is best of smart play doesn't get undermined.

      • #6
        Did they find out Ovi has a power?? I thought Catherine was the one they wanted to get rid of.


        • #7
          This season is starting out slow for me. All my early favorites are tripping all over themselves.

          Christie has a lot of great qualities but she just went round and round and round about not putting Kemi up on the block because she didn’t do anything wrong to her but then she picks Ovi as a replacement. What did he do to her? I haven’t been impressed with Christie’s HOH. She got on my nerves.

          Jack started out well but now he is saying mean things about people. We all know that isn’t going to end well. He’s a mean girl.

          Jackson was sitting outside with the gang today discussing how he was going to control the menus for the rest of the week to keep them all fed before the next food delivery arrived. I don’t see him lasting.

          Nick is telling Sis that he feels he’s in a love triangle between her and Jack and then runs to Bella and assures her that she’s the one he wants to snuggle with.

          Kemi is guns ablaze after Jack and Jackson so I think she may take someone out but will be a #1 target afterwards.

          Kat is a mess! Way too paranoid for this game.

          Poor Ovi! I liked him from his interviews but these kids just aren’t warming up to him.

          So now I am left to pick who I want to root for. Who’s playing the best social game? Tommy is well liked as far as I can see. Bella is working all parts of the house but she may get caught. I really like Holly and favored her in the beginning. I don’t notice her in the house much but maybe that’s a good thing this early. I could see Cliff being a Chicken George like character and make it pretty far. I have no opinion of Nicole or Jess yet.

          I guess that leaves me favoring Holly and Tommy for now as playing the best low key, middle game to stay off people’s radar.


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