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Live Feed Discussion - July 2

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 2

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  • #2
    Good Morning BBU!

    I've updated yesterday's Live Feed Updates ... I'll do what I can today and tonight

    But.. if anyone else is watching the feeds and wants to jump over there and post an update - any help is much needed and appreciated : )

    In a nutshell... Ovi is still trying his best to secure votes ... but everyone is just placating him ... some ( Cliff mostly ) do intend on giving him the heads up that he's going home .. but they are going to wait until tomorrow .. it's kinda painful to watch him keep trying and keep thinking he has a chance..

    But.. who knows right? .. ( but pretty sure he's going home and taking his secret nightmare power with him ) ( maybe I should add a "for now" )

    I don't even know what to say about Jackson and his trials and tribulations with Kat ... and how he's starting to get an idea to flirt with Bella to make Nick upset... and how he's now got his eye ( or something else ) on Holly ...


    • birdiefriend
      birdiefriend commented
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      Thank you, Lexie! You are the greatest!!

  • #3
    I sure wish Ovi could use his power!


    • Shan
      Shan commented
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      me too, Shmennifer!

    • Summerbbfan
      Summerbbfan commented
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      Me too. Kat and Jack need to go..

  • #4
    I feel sad for Ovi, he's sitting there counting the votes he thinks he has. When (if?) he's evicted he's going to be sooo hurt.


    • #5
      Bella just went up 100% in my estimation for her talk with Ovi - very compassionate and encouraging.


      • #6
        It's only week one and this group is already incredibly mean spirited. It's gonna be a long summer. I almost fell over when Christie said Ovi should just stop trying already and let whatever happens happens. I can't wait to see her on the block and see if she just let's the universe dicate her fate! Yeah right!


        • #7
          Ovi's power is good for the next 6 evictions, right? If they have a battle back before the time is up and he wins his way back, can he still use it?


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