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Live Feed Discussion-July 8, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 8, 2019

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    Good morning, everyone!
    POV Ceremony will happen today.

    HOH: Jack Matthews
    Chaos Whacktivity Winner (special power): Jack Matthews
    Nominations: Kemi Faknule & Jessica Milagros
    POV Winner: Sam Smith
    Camp Comeback: Ovi Kabir & David Alexander

    Next TV Episode: Wednesday, 9/8c PM; POV Competition & Ceremony


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      I was amazed at the conversation that Jackson was having with Holly on the hammock and then him in the diary room complaining about Kat. Uh....DUH....if you’re snuggling with her, sleeping with her and having sex with her and now you decided to move on to Holly you can’t be badmouthing Kat like she’s this yucky cling (gasp) 29 yr old..... and him making the comment about squeezing as much juice as he wanted out of her and now he’s done.....🤦‍♀️.... seriously disgusting......and he wants his mom to be proud of him?


      • SmilemakerRDH
        SmilemakerRDH commented
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        He's a pig and so is Jack. To sleep with Sis and then tell Christie there was no depth to her and now he's gotta get out of it...only to do it again. I laugh when they all say 'dont worry, they won't show this on TV...uhhh yeah they will they love this stuff!'

      • gabesrah
        gabesrah commented
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        They know the cameras are there. That's the whole point. But they somehow forget that even if the show is heavily edited the live-feeders see and hear almost everything that goes on. I can understand recruits being naive, but the some of the so-called "superfans" are just as bad.

    • #4
      Poor Ovi. He knows the game and is still clueless. It must be a lot harder than I think it is and I would never go on this show lol.


      • #5
        Every time I start liking Kat, she starts with the fame whore stuff. ‘’Update my wiki page’’ as she points to the camera. Who says that crap?


        • #6
          Dang Jackson can eat! He’s talking about planning the next meal as he’s eating two burgers and a bunch of potatoes lmao.
          Last edited by Walleye; 07-08-2019, 08:58 PM.


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            He can spread BS so 'sincerely' ... turns my stomach


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