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Live Feed Discussion-July 10, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion-July 10, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Kemi, Jessica, and Nicole were up talking in the lounge. I couldn't go back and watch the whole conversation, but it might be worth a listen.


    • #3
      Good morning geo and y’all who pop in later

      it’s been a crazy crazy week around my place so I’ve only gotten a chance a few “peek ins” for a few days or so ... hoping things are calming a bit for a while so I can get back to full BBU and BB for a little while at least 😁

      I realllllly hate to hear that Christie overheard Cliff and of course spilled to everyone Hope this didn’t *completely* blow his game ..once I saw that he did the morning “feeder chat” every day, I had thought/worried that something like this might happen ... it’s too bad :/

      I do so hope that someone outside of “Gr8Ful” gets the next HOH ...just wanna see how some of them handle being OTB and reallllly wanna see them lose one of their group to eviction.

      I think it is still looking pretty sure that Kemi goes this week? She hasn’t done herself any favors really and though I don’t wanna see her go, I don’t wanna see Jess go either so kinda stinks it’s gotta be one of them. But at least whoever it is gets the chance to come back via CC!

      I’ve not always liked every “twist” TPTB have come up with/thrown into the game..but one from the past I did *kinda* like was the one where America got to send a HG of choice a “care package”..y’all remember that one? Of course, there’s always the concern as to whether it is actually “America” choosing the HG to get it, I know lol But I wouldn’t mind seeing that twist again or some variation of it

      okay...gotta go read/catch up a little and then head out to 2 appointments ...hope to be back to watch the show with y’all tonight! Have a great day BBU’rs! 😁


      • Walleye
        Walleye commented
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        Yes ‘’America’’ chooses lol.

      • Shan
        Shan commented
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        But of course *WinkWink* lol

      • Shmennifer
        Shmennifer commented
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        I hate it for Cliff.....this morning when he was talking I wanted to be like....STOP! They heard more talking!!

    • #4
      FINALLY, some game talk last night on BBAD. I'm having a hard time getting to know this cast. It seems like they are just talking over one another, and want TV time. Aside from the "Friendship" alliance, years ago, this is the worst cast for me. Hopefully, they get better. JMHO. But BB Updates are still the best. Thanks guys, I appreciate all of you.


      • #5
        If you want everyone to know something, tell Bella. She just loves to be the first to tell something. I’m hoping the jacks find out about her lol.


        • #6
          I really wish Bella had told Sam he was on the outside before the Veto. He could've saved Kemi then! He's gonna try now and it may sink him. I sure hope not, he's one of my favorites


          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            I liked Sam to but he is falling into the dislike group with his wanting to target Cliff. Does anyone out there think that he is just playing the Jack's. Knowing that when the time comes he will be the first to go.

            Did they ever give Orville back to Cliff. And why are they all set on believing Tommy about Cliff being America's player.

          • Walleye
            Walleye commented
            Editing a comment
            I don’t think Sam will be targeting Cliff anymore after Big mouth Bella told him he is ninth in an eight person alliance lmao.

        • #7
          A lot of hoping going on here . To get some power houseguests have to win something.
          Does not have to be a physical challenge but they must win something rather than talk
          about their social game being good. No respect for floaters that can only talk about how
          much they need to win . Winners take Floaters to the end so that they can win !


          • #8
            Wow this house is at week 10 paranoia levels. They over analyze every word anyone says. There BS is overlapping lol.


            • #9
              Christie ans Jackson celebrating how good they are at this game. Gosh i hope someone outside their alliance wins this week. It would be even sweeter if it was someone like Cliff or Nicole that they keep blowing off as having no chance at an HOH ever. Their ****iness is at an all time high and its so hard to stomach.


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