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Live Feed Discussion - July 11, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 11, 2019

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    Morning all. Live Eviction tonight. It looks like Kemi is still slated to be the evictee.


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      Here’s hoping someone from outside the big group wins hoh this week.


      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        I agree. I would love to see Nicole won it.. The big group needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

    • #4
      Thanks for all the updates and comments!

      Ugh, I used to like Bella but now I want her to go. I understand she is hustling to try to win, but she is just a snake and disloyal. She can’t keep her mouth shut to save her life. Just because she acknowledges she’s a big mouth doesn’t mean it’s right...

      After this week, I’m really not liking Jessica. She is being naive by thinking Jackson actually has her back. He’s playing the game, sweetheart. Wake up and stop drooling over him and his hugs. For being all about “female empowerment” I find it odd that she chose him for the veto.....

      I really want this stupid gr8ful alliance to be blown up next week. I’m rooting for Kemi, Cliff, Nicole. Tommy, and Sam.

      Kat is s clueless and dumb, you can’t help but feel sorry for her lol.


      • #5
        Good morning all,

        AHH Cliff. One of my favorite players is messing up his game so quickly. I completely understand the need to talk about the game to someone, however this whole talking strategy in the morning is not good. For the second morning in a row, the information is getting loose. This morning we had Jackson standing outside the door listening in on what Cliff had to say. He mentioned multiple times that he would like to work with Jackson and Holly. However he also talked about how one of the people he was talking with said that they think that the couples will all turn on themselves. Hopefully this information doesn't get back to Christie because at that point the whole house will know.

        After listening to the whole talk, Jackson then ran upstairs and woke up Jack and Sis and told them everything that has happened.

        Jack has said "Cliff could go down as one of the dumbest players of all time."

        Jackson then said "If he's this dumb I dont think he deserves to be here." and "As a player, what he is doing every morning has sealed his own fate."

        The plan for J & J for now is to send out Kemi, and to win the next HOH and put Cliff and Jess on the block. They also mentioned that if the put up Cliff and Jess then it could work out as a backdoor for Nick and Bella.


        • #6
          I watch the TV episodes, have the live feeds and watch After Dark, even if its the next morning when I wake up and watch my dvr, but this year i am finding it so difficult to listen to any of them! I think BBU is quieter than usual because some of the house guests are almost impossible to watch or listen to. Whom ever was in charge of casting BB did a horrible job this year. How did they not realize that most of the guests have no redeeming qualities, are boring to watch and sometimes, just too annoying to even care who wins or loses. Cliff is ok to watch and I've enjoyed his morning talks. Tommy, too. I would jump up and down with glee if Jack or Jackson or Bella or Nick were humiliated and thrown out by Cliff or Tommy or Nicole! Then it would be game on!


          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            Me too. Does Cliff have a clue that he has been overheard? I like him and his morning talks. If he has a clue than maybe this is his way of finding out who is in the big group.

            I agree with you regarding listening to the guesguests. Especially Christie. I can tolerate Bella's voicd, and I am really beginning to like Kat. I would add that there is no one houseguest that adds the entertainment value. To me that could be Kat.

            I really hope that the house flops the votes.

          • JonoJono
            JonoJono commented
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            Always try to find someone to like and root for in BB.
            Still watching and still looking. Think of all the great players
            in the past ! Very poor casting when I can’t find anyone .
            America’s Favourite Player is ????
            Even the token Old Guy is a Fool !

        • #7
          I just can't get into these people. Jack and Jackson are just assholes. Dont care for the girls either. Casting blew it this year


          • #8
            Seems like "America" should hint to Cliff what is going on. If it were just his own game it would be one thing, but he's talking about everyone's game. Doesn't seem fair to the others. Cliff isn't ratting people out on purpose. I know it's still early, but this is starting to look like the last season of BB if it keeps going this way.

            I don't think I really like anyone in the cast at this point. Maybe David. He certainly figured out the lay of the land fast enough.


            • #9
              Yeah, I'm having a hard time getting into this season's house guests too. Sure there's some game play and strategy going on. There's been some drama the past week that resulted in a lot of paranoia, second guessing, eavesdropping, sharing too much info, and all that stuff. Geesh, I'm trying to find someone I be cheer for. Right now I'm on that Midnight Train to Nowhere. Okay. I kind of like Nicole. I kind of like Kemi. Kat is growing on me and I find her mildly entertaining in a house full of non-entertaining people. Sam is okay. And that's about it. The house needs and I need a change of power this week.


              • #10
                Bella is acting like she's the first lady of the HOH.


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