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Live Feed Discussion - July 14, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 14, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Nominees-Jess and Cliff
    Veto Winner-Kat

    Kat intends to take Jess off the block and Nick will put up Nicole. BUT, Jack, Jackson (Michie), Holly, Analyse, Christie, and Tommy don't plan to go along with Nick's and Bella's wishes to evict Nicole. Jess said she also won't vote to evict Nicole.

    I would really like to see Nick and Bella on an island by themselves. Yeah, Nicole's game of playing the middle and sharing info with both sides got exposed, but I really want to see her stay to fight another day. She just needs to end her pity party.


    • Summerbbfan
      Summerbbfan commented
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      That would be awesome if the 6 went against Nick and Bella. I have definitely missedsometnigs. I did not realize that Nicole is playing both sides of the house. To me she seemed to be so quite. Boy, I am clueless. I would still like her to stay. If they do evict Cliff then I hope he wins the comeback.

      I don't believe that Cliff believies what Bella has been telling him.

      If it is a wall comp I hope that Nicole wins it. Hopefully tonight's episode will give us some invite into why Nicole is fighting to stay in the game.

      I am really glad that Kat won the veto. I really like her. It gives me someone to route for besides Nicole.

      You go girl.

    • birdiefriend
      birdiefriend commented
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      Funny, I don't see Nicole as 'playing' both sides. I see her as falling into the middle, especially when her closest people were taken out. I don't see her as being welcomed by any 'side'. I see confusion in her, not knowing where to go.

    • SmilemakerRDH
      SmilemakerRDH commented
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      I don't think Nicole was playing both sides. I think she was truly trying to find a place to belong. She didn't fit in anywhere and nobody was including her and then all of the sudden they were so she started telling what she knew. She just said to much to people who all happened to be loosely working together.

  • #3
    I find Jessica really annoying now. She's passive aggressive. She talks, she talks and she talks and it means nothing.


    • Nosyrosie
      Nosyrosie commented
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      Would love to hear the younger set in the house speak one sentence without the word "like" in it. Like I think like my head like will literally like explode! Like for real. LOL

  • #4
    I was taken totally by surprise that they went after Nicole like that. Still don't really understand it, but I suppose it will become clear (or not mean much) after this week. I kind of like Cliff, and will be sorry to see him go to Camp, but he doesn't seem to be a really astute player to me and he might as well be culled early in that case. I'm thinking David will be the one coming back in, and if so, he should shake the place up. Maybe then we'll get a more interesting game going.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Jessica. On one hand I like the players who are older, but they have to be able to handle themselves. I can take or leave her, but my guess is she won't last too far into the game.

    Bella I want to go immediately.


    • sdkgeo
      sdkgeo commented
      Editing a comment
      I think most of it was just scapegoating Nicole once people's plans started getting out. They had to cya with Nick and Nick and Bella had to cya with the others.

  • #5
    What the 'Unde9able' did to Nicole was SHAMEFUL.
    I'm losing interest in Cliff because everytime he's around the 9, he throws all his 'friends' under the bus, Ovi, David, Kemi and Nicole. No one asks, he just offers up his opinions as facts.


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