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Live Feed Discussion - July 26, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 26, 2019

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    Good morning everybody.

    Holly is the HOH. She seems to be using her HoH already to strengthen her bond with Sis and Christie.


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      Darn it, I thought someone different would get in there. Now Jackson will be running the show again, ensconced in the HOH room. Watch his and Holly's relationship take a sudden turn for the better, now that he can control things again. I hope Holly shows some backbone.


      • AveryGeek
        AveryGeek commented
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        So it's interesting. Last night when Jackson asked if he could sleep in the room with Holly she said maybe, but she would like to offer it to the girls first. She ended up offering it to the girls and they got excited about it. I think we are going to get to see more from Holly this week, and I think there is a chance that she has just been playing a very subtle game thus far. I know that this wont drive a wedge between the six but I think it will be the start of the end for the six shooters. However, I would be surprised if it wasn't Nick and Sam up against each other because that is what the alliance wants.

      • birdiefriend
        birdiefriend commented
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        Jackson is NOT going to like the girls getting in Holly's ear !

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      Did anyone else see Evil Dick’s tweet with a clip of Jackson talking to Tommy about being suicidal before coming on show and not medically cleared to be on show? I have tried to find when Jackson talks about this on feeds with no success.


      • SmilemakerRDH
        SmilemakerRDH commented
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        I vaguely remember him having this convo and it wasn't recent. It was early on like in the first couple of weeks. It was when he was explaining how he used to need 5 xanax's sleep but now that he sleeps with Holly he's fine and doesn't need them. I remember being like huh?? That makes zero sense but okay dude. I personally think it's all a part of his game ploy to get people to feel sorry for him..and it's working because they all excuse his behavior as 'personal stuff'

    • #5
      Holly is playing Jack's and Christie's game. Maybe by voting 3of them for the field trip will change the direction of the game.


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