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Live Feed Discussion - July 30, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - July 30, 2019

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    Nick - "I would rather not take a shot at them (Six Shooters), and hope that they trust me again."

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME. As much as I was completely against the way Nick and Bella treated Nicole, I was still hoping Nick would have the chance to take his shot at the six. Was it not Nick the other night that was saying "Turn off the live feeds, Jack won"? It's beyond frustrating to watch one side of a house and then a list of floaters.


    • Summerbbfan
      Summerbbfan commented
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      Yes it is. But maybe one of Cliff's Angels will win YOU and take a shot at the six.

      I don't quite understand where floaters come into play. There can only be one winner of a commpetition. Is it because they haven't committed to one side?

      How about houseguests that get carried by their alliance, such as Tommy and Sis.

    • Kimbers
      Kimbers commented
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      I think Nick's confidence on the rest of the house is gone now, I know mine would be after last week. His best play now would be to rebuild his trust with the six now that Bella is gone, he's alone, he can use that to his advantage.

    • AveryGeek
      AveryGeek commented
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      That would be nice! However, it definitely feels like the Cliff's Angels alliance is not a real thing. We know that Kat is already against it as she has told others about it. My thought on floaters is when a player doesn't have an alliance, no one to really count on or trust to protect their own game.

      For me it goes into two categories, 1) They don't talk a lot of game, they just follow the house, 2) They refuse to choose a side and want to play they're own game (which results in people flip flopping sides and being highly influenced by both sides. This also means that when there is a stronger side of the house they get another to control a person that is not in their alliance, and have an additional HOH. This probably isnt really a floater, I just cant find a good name for them. Jess and Kat is who I have in mind.)

      I dont believe that Tommy is a floater because he does talk a ton of game and knows whats going on in the house. He is also has a lot of people protecting him. Sis is a floater within her own alliance. She doesn't like talking game, and when she does she just goes off of others opinions.

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