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Live Feed Discussion - August 4, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 4, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Jess is the HoH and Veto holder.
    Jack and Jackson(Michie) are on the block.

    Tommy has the explorer punishment and costume.
    Jack gets the yelling man punishment.
    I haven't heard what punishment Jackson got.


    • #3
      Super bugged me that Holly was camped out on Jess's bed the entire day/night, I mean, has she ever sat and talked with her before?


      • #4 can the others...especially Holly...not see how sick and disgusting he is? I wish Jess could have seen him on her spy camera


        • #5
          Just saw on Twitter where Nick was rubbing Tommy in a very special place with his foot. I thought Nick and Bella were in love?


          • Shmennifer
            Shmennifer commented
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            I didn’t see that part but they were hugging, laying in bed, snuggling each other. But I’ve seen tommy and jack snuggle too. 🤷‍♀️

          • Kpercyman
            Kpercyman commented
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            Oh no, there was video and it was very blatant. It happened last night I think. It makes me wonder if Nick really loved Bella or if it was just game. Feel bad for her.

          • KennyERJ
            KennyERJ commented
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            I saw the video and don't think it means anything. Jack was in the room too and they were laughing/joking about it. Straight men jokes. Asking Tommy if he was getting hard. Talking about the Live Feeders are, "loving it". I would probably think different if they were in the room alone and under the covers or something, in other words, Nick trying to hide it or be secretive. That being said, the "wrong" part is touching/rubbing someone else's genitals without permission.

        • #6
          This week so far has been a strange game of telephone.....esp with Kat confronting Jack about sneezing on him..... oh boy! They are going to be wide eyed when they watch this back!


          • #7
            He mentioned before he has an eating disorder.....think that’s legit? He’s at least an emotional eater....


            • #8
              I am missing the old BBU days.


              • #9
                I'm really annoyed that when Jack or Jackson's punishments are happening they cut the feeds. I know they did it with Rachel and Brett last year but why keep it from us??


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