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Live Feed Discussion - August 5-6, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 5-6, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Veto meeting today. As far as I know Jess doesn't plan to use the veto and Jack is still the target. I think Jess considered pulling Jackson down and putting someone else up to ensure Jack goes home because she was paranoid about Nick's vote and maybe Kat's, but I think she walked that back.


    • #3
      Hello, everyone. I'll have to say, I really want Jackson out after Jack, but Nick has moved right up there in my book to go. I think he's a sneaky floater with no loyalty at all. BTW, what's with Jack calling the others floaters? I heard that on the show last night. You aren't in HIS alliance so you're a floater? Jerk.


      • helenb
        helenb commented
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        reminds me of a certain Rachel R, calling "floater" indiscriminately... I'm not a Nick fan either...

      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        I agree they weren't asked to be in the alliance, therefore you are a floater.

        I listened to some of the feeds this afternoon and have come to the conclusion that they are all good liars.

    • #4
      I'm not a fan of any of them. Right now I want Cliff to win. Wouldn't that screw up BB casting if a HG over 30 wins 🤣🤣


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        Yes, I like Cliff, and if he were to win it would be great. I also wouldn't mind if Nicole won. I hope she gets money for America's Fav this year, at least.

      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        That would be great. I am touting for Nicole, Cliff and then Kat and Holly. Holly needs to break away from Jackson.

    • #5
      I've gone through several houseguests on which one I want to win. I'm embarrassed to say that I wanted Michie to win the first week. After that, I wanted him out. I just want a decent person to win. Right now, that narrows it down to Cliff and Nicole for me. I hope Sam wins fan favorite. Also, thank you to those who post live-feed updates.


      • #6
        Jack’s apology/safe me tour is a bit pathetic.


        • #7
          I want Jackson out of the house so bad. I hope he gets some penalty votes or something. Jack is no angel but he's gotten better. At least he has some funny moments and seems to be learning from his mistakes. Jackson is just an a-hole who's never had to suffer an consequences. His mommy always fixes things for him and now he's got Holly doing the same thing. She is just ridiculous.


          • #8
            I was a SAM fan. I have a hard time enjoying this season. I watch, I check the feeds, I follow the spoiler boards. However in seasons past I was OBSESSED. Just not there.. And my family thinks that is a good think


            • #9
              They are playing week to week only, floating to power. There are no good players this season. I wonder what the ratings are like?


            • #10
              If activity on this site is any indication, the CBS ratings can't be very good for this year. I have never seen this site so inactive as this season. It's very hard to get involved with this cast, as they all seem irritating to me. I wanted Sam to stay, even though his yelling in DR was irritating. (Guess he was channeling Dan, lol.)

              In the beginning, after reading the bios and watching interviews, I didn't think I would like Nichole at all, but she is turning into one of the most likeable players this season to me. I like Cliff too. Nick is beginning to get on my last nerve. I don't respect his game play at all, and he is coming across as somewhat of a pervert with his actions. Have no respect at all for either Jack or Christie, or Tommy. Calling those not in their group "bottom feeders" or floaters is condescending, and not cool. I don't like Jackson, but at least he is honest and up front. I also think Holly could play a better game if she were not so attached to him. I like her when she is with the "floaters". She really did not appear to be comfortable with the "in" group ever.

              I am beginning to dislike the word "like", as almost nobody in the cast seem to be able to get through a thought or sentence without almost every other word being "like". UGH!

              Bottom line, I hope Jack goes home Thursday to see is the rest of that gang can start to play for themselves instead of worshiping on the alter of Jack. Time will tell.

              Looking forward to Thursday.


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