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Live Feed Discussion - August 11, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 11, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Looks like Jess may not even be a vote for Kat. She's frustrated with Kat because she told Tommy that Nick told her that Nicole said she was going up. Jess had to explain to her why that was bad.

    She was hmming and hawing about whether she would vote to keep Kat or Cliff.


    • Summerbbfan
      Summerbbfan commented
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      That is good news. If one of them needs to go I'm glad it maybe Kat. I just read that Nicole and Cliff have a Final two. So it should be a no brainer that she will be voting out Kat.

      I am going to go out on a limb now and say that I am beginning to like Jackson.

      Good morning and Happy sunday.

  • #3
    I think it's pretty crappy that noone is up supporting Analyse while she does her punishment. I remember in years past the other HGs would stay up, even taking turns hanging out with someone doing a punishment so that they weren't alone.


    • #4
      This has been a strange season, and I'm confused. Can someone tell me who is aligned with who at this point?


      • Border57
        Border57 commented
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        Well, Tommy, Christie, and Analyse for one group. Cliff, Nicole, Jess and Kat for another, but I don't know how solid Kat is. Jackson and Holly, who seem to be with Cliff, Nicole, Jess and Kat right now, but that may be subject to change, and Nick is going back and forth to power, but seems quite firm with Tommy's bunch right now. And there's some duos that seem pretty strong, too, like Holly and Kat and Nicole and Cliff. So it's all pretty fluid, seems to me.

        But I'm never really sure where the lines are.

    • #5
      So Crybaby Christie lives to cry another day! Sure hope she and/or Tommy/Nick go in DE! Hate to see Cliff or Kat go, but both are starting to bother me, not sure why, just a bad feeling.


      • #6
        I don’t understand why Tommy is able to play the Veto on Christie since her being on the block is a result of America voting! Another twist that turns out to be a dud!


        • #7
          Hello all,
          ‘Just heard in the live feed that Tommy is going to use the Veto to take down Christie, how can he do that when he didn’t put her up? She was put up as a punishment for failing on the field Trip! Doesn’t sound right?


          • #8
            The third nominee has been able to be removed by the veto holder when they have had the third nominee. The only difference with the regular nominees is that the HoH does not name a new nominee to replace his nominee since that third nominee was not named by the HoH.


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