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Live Feed Discussion - August 19, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 19, 2019

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    Morning all.

    Veto ceremony today. Jackson is the veto holder.


    • helenb
      helenb commented
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      morning Geo! I expect he will not use it....

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    So many people have said that Christie is such a great player and they will be sorry to see her go. But I would like to see what kind of player she would have been if she had not won a power so soon in the game. She was in an alliance that kept her safe for a while. And she was quick to let everyone know about her power right away. She held the threat of using that power over everyone's head. And let's not forget that a woman's tears can be powerful on some people. On her HOH her target was Ovi of all people! Oh, yeah, they had to get such a huge threat as Ovi out of the house as soon as possible! And on top of all that she had the added advantage of knowing someone else. She pushed awfully hard about getting Kat out because of her friendship with Holly. She's STILL talking about it. You would think someone in her position would not want to keep bringing that subject up. Doesn't sound like good gameplay to me. And she can't keep her mouth shut to save her life. She would tell the same story 5 times and tell 5 variations, each retelling having more lies and exaggerations to it. Holly mentioned once that she was in the room with Christie when one of these stories was told. Christie forgot that she had already told Holly and told her the same story again later. Holly said that she realized then that you couldn't believe anything Christie said because the second time Holly heard the story there was so much more detail that Holly knew wasn't true. And if that happened to Holly you know it happened to others.(Has anyone checked on Christie's sister lately?) No, I'm not convinced Christie is as good as so many are making her out to be.


    • CubbyBrother
      CubbyBrother commented
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      Was there any follow up by any of the houseguests after Christie gave a roadmap to Tommy's house last night. It was edited with a few suspect faces, but does anyone know if any of the others took that inside and talked about it?

      I don't think Christie was every really a "great player" either. a) she can't keep her mouth shut, b) plays emotionally, and c) can't keep her mouth shut (oh, I said that before)---who has a power like that and let's a bunch of people know pretty quickly?

      I do respect how she and Tommy kept their pre-house knowing each other a secret for so long (and maybe it still is there)......but other than that---I don't think she was ever a real serious contender to win this thing.

    • Border57
      Border57 commented
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      The whole thing is she has such a big personality. That overshadows a lot because it just SEEMS like a person like that is doing a lot. Plus the whole house likes to puff everyone up telling each other how great they are, so she's constantly told how great a player she is. Well, look at Sis, she thinks she's a great player, too! And as far as doing well in comps, Sis has done better than Christy most times. She's probably someone you want in the jury who might vote for you, because she'll be promoting you all the time to the others in there. Maybe that's Jackson's aim right now?

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    Looks like they are getting them up for the day right now. Three hours to the veto ceremony if it's held at noon (Nick mentioned it would be at noon).


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