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Live Feed Discussion - August 30, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - August 30, 2019

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    Morning all.


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      Welcome to the Jackson and Holly Show


      • CubbyBrother
        CubbyBrother commented
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        ....until Thursday-----if Holly doesn't doesn't win HOH one of them go to the jury. You have to hand it to Jackson.....competition beast.

      • misscmm
        misscmm commented
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        I need to start eating more watermelon, obviously.

    • #4
      I'm not sure what to think now. I really want Holly and Jackson to honour their F4 with Cliff and Nicole, and I really hope Cliff or Holly take out Jackson first. Maybe Nicole will finally make her HOH at that point. In any case, it's not guaranteed that Holly and Jackson go all the way. But Jackson sure does win a lot . . .


      • #5
        I think Jackson and Holly's downfall will be not realizes how close that Tommy and Christie are. I think Jackson thinks that Tommy will choose him and Holly over Christie. But I think Tommy will always choose Christie.


        • #6
          It could get interesting if Christie comes off and Cliff goes up. Just because Pompous Douchebag (PD) declares that he wants Jessica to go and not Cliff, I definitely see Christie and Tommy wanting Cliff out, but then Nicole and Holly would vote Jessica out and PD would cast the vote for Jessica to leave which would show Tommy and Christie not following his wishes, so I am not sure if they would expose themselves and go against him. So, it looks like Cliff is safe even if he is the replacement and Jessica is going home for sure unless she wins POV and takes herself off. The only way Jessica will be staying this week is if she wins POV.


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            I'm glad that Nicole didn't win last night's Hoh, with DE coming up. That said, WTH Tommy, if not Nicole, then that was your comp. IMO, if Nicole or Cliff to win this season, Jess needs to stay in the game and be final 3, any other, I say the jury will pick the one's they were aligned with. Just my feelings and my
            Last edited by Kimbers; 08-31-2019, 12:51 AM.


            • Summerbbfan
              Summerbbfan commented
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              I agree with you. Now she is able to play in the DR HO H and potentially be responsible for putting Tommy and Holly on the block, and then all of the houseguests will have seen the block. But it would also be a good opportunity to get out Michie.

              On a side note, Michie is a pompous douche bag, just the way he speaks to people on the one on ones seems to me to be like he is disingenuous and superior to them.

              I guess when he was picked to be camp director, we should have known that he was going to do well.

              It would be great if Jess could somehow stay and the outsiders go to the end. But I don't see that happening, I read somewhere that if she was HO H she would target Cliff and Nicole, that goes against her argument to Michie about how there have been people that have not seen the block, Tommy and Holly.

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