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Live Feed Discussion - September 5, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 5, 2019

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  • #2
    Morning all.

    Double eviction tonight. Please please please let Jackson go up and go home.


    • CubbyBrother
      CubbyBrother commented
      Editing a comment
      That's a strong possibility with him being the current HOH. It really seems pretty simple---Holly, Cliff or Nicole wins HOH---Christie or Tommy goes home. Tommy or Christie wins, it's Jackson (Holly if Jackson wins Veto).

      Jackson has just a little too strong a personality to make it all the way. BY FAR he understands and plays this game much better than all the rest (probably combined), but we know after 20 seasons of history it's not the best player who wins the game.

      Six left---here's my "guess" how it plays out......Jackson goes in the double of the other pairs goes out at five (Cliff/Nicole or Christie/Tommy). After that the other couple is broken.

      I think of all, Holly is the best bet to get to the final two....Jackson is the bigger target of the two. I think Tommy is almost in the same position. More than anything now the VETO holder, the rest of the way, is the power holder.

  • #3
    My dream scenerio is Jackson and Christie gone.


    • #4
      For being boring as heck the first part of the season, this is one of the more interesting situations with the three couples all here in September. If Jackson goes home, I'll be happy tonight.


      • #5
        Any news whether the house is leaning to evict Jess or Cliff in the first eviction tonight? Also, it would be sweet irony if Nicole wins HOH tonight.


        • SmilemakerRDH
          SmilemakerRDH commented
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          Jess is going first. Hopefully followed by Jackson!

        • BBJedi
          BBJedi commented
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          I manifested for the first time!

      • #6
        Also, I don't have live feeds---has there been any (a lot) of chatter and strategizing in case of a double eviction? And CBS---how about really pulling an "expect the unexpected"......don't tell them it's a double eviction until after the HOH is played......I know you will have to fabricate some time elements, etc....but let's mess with them a little bit.

        This HOH probably has to be a crapshoot one that anyone can win. In order, Nicole then Cliff to win it. Or Cliff then Nicole. Then the hands are really tipped.


        • Border57
          Border57 commented
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          I have only heard it from Nicole/Cliff. Cliff leans towards keeping Jackson/Holly, but has told Nicole he will back her completely on what she wants should she win it. They agreed on that. Nicole has mentioned going with splitting the other two pairs and saying to them "go to it". Nicole especially seems annoyed that they both are telling them (Cliff/Nicole) the same things, and asks Cliff, "do they think we are stupid?". I think Nicole would lean towards Tommy/Christy, but I'm not sure on that.

          A little while later Nicole is ironing her shirt alone in the Supply Room and says to the camera "they all say I'll be safe, what do I do if I win? Can she put up all four? She's over it!" LOL!
          Last edited by Border57; 09-05-2019, 05:30 PM.

        • gabesrah
          gabesrah commented
          Editing a comment
          I agree that they are told way too much about what's going on. I wish they would be left in the dark every year about when jury starts. They always know that when 11 people are left jury starts. But it doesn't always have to be 11. They don't even have to be told at the time. People get evicted, go to jury, and those inside the house aren't told that jury has begun. Let them think the evicted houseguests are going home. Let's say only 5 people in jury, but nobody in the house knows this. They will be thinking they have so-and-so's vote, but that person is at home watching the show along with the rest of us and won't even get to vote.

      • #7
        I'm manifesting a Christie win tonight! Perfect karma to Jackson for not taking the shot when he had the chance. I am so ready for him to go. I'll settle for Holly if Jackson happens to win veto though. That couple needs to be broken up, for eveeyone's sake including their own!


        • Border57
          Border57 commented
          Editing a comment
          I wouldn't mind a Holly win of the whole game if Jackson weren't there. I'd rather Cliff of Nicole win, but as long as it isn't Jackson, I'm good. I also wouldn't mind it too much at this point if Tommy won. I don't really want Christy to win, though. She's lied too much in a season where there wasn't that much lying otherwise. I also don't like the way she screwed up Cliff's HOH with her power that she then didn't use. Again, good gaming, but I didn't like it. Seemed too much like blackmail.

      • #8
        Big Brother has officially been renewed for its 22nd season which will air in summer 2020


        • #9
          Yay Nicole! That was my wish.


          • #10
            I am in the minority and wouldn't mind Jackson winning. He has played the game well. He does some things I don't I agree with, but frankly that could be anyone in the house. Sometimes he reminds me of my husband with what he says. I would love for Cliff to win. I wouldn't like a Holly, Nicole, or Tommy win because I haven't liked their game play.


            • #11
              I know a lot of people thought it was a mistake to not get Jackson out tonight. Think about it for a bit. When is the last time a comp beast with zero social game won big brother? Christie had the best social game. She would get a lot of votes. Jackson will get a couple votes but has pissed off a lot of people. They need to go for him next if they can, but I think it was the right move. The last few years the votes have been emotional and not game. If they got Jackson out next, they save this season IMO.


              • Kpercyman
                Kpercyman commented
                Editing a comment
                I have a feeling the jury won’t be as emotional as I’m the past few seasons. They really seem to respect each other on a personal level and a game level. They aren’t bitter, except Kat, for being sent to the jury. It’s going to be interesting with this group. I think they genuinely like each other.

              • Walleye
                Walleye commented
                Editing a comment
                Well, I’m always wrong about the jury so I’ll concede your point lmao.

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