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Live Feed Discussion - September 11, 2019

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  • Live Feed Discussion - September 11, 2019

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    Good morning, everyone! 😎


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      Hi, Kenny, and everyone else. Looks like it's going to be Tommy staying now. Cliff and Nicole haven't made a final declaration to each other, but it seems like they are keeping him. Cliff and Jackson got done with a chess game last night and then talked (this was around midnight), and then Cliff went and woke up Nicole to tell her what Jackson had said. Talking to Jackson, Cliff sounded more up in the air, but with Nicole he was really on the same page with her.

      What I really like about Cliff is, he said he'd have a better chance of getting to F3 with Jackson and Holly, but that he wanted the best chance of both of them getting to F3, and that would be with Tommy. At this stage of the game, that's such a nice attitude for him to have.


      • Kimbers
        Kimbers commented
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        I honestly think if Tommy went this week, Cliff will go next week.

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      Quick recap of yesterday.....

      HG’s did Origami during the day. They dyed eggs late afternoon and had an egg hunt from 6 till about 9. Jackson won that.

      They had Taco Tuesday.

      Around 8:15 pm, Tommy told Holly he was going to tell Cliff and Nicole today about his connection with Christy. Holly told Jackson and later Jackson told Cliff that Tommy was going to drop a bomb today about his association with another HG. Cliff guessed Christy. Cliff told Nicole that Tommy was going to talk to them today about it. Jackson talked to Cliff about voting out Tommy. Cliff says he and Nicole will talk and make a decision. Jackson told Holly early this am he will make his discussions with Nicole and Cliff more about getting rid of Tommy and not about keeping Holly.

      Today there should be lots of campaigning.


      • Mary4BB
        Mary4BB commented
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        Gee whiz. I bet Jackson won Taco Tuesday too.

        Though Thursday may be a different story.

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      The houseguest requested an early wake-up call so they could have a moment of silence when the planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. They started moving around about 5:52 BB time. All in the living room about 6:08.
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        Can I just say how ESTATIC I am that Cliff and Nicole will be kicking Holly to the curb, thereby crippling Jackson somewhat. Cliff, Nicole and Tommy make a F3. Tommy tells them about his relationship with Christie and it was no big deal to them. Whew!


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          Now it's FINALLY getting interesting


          • Lynette
            Lynette commented
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            It sure is! Loving it.

          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            Yes it is. I hope that Nicole and Cliff can make it to the end. Another website has had them 1, 2 in the houseguests rankings all season.

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          Holly is a stone cold brat, she didn’t want to work with Nicole until she had too to get her and Jackson’s targets out. I’m glad she’s leaving this week and that Cliff and Nicole are taking her out. She hasn’t done anything except mess with Jackson the the HOH shower, cry if he says boo to her and ignore everyone else. Goodbye Holly! Jackson has won a lot but he has this mentality that he deserves the win handed to him, nope you have to keep winning to the end! Rave over, go Nicole, Cliff & Tommy!


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            Hold your horses! Might be a change of plans. As more info came out, Nicole was feeling overwhelmed and said she wanted to call a house meeting. She may (or may not) change her mind and vote to evict Tommy. She's sleeping on it and then she and Cliff will discuss it later. Who knows what they will decide.


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