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Live Feed Updates - Week One Head of Household Audio Leak Spoiler

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  • Live Feed Updates - Week One Head of Household Audio Leak Spoiler

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    Audio Leaks from the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds via CBS All Access have given us our first Live Feed Spoiler of the Season, so I'm going to put it right here!

    On the LIVE FEEDS @ approximately 9:39 AM BBT you can hear Christie Murphy reveal that she is the first Head of Household of the Big Brother 21 season.

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      From the Audio Leak above... it "appears for now" that Big Brother 21 House Guest Kathryn Dunn is Christie's #1 target ... with a "pawn" going up beside her ...

      Why Kathryn?

      Christie says it's because she is the ONLY person "instilling negative energy " in the house.

      Of course, it's Big Brother and things can "change on a dime" but that's what we have for now!


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        As for Christie's pawn ... it "appears that she's thinking" it will be

        Big Brother 21 House Guest Cliff Hogg ...


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          Moderator Kenny has MORE info and possible leaks/rumors over in the Live Feed Discussion - Before the Feeds Thread ...


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            Just to catch us up ...

            Jackson was elected as Camp Director and is safe for Week 1. He has to banish 4 people from the house. Those 4 will battle, 3 will return, 1 will go home before the first eviction takes place.

            Rumor has it that David was the loser of the banished 4 .... ( this is unconfirmed )


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              Camp Director Jackson Mikey banished Cliff Hogg, Kemi Faknule, Jessica Milagros and David Alexander

              Surprisingly? Cliff Hogg was the first Big Brother House Guest to return to the "BB Camp" aka the Big Brother House, followed by Kemi Faknule, and Jessica Milagros.

              David Alexander wasn't so lucky, as Julie Chen announced that he was out of the Big Brother House "for now"... maybe he was lucky after all.

              Christie Murphy won the Endurance Head of Household Competition.

              And, Julie announced a new never before "twist in the game" ....

              The Wacktivity Competition will play out next Wednesday night ( but before that on the Live Feeds )

              Speaking of the Live Feeds .. that's where all the drama will play out starting tonight!

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