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Live Feed Updates - June 27

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 27

    Please remember that ONLY the Live Feed Updates should be posted on this thread.

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    We have a daily Live Feed Discussion Thread for everyone to add comments about what's happening in the Big Brother 21 house.

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    Speaking of the Live Feeds .. that's where all the drama will play out starting tonight!

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      9:00 PM BBT

      And.. we're live.

      Most everyone in the kitchen ...some yelling that they have 1 minute ( until the live feeds go live ... lol )


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        Others in the bathroom ... brushing.....


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          KATHRYN tells Jessica that she knows she has to win the veto and that she's going to pick Jackson if she has the chance

          Kathryn is on the block...


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              Jackson to Kathryn - if I get picked ( to play ) ... I'm playing to win and I'm pulling one of y'all off


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                Kathryn and Cliff are the nominees


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                  Kathryn to Holly Jackson is being paranoid. .... that people are pinning a target on both of us... he's smart..he's trying to distance himself.,,,, but he wants to work with both of us ...


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                    Jesscia tells Kathryn that she feels that there's an alliance forming .. she's not sure but thinks that Jackson is in on it ...


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                      Jessica tells Kathryn that she caught Jackson and Isabella talking in the storage room

                      Kat- interesting.


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                        9:48 PM BBT

                        This is what we're doing ... "untying the human knot" ... ( don't ask me why )


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                            There's MUCH discussion going on .. over .. under.. .in .. out ... you go here.. you go there ...


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                              While they figure this fun out ...

                              We really need your help.

                              I know we're just getting back to the Big Brother thing, and I hate to already be putting it out there that we need help... but it's true we do.

                              It was pretty quiet around here during the Off- Season and I know there's a lot of us that have a lot going on in our own homes ... but I'm hoping that Big Brother will bring us all back together again and that you guys will enjoy being able to spend some time here.

                              I have to thank Walleye for helping me keep us afloat during the off-season ... but I'm not gonna lie.. we can't do it alone.

                              Thank you to the handful of you that have make a donation over the past couple of days ( I'm having a bit of trouble uploading your buttons .. so if I haven't yet .. I'm working on it )

                              We really can't rely on the live feed subscriptions much anymore, as they are few and far between .... ( especially since the no longer give us any credit for renewals.. and let's face it .. most of us renew .. cause we've had them for years .. right )

                              Again, I know we're just getting started.. but there are expenses that are coming up .. renewing the domain ... extra server expenses ... so if you like spending your time here or just like checking in to see what's up ... please consider making a donation via our PayPal link. It's super safe, easy to use and secure!

                              Thank you for any help! ❤️


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