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Live Feed Updates - June 28 - Day 10

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 28 - Day 10

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    {{Good Morning, Campers Looks like right now (7:41AM BBT) Cliff is the only one awake/up having coffee quietly by himself in the kitchen. Other cams on sleepy heads... so I'm gonna go do some Flashback to where our amazing Super Lexie left off last night }}


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      (okay wait...when I was about to Flashback..Cliff went back to the bedroom and started talking to us feeders)
      7:45AM BBT Cams 3 & 4
      He has Orwell the owl with him lol He tells us he's sorry it's boring/nothing going on in the mornings... that he's the only one up. He knows as a fan, getting up in the mornings and opening the feeds to see everyone sleeping is disappointing. But that everyone stays up late there in the House and they are on PST so for us on the East Coast and Central time, he apologizes. Says nothing else to do..we get to see him clean the kitchen, eat, "all the exciting things" He's a morning person...wakes up early and it's his time to get his head together/straight. Maybe he should try to sleep in/stay in bed to be more rested up. Talks about the Veto he "killed it" and got zero LOL but at least he was tied for worst with Nicole & Kat getting zero as well but he tried and never quit on it, that he will never quit on any he doesn't have the POV but Sam does. He had a talk with Sam last night and he said he was gonna use it on him (Cliff) and he feels like he will do that. He feels as good as someone can being OTB but he isn't counting on it until he hears it because he's seen too many seasons/shows to believe it fully yet.

      He says everyone thinks today they are gonna have Veto ceremony today and Live Eviction will be Sunday but that he & Kat were talking and the two of them think the Eviction isnt until Wednesday (yep, you two are correct ) which gives a lot of time between now and that. He's hoping that he gets pulled off the block Sunday.. so less time/chance of something to happen and him have to stay OTB. He says they aren't gonna say anything to anyone about what he & Kat are thinking (the Live eviction).

      He was worried about being 1st evicted..before he'd had time in the house and time to get to know/friendly with everyone. He isnt so much worried about that any more... says he feels like he's gotten past being just "the old guy in the house" .. that he's gotten to know most everyone. Only person he feels he hasnt talked much to...especially game talk.. is Jessica but he feels like they have something in common that connects them...that he feels a little on the outside as oldest and she feels that way a little being plus sized and not quite like the others.

      Talks about how he has been as a player and how he might be going forward. Maybe he is actually being a floater sort of but won't be that forever. He says he will change and do what he needs to do as he goes. Whether he's playing the game well or not he's having fun ...says it doesnt even feel real being in the House. He says everything he's seen has been from a fan/view of a feeder... how different it is actually being in there. Amazed how quickly he forgets about the cams and such..that the house is basically a set... says he walks out in the morning and it's a kitchen to him and the rest of the house. Talks about how much time there is in the House..if you stay the whole time. How he really gonna get to know or maybe hate the people in the House by day 90 lol

      Weird not knowing how we are viewing them. He hopes we aren't looking at them and saying they are the most boring... hopes we aren't saying "we need some fighting/conflict" says he thinks we will get that. that he thinks everyone is trying to not play to hard right away and no one wants to be viewed as a villain. (dude, you have no idea already lol)

      Talks about if he were to get HOH next, how it'd play out..who on the Block, etc. He doesnt mention any plans for sure or names. Says it's too early to even make plans for being HOH back to talking about how he's played so far...

      {{okay I'm at 7:56AM BBT now... gonna go do those flashbacks now to check for game talk... he is still talking if you wanna go listen to what else he says lol}}


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        {{just realized I was LFU'ing in yesterday's thread...oops! oh well, works out anyways because it was technically before midnight there sooo.. hehe will update here now though as I'm up to after midnight now }}

        12:04AM BBT - Cams 1/2
        HOH - Christie & Tommy
        she brings him in..she is upset/crying a bit
        Tommy - what's up?
        Christie -'s just, I'm freaking out
        he asks he why
        Christie - I dont know, maybe I'm being emotional and sensitive and a baby but the whole Kemi thing doesn't feel good and I feel like I'm playing a game for other people
        Tommy - yeah..yeah dont worry.
        Christie - and I don't know what to do
        Tommy - yeah I hear you
        Christie - I guess my only validity for getting her out is that she's one less person to compete against for the Whacktivity in Week 3 which is great but she never did anything to me, yes she dropped a lot of names in our alliance but I mean, whose game am I playing you know?
        Tommy - yeah, yeah
        Christie - it's like week 1 and it doesn't feel good in my gut but I also don't want everyone in the alliance to be mad at me that I didnt do this... it requires Sam using the veto, me putting her up and I dont wanna feel like I'm playing Jack & Jackson's game..
        Tommy is yeah'ing and agreeing with her
        Christie - you know what I mean... Kat's cool... but she is also super paranoid and someone that could just stay in this game and be someone else's know what I mean? that's the side that's good you know.. she could be a vote for us too... but then like, Jackson & her are in a showmance so I'm doing him a favor by keeping her
        Tommy - right
        Christie - because really she's loyal to him and I don't know where Bella stands... my fear is that, if Sam uses the veto and I put up Kemi..somehow she says...I don't really trust where everyone stands and I don't want it to come back on me because Kemi never even did anything to me ya know.
        Tommy - yeah.. I hear ya
        Christie - I mean like what do you think? (she doesnt really give him time to say much lol)
        Tommy - I know it's tough
        She tells him the only person she really trusts is him (Tommy) but she obviously doesnt wanna get along with him too much (because no one knows of their knowing one another/connection and they dont want anyone to know)
        Christie - I thought I could really trust Jack but..
        Tommy (while making a open mouth/gasp expression) - me toooo! I've been getting a weird feeling
        Christie - he plays everyone in the house


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          (continuing the convo with Christie & Tommy)

          Christie (looks at HOH cam) - he's gonna come up any minute..he's on my freaking radar...been after me all night, trying to get me alone and I'm feeling sketch vibes from him

          Tommy - I know..why am I feeling that too?

          Christie - I also feel like everyone is thinking me & him (Jack) have this thing and we're in this showmance but A) we're not and B) if I'm gonna be pinned for a showmance I'd rather actually be in one

          Tommy - right

          Christie - like I almost wanna tell him.. go be with Sis (Analyse) ..don't come near my game... it's like he's playing the game better than me and I don't like it.. I wanna distance myself from him

          Tommy - I know..I hear you..I agree with you ( )

          Christie - but he's just really, really good at being Jack and that's amazing in this game but it's not amazing for my game

          Tommy says he thinks it's better to play/stay aligned with Jack because he thinks he (Jack) is like a Paul (Abrahamian) ..where people will catch onto him/be annoyed with him at the end

          He says "we are not like that" (not sure exactly... but I think it's about saying good/bad side..who are the "good" ones in the they don't think they are "good" and other side of house is "bad")

          Christie says there are good people on the other side of the House too..Tommy agrees

          she tells him about how Bella was wanting to give a sympathy vote.. and that makes her wonder if she can trust her

          Christie - do you trust Bella?

          Tommy - yeah I do

          she says she thinks she is gonna distance herself from Jack a bit and start hanging out with like Bella and Nicole ..that they can still play together, like vote together and plans together but she doesnt wanna be pinned with Jack anymore because she isn't and she isnt here for that at all. She isn't gonna let him (Jack) get her to that point where she could be in that position that she gets her heart involved and ends up playing his game instead of her own.

          Christie - I came here to play a game... like if anything, with you not him... so..

          Tommy - let's weight the pros & cons

          Christie - yeah, I need help..I'm sorry


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            (still on the Tommy/Christie convo)

            Tommy lists the pros of getting Kemi out now: one, she's in that competition (Whacktivity week 3)..two, the house doesnt want/feel her right now...three, she is a competitor...four, they dont know where she stands

            Christie - we haven't bonded, she never did anything to me...but we haven't bonded .. like is she with Bella or?

            Tommy - Kat, Ovi & Sam are a number for us...but she is not

            She asks if he feels the same... that she isn't just doing it (putting Kemi up/possibly out) for "them"

            He mentions having a 'tough conversation' with Kemi earlier (will see if I can find it but didnt see that) and how he feels badly for her (Kemi) ..he's like "this poor girl" but that this is a game

            Christie says she is so sweet and she doesn't wanna hurt her and he agrees but that it's a game and this is strictly a game move

            Tommy then starts to list the cons of getting Kemi out... Christie interrupts with "the con of backdooring her is what if the vote flips" and she wants to count votes

            They say definite votes for Kemi to go are: Jack, Jackson, Sis (Analyse), Nick, him (Tommy)
            She asks Tommy if he's sure Nick will and he says yeah he does think he's a definite

            Christie says maybe she just needed talk it out because she's being paranoid ...when she does something that doesnt feel right in her gut, she gets like this and overthinks things

            He asks her what does feel right (in her gut) then and she says maybe sticking with her original plan with Kat (to get Kat out) but maybe that is just her ego talking... like why is she gonna do what Jack & Jackson want..why is she playing their game (the whole backdoor/evict Kemi thing) She says she likes Kat too but she is feeling emotional and ego

            She again says she guesses she needed this...needed to talk it out and she's crying more ..Tommy tells her stop that..they are lucky they have each other in there and she agrees that they are so lucky

            Tommy says he agrees with her..they don't wanna play 'their' game ...but he thinks it's too soon to rock the house, it's only week 1..he knows it feels like they've spent so much time there but he feels like she rocks it now it will ruin things with the alliance. Kemi is gonna eventually have to go anyway..doesnt matter which order.

            Someone rings the HOH bell and it's Kemi (well now lol)

            She comes in so of course that convo ends... Christie tells Kemi she is just feeling emotional. being stupid ..she's okay just crying over stupid stuff.

            talk about how everyone has been emotional/crying.. how it does that to you in this house

            Christie talks about how everyone is saying things about her & Jack... how she doesnt wanna people to think/say they are in a showmance because they arent because one, she likes girls and two, Jack flirts with everyone..they are friends and nothing more.

            ((okay gonna move forward some))


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              12:25AM BBT
              Cams 3/4
              HOH bathroom
              Christie, Holly, Analyse

              Analyse telling Christie it's her HOH, do what she wants
              Christie wants it all to be in their favor... she also doesnt wanna be like some kind of schmuck like she's playing Jack & Jackson's game

              She says of course Jackson wants Kat to stay and Jackson/Jack are F2
              Christie - I'm not an idiot..I don't trust him at all (Jack) and it's nothing personal... they are amazing but I dont wanna be suckered into playing their game

              she talks about about how people have been saying things like "you & Jack" to her and she doesnt want to people to keep thinking that
              they talk about Jack and how great he is at playing this game and playing people
              Says she wants them to know she isn't pulling away from the alliance but she is definitely take a step back and distance herself from Jack and make sure he knows they can be friends outside the game but she isn't his little pawn in here

              Holly says as hot as Jack is..he's great but it's annoying how he has everyone in there ..they say wrapped around his little finger

              Christie says he knows exactly what to say and just the right amount of 'touchy'... how he even does it with Nicole

              Holly says she & Bella were talking earlier and how there should be more hot guy so everyone could have one to pair with and how Bella had said "Christie & Jack" as one of them that was coupled up... and that she (Holly) corrected that and said no they are not a thing

              Christie talks about how Jack jokes all the time about them as if they are a thing and how it's annoying and she needs to distance herself from it

              Meanwhile over on Cams 1/2
              12:30AM BBT

              Kemi & Nicole hanging out

              Kemi mentions she feels paranoid...doesnt think she's a target...

              ((moving on again))


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                {{Flashback is giving me fits gonna throw in what little i am getting...}}

                2:25AM BBT
                Cams 3/4
                Christie, Analyse, Holly chatting in HOH bed
                Analyse saying Kat is being territorial about Jackson... apparently Kat walked in on Analyse laying her head on Jackson somewhere earlier and was weird about it
                Holly tells them that Kat has said she doesn't trust Bella either. They toss around that maybe Bella has the power (?) and how she grew up eating/smelling crazy **** and that it wouldnt bother her so maybe she did win/have the power.

                they talk some about what's coming... what Sunday will be (Live or what?) ... how they will handle things as they come

                (okay so I skimmed through as best as I could with FB giving me a hard time and I might have missed things but I didn't find anything else really game related...)

                Around 5:10AM BBT
                seems the little hamsters have finally all went to bed/settling in (no wonder Cliff is the only one up in the mornings lol)

                Gonna go see what might've happened today so far while I've been trying to Flashback


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                  around 9:15AM-ish BBT
                  waking the HGs up... few minutes of FISH and back around 9:25AM with everyone getting up, moving around

                  in HOH room we have Christie talking about feeds and how they work/what they are on... talk about feeders watching them sleep... Christie knows there are cams in the HOH bathroom but doesnt think that's shown (ummm why would you think that silly? lol)

                  9:30AM BBT
                  Cams 3/4 bathroom with a few.. Jessica, Cliff, Jackson, Tommy, Kemi
                  Jessica is saying she had a nightmare last night about having been picked for All Stars on BB and she was stuck in the House with some of the worst past ones that would kill you.. like Evel Dick ... lol

                  back up to HOH room Jack has joined the girls... talking about someone sweating alot when they sleep?

                  Nick comes in and asks Jack if he slept with Tommy last night..did he get into Tommy's bed and Jack says no... Nick says Tommy asked him (Nick) if he got into bed with him.... they said Tommy dreamed someone did that

                  Nick talks about how late he stayed awake .. didnt get into bed until like 5AM


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                    {{I'm having a tough time with feeds..but I've gone LIVE now..}}

                    10:43AM BBT
                    Cams 1/2
                    Bathroom with Nicole, Christie & Jessica chatting about homes/places/rentals with paranormal activity .. how that has to be disclosed to people interested in buying/renting

                    Cams 3/4
                    we have a group on the bench/couch thingie in the kitchen and at the counter behind it
                    Jackson, Tommy, Analyse, Holly, Kemi, Nick, Sam
                    chatting about how they are when "out" ... Tommy telling about some video out there of him and they are saying it's probably gone viral now
                    Jackson tells about a video of him as well and how it went viral

                    {{Okay... I havent found any real "game talk" from this morning... and since my Feeds wanna give me a hard time, I'm gonna take a break...reboot the whole shebang and check back in a little later on...if anyone is peeking in...jump in and throw some highlights in here if ya will.. it'd be very appreciated }}


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                      12 PM BBT

                      While Kemi bonds with Kat, Sis and Holly ....over clothes ...

                      Sam and Christie talk about using the veto to get Kemi on the block ...


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                        Cliff joins Sam and Christie

                        They talk about how they are working to keep Kat calm ...

                        Cliff says he will talk to her too.. and that he's told her no matter which of them come off.. the other is fine.


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                          12:55 pm


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                            Butt check...


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                              Nicole and Kemi

                              Kemi- I hope Sam doesn't do anything with the veto.... I don't think he will...

                              Nicole - I don't see why he would have a reason ....

                              Kemi - I just feel like I'm getting backdoored..... I get so ****ing paranoid


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