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Live Feed Updates - June 29 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 29 - Day 11

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    6:51 AM BBT

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      {{gonna go do some Flashbacks picking up where Lexie left off last night (wee hours this morning actually EST) and throw in some highlights from overnight}}

      12:56AM BBT
      Cams 3/4
      outside at washer/dryer with Kemi & Nicole
      Kemi is telling Nicole about her talk with Jack.. how she told him that she wasnt upset about the banishment/no bad feelings with Jackson over it. said she has a weird feeling but she & Jack got cut off (their convo)

      apparently one or two of the fish are dead/dying ..they say it's sad and depressing, only been 10 days...they've fed them. they tell Ovi it wasn't solely his responsibility not to be upset about it. Nicole said she said something yesterday to them (BB) that they fish were dying but no one said/done anything about it. she says the tank hasnt been cleaned. Nicole is calling "Code Red" telling BB they need assistance with the fish... Kemi awww'ing and saying they (fish) have 'gunk' on them (sounds like ick and that is sad... one would think BB would be more proactive on this kinda thing.. but it does happen I guess..)

      Tommy is saying the water in the tank is like black..they wonder why BB isnt doing anything to help save the fish... Cliff thinks something happened because the fish died awfully quickly...we get a brief FISH.

      apparently several of the HGs have said something to them (BB) about the fish .. Ovi says at one point that they were told again and are gonna work on it?

      they plan to have a funeral for the fish ...

      1:18AM BBT
      Cams 3/4
      Ovi, Nicole & Kemi in treehouse playing checkers (Ovi & Nicole) Kemi still sad about fish.. she says maybe this is a lesson about pollution... reducing our carbon footprint...climate change (ummmm....)
      Ovi asks Kemi at one point how's she's feeling about everything ..she says she's okay
      He says he is learning to enjoy the days more...try to


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        1:20AM BBT
        Cams 1/2
        come in to Nick, Bella & Sam in bedroom
        Sam is telling Bella about someone (she?) talking to him about using the Veto... asked him doesnt he care/worry about what the rest of the house will think.. if he uses it.. she (whoever she is) assume he'd just leave it the same...
        something about whether he's scared what the house will think
        Sam - I was like who you and three other people
        (sorry it came into mid convo so I dont know who yet he is talking about)

        Bella - I thought Jessica would want you to take down Kat because they're like best friends
        (Maybe Jessica is who Sam is/was talking about then?)

        (whispering and laughing so it's hard to hear them)

        {{moving on a bit... can't hear these three.. my old ears...their laughing..whispering... it's a bad combo lol}}

        1:50AM BBT
        Cams 3/4
        Nicole & Kemi playing checkers and talking
        Kemi saying Sis (Analyse) is so sweet and nice but she is "in" with "them" (Jack/Jackson and crew) but sometimes she will catch Sis looking at her in some way and she's thinking "what? is something going on? am I going up?"
        Kemi definite thinks something is going on... says her convo with Jack has made her wonder.. she doesnt know why it would be her, she just has a feeling. saying how Kat/Jackson are acting like all is good (not worried about Kat leaving) and is it because they know (that Kat isnt) or just because they are trying to enjoy their last days together


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          (these people are such good whisperers ack! and I dont have my ear buds so I am having issues hearing well)

          2:05AM BBT
          Cams 3/4
          backyard laundry area
          Christie & Jack talking

          she talks about someone wanting to talk to her and says she doesnt feel like she wants to talk to anyone..she just wants to go to bed

          Jack saying he needs her to trust him and things are gonna be hard but it's gonna be fine. He says the whole Nick/Bella thing is a problem they will have to deal with..he says he's sorry he made a bad judge of character with them ...feels like it is his fault

          Christie says it's okay...we all do it..make bad choices/judgements.. but they need to just stay strong in their alliance, knowing Nick/Bella need to be the first of that (the alliance) to go... dont worry about it

          Jack says he really likes Sis (Analyse) and not sure he likes how much he likes her

          Christie says yeah she's pretty and sweet and perfect... he needs to rock it out with her but remember what they're there for

          Jack says they both know what they are there for... to see the world and travel together but they need to do this game right first... he is keeping it straight with priorities and all. Just likes having her (Sis aka Analyse) to snuggle with.

          Christie asking him if he sees it with Sis as more than just a passing thing... they've only known each other 10 days..does he see this being a lasting thing

          He says no.. at this point, it's purely physical but...

          (okay moving on..enough of that lol)


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            2:18AM BBT
            Cams 3/4
            Christie goes is talking to Holly & Sis

            Christie telling them how Kemi is/has been trying to get her alone to talk... how she felt horrible about it but then went to DR and said DR made her feel A LOT better.. says "just ..well.. how it's gonna pan out" (??hmm)

            says she told Kemi that they could talk tomorrow ...Kemi waited for her inside (while Christie was outside) but she just stayed with Jack and folded laundry and waited Kemi out and she finally left

            She says if Kemi & her do talk tomorrow she's just gonna tell her "as far as I know, Sam is not going to use it (POV)"

            3:08AM BBT
            Cams 3/4
            HOH with Sis (Analyse), Christie, Holly & Kat (Kathryn)
            they are talking about some of the others.. say that Ovi is pretty awkward but he was nice. talk about how Jackson & Jack say mean things to him (Ovi). They think Nick is lying about what he does for a living..they think he's a gambler because he seems to be a hustler. They think Cliff is nice and funny.

            talk a bit about how they should do things in regards to veto..not to say anything ahead of time. Christie says Bella is gonna try to bully about it but she will shut that down. Kat leaves and goes back downstairs and the rest start getting ready to turn in for the night

            (skimmed ahead a bit more and..)
            Looks like everyone was in bed sleeping/getting to sleep by 3:15-ish AM BBT

            {{gonna go see what's happened this morning..if they're up/awake yet, etc.. brb }}
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              8:00AM-ish BBT
              BB turn on lights..trying to get hamsters up and going for the day

              Kemi was up and went to the bathroom.. back to bed

              9:35AM BBT
              Cliff is up of course..ends up in Boat/Lounge room ... talks to feeders says hello to his family and throws some shout outs ... gives us his rundown of the House from Friday

              by 10:00AM Cliff has finished his talk with us...telling us to be sure to watch the Live Feeds he remembers wanting to watch Feeds on a Saturday and they'd be down for a while because of POV comp but that they dont have that today so we should have feeds to watch

              10:15AM-ish BBT
              HOH room Christie talking about dreams she had

              Not much being talked about with anyone yet as they are just getting going good and waking and such..

              10:44AM BBT
              Cams 1/2
              hallway bedroom with Christie & Ovi talking
              she is telling him about Kemi trying to get her alone to chat last night (just repeating what she told everyone else that she's shared this with) saying again how she is just gonna tell Kemi that she doesnt think Sam is using it (POV) and so she has no plans to do anything

              She says she is just afraid Kemi is gonna ask her something about like if Sam does use the Veto, who will she put up...she doesnt wanna answer that

              Jessica interrupts them ... they talk about the fish funeral they are gonna have today...

              meanwhile on Cams 3/4
              10:46AM BBT
              HOH with Jack & Sis

              come into the middle of the convo
              She is talking about someone picking on her/giving her a hard time about how much she sleeps? says she kinda blew up on him about it (cant remember how she worded it) but she thought it was annoying because she had confided in him (??) and now he's using it against her and picking on her...
              they talk about how he is lying about his occupation (okay so now we know they are talking about Nick) he is too quick learning Mandarin and he has to be something else..

              {{haven't really found/heard any real game talk yet this morning... unless I missed it (the fam has interrupted several times lol) so I'm gonna step away for a bit..get some things done around here and I'll peek back in and see what's what ASAP later.. if anyone wants to jump in, we'd LOVE that }}


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                {{gonna go grab some quick highlights in Flashback from where I left off earlier...}}

                11:00AM BBT
                Cliff & Jackson talking
                Jackson saying he wants to work with Cliff, Holly & Kat.. says they can be "southern folks" and they can work both sides of the house. even tells Cliff he can use him as a pawn if ever needed

                a few minutes later Jackson sees Nick inside and tells him he just made an alliance with Cliff

                11:20AM BBT
                Christie & Nick are talking in kitchen
                Nick is telling her that Kemi is not a physical threat

                11:40 AM BBT
                Christie has gone up to HOH and Kemi is there to talk to her (guess she finally got that alone talk she wanted with Christie)
                C asks K if she talked to Sam and K says she hasnt yet
                C tells her that Ovi asked her if he would possibly go OTB as replacement if Sam uses Veto and she also lets K know that her (Kemi) name did come up as a possible replacement/OTB..says the HGs think Kemi is a name dropper... says she hasnt spoken game at all with Nick (we know this is not true)

                Kemi tells Christie that Kat has said that C is her target ... K gets kinda caught in not saying the same thing or telling things correctly when talking it out with C

                C tells K she is a good competitor and K doesnt seem to wanna talk about that.. (lol)

                Christie saying she wants to let Jack be in for a while and then get rid of him in some embarrassing way (?)

                12:10PM BBT
                Christie has been talking to Tommy...came in mid convo
                she tells him that Kemi told her and Bella and Kemi are not after Christie... Tommy tells her he spoke to Nick & Same and they do not want Kemi to go.. said he just told them (Nick and Sam) to just act like they are with Jackson & Jack

                they have a 'funeral' for the fish that died ...all dressed in black... they sing Kumbaya ..we get FISH for that of course


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                  12:25PM BBT
                  All cams are on Nick & Sam BY by the pool ... Sam talking about how us feeders have just seen them give fish a funeral
                  Nick tells Sam that Kemi is not bad for *their* game ..she is back for Jack & Jackson's..

                  12:30PM-ish BBT
                  we have Jack, Christie & Tommy in HOH room
                  Jack comes up with an idea he says 'just popped in his head'... to put Nick up OTB and "nip it in the bud"
                  Christie & Tommy talking to him back to sticking to the put Kemi up/out plan..
                  Tommy wants the eight alliance that had/have to be rebuilt/repaired

                  1:00PM BBT
                  Kat & Jack talk and he is telling her that Kemi is poison and cluelses and has to go
                  Kat tells him she really appreciates him taking care of/protecting her .. he tells her she needs to just trust him and not to worry. he says Kemi keeps asking him who he would put OTB if he wins next HOH and he says he's like "bitch you aint even gonna be here"

                  1:45PM BBT
                  Kat, Holly & Jackon talking in RV trailer room... saying Kemi is trying to stir the pot .. Holly believes Bella has 'the power' (Whactivity comp?)
                  Kat doesnt wanna be seen as a pot stirrer

                  moved ahead a bit and find Jackson & Holly in SR talking about Kat. how paranoid she is being...Jackson even calls her (Kat) a 'basket case' in the game
                  Kat comes in at one point and takes Jackson back into trailer room (he doesnt seem to wanna go in there)... he tells her she is making things worse and calling alot of attention to herself by being paranoid and not calm
                  Kat worrying/being paranoid/upset ... Jackson telling her to stop all that... rinse. repeat.

                  he tells her no one needs her (Kat) out but they all need Kemi out. he leaves


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                    2:04PM BBT
                    BY Tommy, Sis (Analyse) and Christie talking... Tommy is saying that even if something happens (to the get Kemi OTB/out plan), they have backup plan like putting Jessica up instead
                    Holly comes out and says she has been talking someone "off the ledge" (Kat maybe? probably?) Talk about where Nick is and how he's keeping his distance... that Bella is the root of the problem and is brain washing Nick ... Christie said Bella schemes and is trying to **** things up on purpose.

                    apparently they are on lockdown outside ..they think they (BB) are probably replacing fish.. dont think it'll last long

                    2:30PM BBT
                    Cliff & Kat are talking... about Kemi being sent home this week.. Cliff says he thinks votes will be 10 to 2 or 11 to 1 ... he doesnt believe Kemi has the votes (to stay).. he tells Kat they should just prepare to be put OTB over and over again until someone becomes the new target.

                    by 2:50PM BBT lockdown is over and Holly, Cliffe and someone (sorry forgot who lol) went in to check if a HN room was added (nope)


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                      ((have been scanning ahead/through and found a convo here and there but it's like wash. rinse. repeat. of everyone talking about the same stuff. Kemi going up/out. Nick/Bella trying to flip vote. Kat is paranoid. Jack & Jackson think they are running the game. so not gonna type all that over and over.. lol moving ahead again))

                      4:40PM BBT
                      found Jack & Christie in HOH talking.... talking about... yep, Kemi! who said what to who... Nick trying to flip votes. Christie says if the votes are being flipped, she is not going to put Kemi OTB. She says she doesnt care if Kemi goes... she doesnt want Kat to go but ...she doesnt want their alliance destroyed and Kemi hasn't ever done anything to her or hurting her game
                      Jack tells her Nick is just wanting Kemi to not go home ... Christie wants to know if she should try to have a talk with Nick ..he says she could ask him (?? if he is trying to flip votes??)

                      4:50PM BBT

                      Jack & Christie still talking

                      he tells her Cliff is with them.. she worries Cliff would nom her and Jack tells her he wouldnt. He tells her to stick with it ..Kemi needs to still be OTB/sent home.. C says Sam can use the Veto or not..whatever he wants.. and Jack tells her Sam will use it and Kemi is going home
                      Christie says if she puts Kemi OTB and she is sent home..everyone else is happy about it but Nick would nom her (Christie) if he gets HOH. Jack tells her if Kemi is gone, he & Jackson are the biggest targets.
                      Christie doesnt understand why is Nick doing this against his group/alliance
                      C asks if it's Kat/Kemi OTB who will Cliff vote out and Jack says he will vote Kemi out because that's what the House is doing... Christie is back to her "I don't know what to do...."
                      jack tells her he made the decision to be with her to the end and he is with her.. knows it's best to do that and trust her. She says she doesn't even trust herself
                      He asks her does she just wanna have less blood on her hands and just go back with evicting Kat.. she says she doesn't know.. because then Cliff would not trust her (?) Jack says so then just stick to the plan so she can be keeping her word to Cliff & Kat (because she told them both they would be safe)

                      ((my head is spinning ... lol moving ahead some more again))


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                        5:15PM BBT
                        caught a convo with Bella & Sam... she is saying something about someone grabbing her leg and her butt yesterday (??) she kinda laughed it off but Same told her she could go tell them in the DR and she says she knows but she hasnt. (I do not know what exactly happened or who she said did this?)

                        outside Christie & Nick talk and she tells him she just doesnt know anything anymore... Nick says I tell you everything. She tells him she though they were all working together as eight and he says they are .. she tells him everybody giving her a weird vibe. Nick says they all need to get together at 2am and talk.
                        He says he just wants to make sure she is good because he cares about her and he doesnt care what is done with noms and that. she says if that is true she trusts him and they hug

                        5:28PM BBT
                        Kat & Holly are in RV trailer BR talking
                        kat is saying she hates Nick and he is "Dead to her" he is going around saying that she (Kat) is paranoid and talking about her
                        Holly says she talked to him (Nick) and he is fine with getting Kemi out.. they say maybe it's only Bella that wants to keep Kemi
                        Kat says she cant trust any of Bella or Nick or Kemi. Kat says she is starting to wondering if this is just a big show to get her out of the House and Holly tells her no not to worry Sam is going to use the Veto and Kemi is leaving. if Sam doesnt (use Veto) he would be betraying almost the whole house


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                          ((okay... when I do Flashback a lot it seems to cause issues and it's freezing a lot so I'm gonna go Live for a bit and see what's what... sounds like vonvos I keep finding are just the same ones over and over anyway. Kat is paranoid. Christie doesn't know what to do. Jack is a BS'r. Round and round we go lol))


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                            ((finally got Feeds to load without freezing..coming into mid convos ..didn't wanna try to rewind/Flashback in case it messed up again so will just went with it lol))

                            6:30PM BBT
                            Cams 3/4
                            Christie & Sam in the HOH talking
                            Christie is upset/been crying.. she's worried about the plan (to BD Kemi/send her home) She says Jack is pushing her to do his dirty work (getting rid of Kemi) but it's too early to go after him yet (Jack) because he is a good to keep as a big target in the house. she is afraid of Jack in the game and Sam says but Jack hasn't won anything yet.

                            C says she would actually still like Kat to go but how it would be hard because they have all made Kat seem so safe. C says she also would rather not have to put someone else up (as replacement nom) She says she regrets Jack brainwashing her..feels likes she's been playing his game, etc Sam wonders if there'd be enough votes for Jack to go but she says that is too uncertain. She talks abut something developing between Jack and Sis (Analyse)

                            Christie tells Sam she doesnt really wanna see Kat go but Kat doesnt know a thing about the game...hasnt even see one epi of it. All she (Kat) seems interested in is how many followers on IG (instagram) she will end up with from being here. talk about how Kat is a number for Jack & Jackson.. everyone already knows about the "hook up" between Kat & Jackson ..she says it's being talked about but doesnt think BB will air it. She says it wouldnt be the worst if Kat goes and wouldnt even make any waves. She wants to know if Sam is still set on using it (Veto) because it just doesnt feel good to her to BD Kemi. Sam wants to know if she is worried about issues with Jack if they dont use the Veto and go with the BD Kemi plan....

                            Christie says she is now at the point where it's "**** Jack" and says it isn't the Jack show anyway. she doesnt believe Jack could have any numbers against her either because everybody is on to his game and they don't like it. She keeps saying she feels like she has been bullied and swayed and played other's game and some others have said they see that too.

                            C keeps saying how she is so 'over' Jack .. but Sam tells her not to show that. he tells her if he ends up using the veto she needs to act completely shocked. She says she is so so happy they have got to talk...she has been crying so much the past few days.


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                              7:04 PM BBT

                              Cams 1/2
                              looks like most/everyone (besides Christie & Sam) in the kitchen eating dinner

                              Cams 3/4
                              HOH room still Christie & Sam talking
                              they are wrapping it up..she is sayin how much she appreciates their talk...she feels so much better
                              they are planning what she is gonna say (to everyone/whoever asks) about their talk... how she is gonna say Sam didnt make her feel he was gonna use it (veto)..but then when/if he uses it she is to act totally shocked

                              ((I just listened to most of their whole convo and I'm still not 100% sure I understand their plan or whatever it was decided lol))

                              Sam left and Christie said she was gonna use the bathroom and then come down... Bella comes up/in HOH with food... Christie says she was about to come down anyway

                              Bella is telling her she isnt even there to tell her what she should do and Christie starts telling her she feels better and how she had to just change her perspective on this game. How she needs to remember why she was there and how she is there to play her game and no one else's and she is not going to do anything that doesnt sit right with her because she is being pushed to do it

                              Bella tells her that's fine... they need to be better/solid with their eight...need to be a consensus with all of them and not one person calling the shots... get right of those outside the eight and then go from there.

                              Christie says she isn't going to send home someone who hasn't done a thing to her. And she isnt a believer in one person doesnt like someone ..they don't all have to follow that person and get rid of them. That person who doesnt like someone can do their own when they have the turn

                              She says again she isn't going to get rid of someone that isnt good for her game to get rid of...

                              Bella tells her to do what she wants..she isn't even up there to tell her what she should do...

                              christie tells her that she & Sam just sat up there and talked for an hour and she still doesnt know for sure if Sam is gonna use the veto..he never said (wellllll... lol) and she doesnt feel good BD'ing Kemi anyways

                              they agree that Sam won the POV and it's his game/decision to use it or not..he deserves it


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