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Live Feed Updates - June 30 - Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates - June 30 - Day 12

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    4:45 BBT
    All HGs are sleeping and we have some snorers.


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      7:50AM BBT
      All cams on sleeping (and snoring! geo wasn't kidding! lol) HGs

      {{gonna go grab some highlights from over night since no one is up yet... if Flashback will let me without too much trouble BRB}}


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        {{these will be from June 29th evening there}}

        7:30PM BBT
        Jack & Jackson talking in BY .. Jack doing laundry and saying he thinks he has been blowing things out of proportion and maybe he has blown his game because of it..might be in trouble. Jackson says nah and that there's a solid group of votes and it's all good.
        Jack mentions that he was thinking Christie was solid but not sure about her now. Talk about if they think she could be convinced not to put Kemi OTB or Sam might be talked out of using the Veto.

        7:38PM BBT
        Christie & Sis (Analyse) talking. C telling her about her convo with Sam ... says she told him she doesn't wanna go back on her word to Cliff/Kat that they would be safe..says she told him she'd only feel comfortable if he uses it ... but that she putting Kemi up as replacement doesn't sit right with her.

        Bella & Kemi talking (whispering! ack) .. Bella telling her about the brief convo she had with Christie .. how C told her about the convo she had just had with Sam. She tells Kemi to just be cool.. maybe the Veto isn't even going to just chill out.

        back to Christie & Sis on hammock... looks like Jessica has joined them. Christie still talking about how things are going. What she will putting Kemi up hasnt been feeling right to her..she's been crying for days. She mentions how she wants Kat to stay and thinks she will up there (OTB) next to Ovi (so sounds like that is who she will use as replacement nom if/when Sam uses veto) and this way she & Sam can both keep their word to Cliff & Kat (her because she told them they'd be safe and him because he told Cliff he would use the Veto on him. She says she has to do what's right for her...her game...what feels right to her... says after her talk with Sam and coming to this decision she feels a million times better. C says she doesnt like boys and if they get a boy out that's great..she wants to see girls to the end... Sis & Jess agree..

        8:24PM BBT
        Jackson & Tommy talk about Kat being paranoid/worried and Jackson says he is tired of telling her not to worry, etc ...says he's over it. He says he is not jeopardizing his game. Tommy said they had it so good... (their big eight alliance) and now it;s all messed up. Jackson said if people wanna be ignorant then okay... eight was too many anyway. Tommy asks him how he is feeling and Jackson says he is good. Can't stress about things that are out of control. Tommy agrees.. says yesterday he tried to 'mend it' .. but now he thinks it might screw up his game so he can't or maybe shouldn't. Tommy says he loves her (Kat) .. that he is probably gonna try to talk to her some more and help her.. he sees where she is coming from ...14 days... Jackson said but you just cant. She has the numbers..she needs to just sit and stop. shut up about it. She keeps on and on and all she had to do was sit and watch it all happen but she just can't or wont and he just can't do it any more.


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          8:33PM BBT
          Tommy, Kat & Jackson talking Boat Lounge
          talking about how long they've been there... in some ways it drags and in some ways it has flown.
          Jackson asks her if she's good... tells her she is fine. she has the numbers. She needs to just be calm and sit back..let 'her' unravel. that she shouldn't talk game to anyone. just let it happen she is fine. Kat tells him she has to be honest, that what is getting to her is how uncomfortable she is walking up to any group of people to talk to them.. she says so many people in this house have told her they can't talk to her because it ruins their game. She says she doesn't give a **** if she goes home this week, it's whatever. Jackson gets in a huff and gets up and basically storms out. She says (as he is getting up and leaving) she feels like such an outsider.. and then to Jackson "I'm sorry if I just made you mad" (with what she was saying)

          Jackson leaving like that upset her... Tommy tells her don't worry... tells her it's horrible that is happening to her... he (Tommy) will never do that to her. She says she can't believe Jackson just stormed off like that. Tommy tells her dont worry about it and that he is sorry. gives her a kiss.

          Tommy tells her tomorrow is a new day and that things happened today have nothing to do with Christie being upset had nothing to do with her. She asks if she should go find Jackson... he tells her no just let him have a second. He just thinks everyone is feeling on edge because their plan isn't going along smoothly. People start freaking out....then everyone starts freaking out. That is why Jackson is on edge like that. She says she feels sick. Tommy says don't worry about him.


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            8:55PM BBT
            Nick is showering and Christie is standing and talking to him... she is saying its nothing specific.. she's just tired of being manipulated. It's not the "Jack Show".. .she's not playing his game anymore. She tells him she is not putting Kemi OTB as replacement. Says she is not going to be bullied any more. She tells him she is scared going into the next HOH so he has to have her back. She is flipping the whole script so she is serious he has to be there for her. He has been saying that he's always had her back, always told her when things were wrong, etc

            9:22PM BBT
            Kat & Jessica in the bathroom.. Jess telling her to be strong...hugs her and tells her the plan (Christie is planning to put Ovi up instead of Kemi but all the girls are going to keep Kat) Kat is crying and Jess keeps telling her she just needs to be strong. Kat saying over and over she just wants to go home. Says she tried but they (BB) wouldn't let her. Jess tells her she doesnt want to see her like this. Kat says she doesnt want to cause a scene ..just wants to go to bed. Jess says she needs to have faith, that people have her back. Kat again saying she wants to go home and Jess tells her she can't keep saying that.


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              10:50PM BBT
              Sam & Bella talking
              He is telling her his convo with Christie and how she was crying and saying Jack was bullying her..she's onto him like everyone else is. How he told her he has to use the Veto (to keep his word to Cliff) but that she should act shocked when he does. Says she was asking then who does she put up (instead of Kemi) and he said Ovi. Said she was like 'that's the best plan ever'... he fills her in on the whole plan. Says he isn't telling anyone else this info except her (Bella) and Nick knows. Tells her do not tell Christie that he told her the plan.

              ((skimmed over a couple hours and mostly just general chit chat between the HGs... ))

              just after 1AM-ish BBT they are playing some kind of audition game? in the living room.. that lasts about an hour or so

              ((now the rest of these will be on today's date - June 30th))

              2:20AM BBT
              Jack & Sis in HOH bed.. Jackson in there too
              Jackson is saying he's feeling weird about Nick/Bella Nick was trying to flip the votes... but now trying to cover his tracks because he got 'caught' (by them) and trying to be back with them because he didn't get the votes flipped (ummm Jack says they have a solid 8 and he trusts that. Jackson says he trusts 6 of the 8. Jack talks about how they have the upper hand right now.

              Christie is there now.. and tells them the actual plan (that if Sam uses the Veto..she is going to put Ovi up as replacement) ... she says she is doing that because putting Kemi up doesnt sit right with her, she has never done anything to her... Ovi would be easiest/least blood on her hands. She says directly to Jack that he sat up there and told her he was with her 100% and she should do whatever she felt was right and he says he will die standing with her. She says they have a solid eight and Tommy. She says she needs to play her game.. they need to be solid alliance but also need to remember to play their own individual game. They continue discussing this..


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                2:45AM BBT
                Nicole, Kemi & Jessica talking
                (they are great at whispering and Jessica is messing with her mic ..makes it hard to hear)

                Jessica talking about Christie being upset and how she was saying she was not gonna do anyone's dirty work any more.
                Nicole telling Kemi that Christie told her that she had people coming to her saying Kemi's she was being pushed/overrun with it.
                BB tells Jess to stop touching her mic (THANK YOU! lol)
                they talk about having all the girls stick together (wouldnt that be awesome?!)
                Nicole says if a guy wins next HOH.they are ****ed.. too many of them (girls) and they (guys) will come for them
                they talk about Jack, if he was OTB, how many votes they'd have to get him out
                Kemi tells them Jack is the one that told her she was playing too hard and fast but that he is the one making all the alliances.. says he has like four of them (alliances) she tells them that Jack made an alliance of eight and she names all of them. She says she overheard him (Jack) talking to Jackson like on day 2 about an alliance of 8.
                they talk about how Jack charms everyone...that he is good looking and definitely uses his looks to get what he wants from people. Kemi says she isn't gonna fall for that.


                • #9
                  ((skimmed ahead and didn't find any new game talk))
                  by 3:35AM-ish BBT
                  all HGs are in bed/sleeping

                  ((okay gonna go LIVE and see what's been happening currently))


                  • #10
                    Looks like BB woke the House around 9:00 AM BBT
                    everyone has been getting up/waking/getting ready for the day so far.. mostly lounging around since then.

                    (hmmm.. wonder if Cliff didn't do his usual early morning chat with the feeders this morning?)

                    {{I gotta get some stuff done around my place.. will be back to check in ASAP .. if anyone's around and can throw in some Updates..even just quick highlights or if only a note of cams/time stamps of a convo that is happening that might be of interest..please do }}


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                      11:05 AM BBT. Feeds down for POV Ceremony

                      12:04 PM BBT. Feeds Return.

                      Sam used the POV on Cliff.

                      Christie named Ovi as the replacement nominee.


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                        If you weren't keeping up with all the back and forth of the Veto drama, you missed that Kemi was the house guest who was being targeted as the replacement nominee and for eviction.

                        Kemi was the only thought for days, but in the Big Brother house there's nothing but days and days and days to think, to get paranoid, to rethink and to change the course of the game.

                        And, now that Kemi's no longer facing the threat of eviction this weeks... she's doing a little day thinking herself...

                        Kemi to herself - if I win the next HoH... who is going up? we have Jack, Jackson, and who is who is the contingency plan? Who would it be? .. Ovi is already going's not going to be's not going to be Nick. It would have to be Sam ... so Jack, Jackson ... who else is there? .... Sam.

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                          Kemi also said that she would not target any of the girls ... .


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                            Nick to Bella and Sam- if it got down to me and Kemi next week ( for HOH ) ... I would let her win and shoot her shot


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                              Currently .. ( well about 10 minutes ago )

                              Christie, Jack, Jackson, Holly, Tommy and Analyse ( Sis ) are trying to figure out a name for their 6 person alliance....

                              ** if you're keeping up .. that means that Bella and Nick are out of the "alliance" and Tommy and Analyse are their replacements


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