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Live Feed Updates - July 1 - Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 1 - Day 13

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    5:41 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      Flashed back ... I'll do a quick catch up from where I left off last night ...

      Nick and Kemi talked

      He told her that if he wins HOH .. he doesn't know whom other than Kat that he would nominate.
      Kemi asked him not to nominate her

      Nick to Kemi - I got you..
      Kemi - promise?
      Nick- yeah

      Nick goes on to say that Kat is his #1 target.

      Kemi to Nick- you definitely think Ovi is going out this week?
      Nick - I'm voting him out.... you're not ??
      Kemi I plan to

      Nick told Kemi that ( during the HoH Comp ) if it comes down to him and her that he'll throw it to her and let her take the win.

      She told him that's fine with her .. she has NO problem putting people up.


      • #4
        Nick talked with Bella

        He told her that he just lied to Kemi and told her that Kat is his target.

        Nick- I'm going to put Kemi up as a pawn,.... and when I nominate Kat.. I'm going to ****ing lay into her ( Kat ) .... but it's going to be a lie


        • #5
          Nick asked Analyse ( Sis ) about having feeling for Jack

          He told her that people had been saying that she has feeling for him ( Jack )
          She told him no .. that she said that he is "hot"

          Nick to Analyse - I'm trying to win $500,000...

          Analyse - and I'm not interfering with that...

          Nick- you are .. because I feel like I'm in a love triangle with me, you and Jack

          She goes on to explain to him that she never goes up and hugs Jack like she does him ( Nick )


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            Cliff, Jackson and Holly talked about how Kemi realizes that she avoided going up as the replacement nominee.

            They all say that if any of them win HOH .. they will nominate her.


            • #7
              Cliff, Jackson and Holly also talk about Ovi

              They say that they do not want to "break his heart" ...

              Cliff says that if it's okay with them .. he will give Ovi the heads up that he's going to be evicted

              Jackson tells Cliff to check with Christie first.


              • #8
                Ovi tried to work on Kemi's vote .. telling her that she's someone he could work with ... that they have the same struggles in the house ..


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                  Ovi checked in with Sam ...

                  He told Sam that he thinks he ( Sam ) is he "most real person" in the house

                  Sam told Ovi that he hasn't heard much .. it's all been about 50/50 ( for who is going home him or Kat )


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                    Ovi to himself ( counting votes he thinks he has to stay ) Nicole, Tommy, Cliff, Sam, Sis ..... just need one more.... if I can get Mama J ( Jessica ) .. that's 6.... and then it's a tie and then Christie tiebreaks it..... I will not go home


                    • #11
                      Ovi talked to Jack

                      Ovi to Jack - I can trust you,...right bro?
                      Jack - everything's going to work out..

                      Ovi -yeah? ?

                      Jack -you are an incredible player.

                      Ov i- but they might look at it as ...... let's hit Jack now ... let's get Ovi out ... you know .... cause they know that you are my big bro


                      • #12
                        Ovi tells Jack that if he has to vote him out .. that's fine.... I just want you to be honest....

                        Jack - you 're going to be fine...

                        Ovi - honestly? J

                        Jack - you're going to be fine


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                          Ovi tells Jack that he has his support until the end...

                          Ovi to Jack - I'm ride or die for you.... even if it means tanking my own game for you


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                            Ovi to Jack - don't make me look dumb on national television, big bro

                            Jack - you are fine ...

                            ( that's all I can do for now on Flashback )

                            One more thing...

                            Jessica, Nicole, Kemi and Bella formed an all girl alliance called " the Black Widows" ...

                            ( I bet it won't stick because of Bella )


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                              Oy! ( sorry I was out most of the day .. work.. then family obligations )

                              I will catch us up super quick ....


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