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Live Feed Updates - July 2 - Day 14

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 2 - Day 14

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    6:43 AM BBT - all sleeping


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      I'm still at work .. so here's a quick drive by post ..

      Kemi, Nicole and Jessica talked...

      Kemi told them that she was honest with Nick and told him that if she won HoH .. she would put up Jack.. no questions asked.

      They pondered Ovi going over Kat ... with Kemi saying that Ovi had promised to keep them safe... if he stayed.

      Jessica told her that was bull**** .. because he was ready to evict Kemi ( if she had gone on the block )

      Kemi asked Nicole if she won HoH .. who would she put up ..

      Nicole told her that she would talk to them first... but her head is telling her Kat and Jack


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        Nicole and Kemi talk about Jack and Jackson ... both agreeing that Jack has to go ... they kinda like Jackson ... wouldn't want him to go before Jack did .

        Keni to Nicole - he ( Jack ) literally thinks that he's Fabio

        They talk about how rude he is ... and unnecessarily mean - spirited ...

        Kemi - I was making avocado toast for me and Nicole... so I asked him ( Jack ) if he wanted one .. and he said .. no .. I don't want that much fat....

        Nicole - I was like I'm going to eat another chocolate... and he was like.... "or you could just have self-control" ..

        ( sorry that's all I have time for right now )


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          {{ack! gonna try to go grab some overnight 'highlights' from where Lexie left off and then some from so far today..}}

          1:30AM BBT
          Ovi talks to the camera/feeders
          he says maybe he's one of the worst BB players ever. talks about earlier in the Nick had told him not to curse and that he (Ovi) felt weird about the whole thing. said he wouldn't curse anyway because he knows his family is watching
          he talks about how the plan had been to BD Kemi but somehow somebody talked Christie out of that. He didn't necessarily want Kemi gone but day 3, Kemi had put his name out there so he was ok with it happening (Kemi being evicted)
          he says he cannot count on Jackson's vote to keep him and that he doesn't trust Christie at all
          talks about how bad he feels that he has let people down...any brown kids that are watching he feels he failed them. He hopes he makes it out of this. He doesnt understand why Christie put him up. He tells feeders he is gonna play his heart out for us. he asks anyone that is listening to him to tell his gf that he loves her because she might be worried about him. He's gonna try hard to get out of this. Hopes he can


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            2:00AM BBT
            Cams 1/2
            Sis (Analyse), Tommy, Jack & Jackson on/at hammock talking
            talk is about the 'girls alliance' Jack & Jackson asking her about it and she denies she has even heard anything about it and isn't in one...

            {{skimmed through and didn't find much to talk about really between 2-3am... unless I missed something?}}

            looks like most everyone is in bed by now... but Jack & Jackson are in the kitchen talking..wondering what changed Christie's mind about BD'ing Kemi ... they talk about how much like do like Nick but do not trust him. Jack says he is street smart and savvy...a hustler. talk about how he (Nick) needs to go sooner than later. And Bella too. How then they'd bring Cliff into the fold and Sam they'd take an alliance right now in a heartbeat. they say if either win HOH this week, they need to go ahead and strike first (on Nick & Bella)
            Jackson tells Jack that this week with Kemi not going OTB/out, things next are harder but they just gotta keep their six (their original allliance of 8 minus Nick & Bella) strong and they can do it.

            Around 3:15ish J & J leave the KT and go get ready for bed/go to bed ... looks like by 3:20AM all cams are on sleeping HGs


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              {{now on today's 'highlights' so far ...}}

              BB woke the hamsters up around 9:30AM-ish ... back from FISH ..
              9:45AM BBT

              Cams 1/2
              HOH we have Nick, Christie, Sis, Tommy
              getting up/dressed and just chatting about what time they went to bed, did DRs, etc

              Cams 3/4
              Jessica, Nicole & Kemi BR waking up/come in from FISH to them already whispering/talking
              Nicole telling them she was in DR and then went outside where Jack, Jackson, Holly & Sis were.. how Ovi stopped her and told her about votes he had.. she went out and talked to the group outside and asked them how they were feeling about things (with Ovi) how they said they felt badly but they were all voting to get rid of him. Nicole thinks they would have told her if they were doing anything different
              Jess says Holly won't vote to get rid of Kat. no way.
              Kemi says if she wins HOH, she would put up Jack & Jackson and if either of them come down, she would put Sis up
              they talk about Sis she is playing the best game in the house. She flirts with all the guys, none of the girls seem like they'd put her up, etc Talk about how she is the biggest female physical threat, she's a soccer player
              Kemi tells them obviously Jack is her main target..but then Jackson and Sis.
              They talk about how Jack, Jackson, Holly and even Christie are working together as a unit...also pulling Sis in


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                10:30AM BBT
                Jackon with Kat in bed and he's telling her (as usual....omg this is such an old broken record) that she needs to chill out, not be paranoid, stay under the radar. He tells her she can't say things like "Jack is flipping votes and working against her" because it makes Christie think she can't trust Jack and she will go to him. then trust is broken. How when they have been telling her she's fine, she has to trust them. Believe what they are saying. He tells her that if she hears **** like that she has to know it's not true and not to say it. She keeps saying she's sorry and he keeps saying it's whatever, not going to affect his game, etc. He tells her everything he has been doing/not doing has been to keep her there. He says, if Ovi starts working on people and pulling on their heartstrings and they think the two of them (Jackson & Kat) are too close, they could very well send her home for that reason alone. He tells her that is why he is keeping his distance from her, so that people don't think they are so close and send her home because of it. Kat says she just needs someone to talk to and he tells her how this isn't 'real life' and she needs to realize that. She shouldn't want to be known as close with him & Holly...needs to be under the radar. Best alliances are those not seen/realized. In real life, it's fine but in here this is not real life and things don't work the same. He says he knows she doesnt watch this game or know it but he does and she just needs to trust him.


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                  10:38AM BBT
                  Cams 1/2 Jackson & Kat.. still same as above (lol)

                  Cams 3/4
                  SR Holly & Sis talking about Kat and how she's being ridiculous about Jackson. How he is flirting with the two of them (Analyse & Holly) and how Kat said "it's cute" ..they say she acts like she's 20 and Sis says she fake cries and it's all for TV and goes into the DR all the time and cries. Saying she's just trying to trend on Twitter. makes them sick

                  10:46AM BBT
                  Cams 3/4
                  Jackson at KT table telling Holly & Sis about his convo/argument with Kat just now. Jackson gets riled up talking about it. Ovi comes up behind him at one point and asks Holly if she fed the fish.
                  After Holly gets up/goes..Jackson tells Sis he is seriously thinking of voting Kat out after this latest. Jack & Cliff join and Jackson goes on a bit about how this has made him want to campaign against Kat. others come into the room and Jackson finally calms down and stops talking about it.

                  11:00AM BBT

                  Cams 1/2
                  Holly has joined Kat in BR
                  Kat telling her about someone (she? Nicole maybe?) asking her if she was sure she was close with Jackson & Holly because Ovi had said they were voting to keep him. Holly says she feels bad for Ovi. She talks about Jack and some convo he had with Sam about his upbringing and stuff... how he later told her he felt like he really knew Sam/gained his confidence after that convo and she said she was thinking "well I already know all that about Sam, because I asked/got to know him before because she wanted to know/cares" and how Jack literally doesn't do anything because he cares.

                  Cams 3/4
                  Ovi & Kemi in treehouse..he is campaigning to her... telling her votes he thinks he has/what he needs...why to vote to keep him


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                    11:15AM BBT
                    Cams 1/2
                    still BR with Kat & Holly
                    Kat *still* talking about latest convo/argument between her & Jackson and then situation

                    Meanwhile on Cams 3/4
                    in the SR Jackson is talking to Tommy about the 'fight' with Kat. He tells him now he thinks he might just go talk to Christie and say he wants to campaign to keep Ovi. Tommy tells him he agrees with him.

                    11:30AM BBT
                    Cams 3/4
                    Boat/Lounge room with Nick & Sam
                    talking about Ovi and how he is talking about having votes
                    Nick says he told Ovi straight out that he was voting with the house so..
                    Sam says he has just tried to avoid saying straight yes/no to Ovi
                    Nick tells him about the "fake alliance" Ovi is in with Jack, Jackson, Sis & Christie and that's why he thinks he has their votes

                    cams change to SR where now we have Kat & Jackson back at it (omg!)

                    He is telling her that he doesn't play with emotions and he never will. How she needs to take her emotions (paranoia, jealousy, etc ANY emotion a person would normally have in real life) out of the game

                    She keeps saying "I never said that" (not sure what?) and he keeps saying "I don't care"

                    He tells her this is beyond the two of them...he is telling her this for own good. that she has to keep emotion out of it or it will get her voted out. not this week necessarily. but it will happen sooner than later. it's how this game works.

                    (I'm not sure I can listen to any more of that broken record...)

                    sooo... over on Cams 1/2
                    Nicole has joined Nick & Sam
                    talking more about Ovi and votes he thinks he has
                    Christie comes in ...talks about how bad she feels (about Ovi going)... they talk about how they'd rather Ovi be there but Kat is just better for their game


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                      11:37AM BBT
                      all cams on bathroom with Jackson & Bella
                      now he is talking Bella about Kat (geesh)..saying it's exhausting him, he can't any more, he's over it, he's done...

                      Cams 3/4 change to target BR with Ovi & Tommy talking about votes but also counting things in that BR (for possible future counting comps, I reckon?)

                      11:45AM BBT
                      Cams 1/2
                      Jackson & Jack laying in bed talking ... of course Jackson is going on & on about..guess what? (Kat of course)
                      Jackson puts it out there that it makes him want to get rid of Kat instead of Ovi
                      Jack tells him that is not a good trust with Ovi ..
                      at one point Jack says to Jackson "well you got some booty out of the deal, so... you gotta pay up" (disgusting)
                      they laugh... Jack says he tried to tell Jackson from day one
                      Holly has been sitting on the other end of the bed using mirror to put on makeup... she claims she hasnt been able to hear a word they've said
                      Jackson keeps telling Jack he's right..he hates him for being right but he is..
                      Tommy comes in and they let him know that flipping the vote is a bad idea.. jack has talked Jackson off the ledge

                      Meanwhile over on Cams 3/4
                      we have Kat & Kemi talking in the bathroom
                      Kat telling Kemi what is worrying her... that she is being told that they are voting for her but they really aren't.
                      She is saying she has no reason to come after anyone. But that Ovi... not saying he isn't trustworthy but he might try to impress Jack and she might be more predictable than he is as for what she will do in the game
                      Kemi (who literally *mouths* words with little to no sound, so she's a LFU'r's nightmare lol)
                      Kat talking about votes she is/is not sure of


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                        12:00 PM BBT
                        Cams 1/2
                        Kat has interrupted/ended the Jack/Jackson "bitch fest" (about her) in bedroom by joining them (hehe)
                        Jackson asks Kat to promise to not mention the name Kemi or the words "you are conspiring against me" .. it's the least she can do he says after the 236 hours he has put into her to which she just replies with "okay" and "I know"

                        Jackson leaves and Jack talks to Kat about how she just has to trust them. She says she does

                        Jackson asks her to throw HOH to him. says he misses his dog.

                        Tommy teaches some of them a dance routine (Jack, Kat, Bella).. this goes on (while others are milling around, getting make up on, eating, etc) ...with others joining in along the way... for almost an hour

                        12:45PM BBT

                        Cams 1/2
                        Nick & Kat talking
                        he is telling her that she doesnt need to worry..the vote isn't flipping. that Ovi *thinks* he has the votes but he doesnt and that Cliff plans to tell him (Ovi that he is going) tomorrow morning

                        Cams 3/4
                        Bella & Kemi talking in BR
                        (but these two are THE best whisperer/mouthers EVER and I simply cannot hear what they are saying lol)


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                          1:03PM BBT

                          HOH room with Jack, Jackson, Christie & Cliff
                          Jackson venting about Kat (surprise!) and Christie tells him to do whatever he is gonna/wants to do. He says he is sticking with the plan (voting Ovi out) he just got worked up for a minute but got talked down. They say it's still best to just vote out Ovi but Kat should actually be the one going.

                          1:15PM BBT
                          Cams 1/2
                          still in HOH room
                          Sam has joined them... he is saying Kat is good to keep... going into next week it'll be easy (just put her up again) to say "the way you handled last week..." and then the next week the same thing (keep putting Kat OTB) .. they laugh. but Christie says eventually she'd just have to go though

                          over on Cams 3/4
                          Kemi & Nicole have been talking about home and stuff
                          Nicole has a little bit of a meltdown ...Kemi is hugging her..Jessica comes in and joins in comforting Nicole.Nicole is missing everyone at home.


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                            2:00PM BBT
                            Cams 1/2
                            Cliff & Kat talking in Target/Archery BR
                            Cliff telling her she better not "self evict" he will track her down.. do not quit this game
                            She says she really is a "reactive" person. She says that can be beneficial in some ways but not in others..she thinks that is a lesson she needed to learn from this.
                            they talk about how they didn't realize what it would be like in the house, how much could happen in a day, etc
                            She says she is worried about how America is viewing she's being portrayed.
                            Talk about what has been aired already

                            over on Cams 3/4
                            Sis & Holly talking in BR
                            Holly saying that Kat is basically ruining her game because she is always having to talk Kat down and doesn't give her time to talk to others


                            Cams 1/2
                            Tommy's "dance classes" are back with Jessica, Cliff, Ovi and a couple others

                            Cams 3/4
                            Kat talking to Nicole
                            she is talking about Ovi saying he has this one and that one's votes and she is like "wait, I thought they were voting for me"
                            Kat saying how 'in real life' how she could/would handle things but can't in here in the House
                            Talk about rumors in the house. How she (Kat) heard the rumor than Nick was a pro poker player and she thought this would be good..she plays poker could be a good talking point for them but then she approached him and he said no, he wasnt ... and he didnt know why people kept saying that .. how that was a bust (for a talking point)
                            Nicole loves that they (she & Kat) have a similar sense of humor)


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                              from where I left off above...most of the HGs chit chatting in KT for a while... about past seasons, comps, HGs up through 3:00PM BBT when I shut down feeds...

                              {{For now...Gotta step away for a bit.. will pop back in ASAP and do more highlights if no one else has/is... any help is GREATLY appreciate if anyone is here watching feeds, pop in here and throw in some highlights if you will }}


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