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Live Feed Updates - July 5 - Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 5 - Day 17

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    5:07 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      1:25PM BBT

      Feeds have been down for about 2 hours now


      • Livzee
        Livzee commented
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        kinda long for noms, right?

      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Feeds were down for the Whacktivity Competition

        Nominations haven't happened yet : )

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      {{back! (took longer than expected to get all done ack!( lol okay back to overnight catch up/highlights}}

      {{threw in some overnight highlights from after Lexie left off in yesterday's thread here: }}

      {{figured since I'm up to midnight on the 'catch up' I'd go ahead bring the rest here to today's thread}}

      12:00AM BBT
      all cams on HOH where the "Gr8ful Eight Alliance" are apparently finally having a meeting (which ends/breaks up pretty quickly though lol) and talking about David and how he's been in 24 hours and thinks he knows all the alliances... Nick & Bella leave and the rest laugh and do a bunch of hand things (? stupid) and then all 'huddle up' ...Christie saying "all put hands in/together for the '****ty Six'" .. they are acting all giddy and silly and say they love all of them and their group... then all leave except Jack (as HOH) and Tommy stays ..Jack says it was awesome and he loves how they (Nick & Bella) left and they all celebrated doing the same hand things (finger pistols and such)
      They talk about how they will sleep (Tommy is staying up in HOH with Jack)..which side of bed preferred, etc
      The two talk about Ovi and how it works out because if Ovi comes back in it would be huge and best for them... how he (Ovi) comes back in and with his power and they can use it..keep him off the block/safe (Ovi) and they have it. Tommy says he feels confident about the way things are probably going to go.
      Jack saying Jessica came up to him today and wanted to know when he started wanting to hear from/talk to each person (as HOH) and how he didnt wanna do that today. He didnt talk much game today. How it was nice to just enjoy today
      They talk about how they just wanna get down to the eight... how things next will pave the way for that to happen. This talk continues..

      12:15AM BBT
      all cams are in the KT with Kat & David
      talking about the house/cleaning
      David talks about being the only one awake this morning and how the cams followed him around and how he was just thinking "wow I'm in Big Brother" etc

      The next hour or so is general chit chat (unless I miss something scanning along) talking about shows that have watched/are watching

      1:30AM-ish BBT
      everyone prepping for/making their way to bed
      David & Ovi in Comeback Camp
      Jackson up for a bit on his one eating stuff here & there.. he finally heads to be around 1:50-ish


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        {{okay .now on to today's 'news'.. if any lol}}

        Just before 8AM BBT we have Cliff in the Boat/Lounge room with his usual morning chat with the feeders (I do love this little thing we have from Cliff each day )
        He tells his family he loves and misses them and can't wait to see them but not too soon.
        He then talks to the feeders.. this goes on for a few mins... interesting to hear what he has to say

        around 8AM-ish BB sends us to FISH (for wakey wakey time) and we are down for about 15 mins

        8:15AM BBT
        feeds back with everyone milling around/waking up for the day

        {{skimmed through and didnt see/hear anything major as far as game talk as HGs were mostly getting up & going for the day, eating, getting dressed, general chit chat}}

        but around 8:30AM-ish BBT
        Jack & Tommy talking in HOH excited to be competing today (Whacktivity comp?) they say they are good no matter what. Tommy says the only reason he might not want to win that comp (Whacktivity) is because he has a terrible 'poker face' and not sure he could lie to people (if he won it and have to lie about it)

        10:20AM BBT
        Cams 1/2
        Jack & Holly talking a bit of game in BR
        Jack saying Jess & Kemi are gonna be the noms. talking about how he told someone that (Sam I think??) who the noms were gonna make him (Sam) feel like he was part of things/them..draw him in/closer

        Jack tells her she knows she has HOH next week...she says she doesnt know if she wants that..might want to wait to get it the next week ..she doesnt want "a ghost in there haunting her" (referring to those next 2 evicted will be in Camp Comeback)

        talk about if Jess won HOH who would go up... Jack says he would go up... Holly says along with her or Sis for "breaking the girls alliance"

        Jack asks if Holly cares if he mentions that actually (when Nom'ing Jess) ..that he heard she was making a girls alliance (*gasp* guess no one is allowed to make alliances besides Jack)

        he leaves to go to the bathroom.. BB calls him to DR as well

        Cams 3/4 everyone else (most if not all anyways) are around KT table just general talk/hanging out


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          Cams 3/4
          in HOH room with Jack, Jackson & Cliff
          Cliff is just up talking with Jack as HOH ... who is gonna nom
          Cliff talking about the fact that this week and next week.. those two evictees will be going to CC and one of them is coming back in
          Jack says he wants Ovi and Cliff says he agrees
          Jack says they had a partnership (he & Ovi) before he went out..then 'corrects' that to.. 'well not really a partnership but a friendship' thing kind of going
          Cliff starts talking about Ovi & David getting sent upstairs (to CC) to listen to the competition (HOH) and then we go to FISH for a quick minute which then switches to adorable kitties
          this was 11:12-ishAM BBT when we went to FISH then kitties

          Currently 2.5 later @ 2:42PM BBT we are still on kitties so I suppose they are still doing comp (Whackivity I assume)

          {{gonna step away for a bit and get dinner finished being made/served around here and after clean back ASAP if I can.. if anyone else is here, watching feeds...maybe jump on it and throw in some updates..just quick highlight blurbs are fine.. ANY help is surely appreciated! Thanks!}}


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            I'm going to do a little catch up too

            (thanks for all your help Shan )

            Bella- and Nicole talked

            Bella and Nicole wondering who has WEEK ONE Whactivity Power ( remember they do not know that Ovi has it )

            Bella tells Nicole that she thought she ( Nicole ) had it

            Nicole swears she doesn't

            Bella - it can't be Ovie... he would have played it ....

            Bella swears to Nicole that she doesn't have it either ...

            Bella- that must mean that Cliff has it ...

            Nicole -yeah ... cause would have used it too


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              ** remember the Whacktivity Competition for Week 2 ( this week ) is CHAOS

              Holly, Tommy, Jackson, Sam and Jack all competed


              • #9
                Bella to Nicole- (Now talking about today's CHAOS Whacktivity Competition ) who do you think has it?

                Nicole - based on vibe..... I would say either Tommy or Jack


                • #10
                  Bella - if Jack has it.. **** it .. **** we should all just self evict.. but if Tommy has it... that would be wild... and good TV


                  • #11
                    Jack, Jackson and Holly speculate about today's winner ....

                    Jack - Sam?

                    Jackson - yeah either Sam or Tommy ..... if you don't have it.

                    Holly - please tell me you are lying....

                    Jack - I think it's Sam.

                    Holly - Tommy hasn't said **** .........


                    • #12
                      Bella to Tommy - so what's the power ?

                      Tommy tells her that he doesn't have it ...


                      • #13
                        Tommy to Cliff - I think that Jackson or Sam won it....

                        Cliff - Jackson was pretty vocal in his denial...

                        Tommy - maybe Jack ... I don't think Holly


                        • #14
                          Jackson to Jack - if I had it ( whacktivity power ) I wouldn't tell them .. but I would tell you .... but ... straight up I don't have it..... I'm so ****ing mad at myself


                          • #15
                            Jack to Tommy - you didn't win it?

                            Tommy - no ...

                            Jack - i'm almost positive it's Sam


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