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Live Feed Updates - July 6 - Day 18

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 6 - Day 18

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    5:20 BBT
    All HGs in bed, sleeping.


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      {{Hi BBU Campers gonna grab some overnight highlights ..if there are any.. and then get to today }}

      11:40PM BBT

      Nick, Sam & Bella
      talking in RV BR
      Bella (who is one of the world's best mouther/whisperers btw lol)

      She is talking to them about the whole 'who created the Black Widows girls alliances'
      whether she started..she didnt think she she did, she would have owned up to it
      she is saying something about a DR sess she had that let her know that she (herself) didnt create it..because of the questions asked/how they were worded (in the DR).. it let her know that she didn't actually create it so..

      12:00AM BBT
      Cams 1/2 still with Sam, Nick & Bella
      talking about scenarios of different HOHs and who would put up who .. mainly Tommy (not sure why him specifically) ..they agree that Tommy would do whatever is best for his game

      Cams 3/4 HOH group general chit chatting

      12:40AM BBT
      Cams 1/2
      Bella & Kemi in bathroom uber whispering (lol)
      running water so cannot hear the first part
      Bella telling her how she feels better/confident about things since she has now gotten confirmation via DR (as she explained in convo ^^ earlier) that she herself didnt create the Black Widows

      Kemi telling her it doesnt matter ... who started it or whatever.. it only matters that Bella told Jack about it (I *think* she is talking about Nicole being weird/upset with her because of Bella telling Jack about alliance)
      talk about how Bella can fix things with that.. Nicole being leery/not trusting her anymore.
      Kemi saying people need to separate game from personal and how Jessica is the type of person who can't with how she's acting. How she (Jessica) is kissing Jack's ass right now.
      Bella tells Kemi that she (Kemi) is the 'epitome of chill' and how she is doing the absolute best she can right now (how she's acting being on the block)


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        9:15 BBT

        We are on kittens/puppies. (wake up time)


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          1:15AM BBT
          Cams 3/4 Tommy & Jack in HOH room w/lights out
          just chit chatting.. talking about going to Vegas right after the show...stuff they'd like to do/where to go ..Jack saying how he'd do this all right after the show (he is sure he'll be there to the end...he even talks about how he'd have to do some things in regards to setting up 'his branding' .. Lawd) ..they are talking about they are 'gonna have a show' (?? okay then) Tommy says they could all six do it..people would love that.

          Cams switch to Bathroom with Bella & Nicole
          Bella again telling Nicole how she swears she really thought she was covering the two of them, saving their game (her telling Jack about the alliance)

          Cams 1/2
          1:15AM-ish BBT
          great convo to hear between Ovi & David in CC
          talking about who they like/trust in the house..what they think of them

          David thinks Jack's ego is pretty strong.. he talks about how he feels about Jack's telling the House to not talk game with CC people... how he didnt agree/like that... he doesnt like being called 'kid' or 'rook' by people in the house either.. thinks it's being talked down to (mostly by Jack)
          David saying he only talked about the house meeting and his being able to read body language to Ovi, Cliff, Kat and mayyybe Jessica.. but Christie then repeats that to him .. so who is talking to Christie/told her? How he only talked to certain people because he was like 'they need to get a team together..'
          David doesnt trust Kat because he thinks she is telling the others about their convos...maybe she told it

          talk about who is working together... David says Nick, Bella & Sam seem close
          they talk about/try to work out who is in the 'big alliance'... David thinks that the "big four" are Analyse, Jack, Jackson, and Holly...they are like the typical "showmances" group.. Ovi agrees with him
          David says Nick & Christie have a vibe...but Ovi says he would look into that too much because Nick is just a flirt and he (Ovi) doesnt think they have anything (like an alliance/working together)
          they don't think Nick & Bella are in with them (alliance) and they say Sam and Tommy get along with whole House
          they talk about how out of the first five people that have gone OTB, are the including three of ones that were 'banished' to begin with ... plus then Ovi and Kat (as pawn)


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            while David & Ovi talk in CC.. everyone else milled around, prepped for bed and went to bed.. didnt see anything after that..

            until around 8:00AM-ish BBT this morning, we get our daily dose of Cliff's feeders chat in the Boat/Lounge room
            Cams 1/2
            he talks a bit about the earthquake and how they got underneath the table and long it they went over emergency procedures and such. He hopes that they would have been told if there was more/worse damage from it other places in the area. then he talks about how they had some messages from 'people up to no good' over the 4th... someone 'skywriting' flying over that caused them to be locked down. cam changes to sleeping HGs as soon as he mentions that.. then back to him and he's asking that those type of things (message sent over) stop so he can stay outside a little bit more. He says he would hate for something to be done that affected the they played..says please just stop. that 'influencing' in that way from outside kinda goes against the whole idea of them living in a vacuum.

            We go to FISH around 8:05AM and stay for about 10 minutes or so.. back with everyone just getting up/milling around/getting started on their day/eating/etc

            that's basically it until we go to adorable kitties at around 9:10AM BBT and that's where we are now at 9:28AM BBT (Veto players being picked maybe?)

            {{gonna go get some 'to-do' stuff done around here and will check in as I can...}}


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              from Lynette in LFD (Thank you)

              Today, 01:13 PM
              The veto players are Jack, Jessica, Kemi, Bella, Jackson and Sam. Jessica picked Jackson.


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                The veto players are Jack, Jessica, Kemi, Bella, Jackson and Sam.


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                  Catching us up.....

                  Kemi and Sam

                  Bella told Sam that she's already told Kemi that if she wins veto, she can't risk using it on her


                  • #10
                    Analyse asked Jackson if he won Veto.. would he use it on Jessica ...

                    He told her no .... because he needs to protect his own game


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                      Kemi to herself - I'm going to win the veto ... I'm going to take myself off the block .. I'm going to watch Jess cry some more


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                        Kemi tells Bella about how she thinks that America is probably rooting for Jessica .. because she ( Jess ) seems like the underdog


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                          Kemi asks Bella what she thinks Sam will do if he wins Veto

                          Bella tells her that she thinks that Sam doesn't want to win it ...

                          Kemi asks Bella if she should talk to Sam

                          Bella - no he will just lie.


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                            Jack and Nick talk about Kemi.. and how well she is taking being on the block and how she could flip the vote ( sending Jess home )


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                              Jessica tells Jack that it wasn't her that created the girls alliance .. she tells him that she loves him and Jackson and points out how she even picked Jackson to play in the veto for her.. even though he was the one that banished her

                              Jack tells her that he doesn't see her as the target...


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