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Live Feed Updates - July 7 - Day 19

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 7 - Day 19

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    4:35 BBT

    All HGs asleep.


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      Hello .. I'll catch us up ...


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        As usual .. Cliff was up and chatty this morning

        I'll just do the #cliffnotes

        He says he thinks that Kemi will go ... but anything can happen

        He says he trust Nicole

        He isn't going to let Bella call the shots

        He says he just nods in agreement with Bella

        He talks about having to watch out for Bella/Nick

        He talks about how Jackson had to see the Medic

        He doesn't trust David.. doesn't want him back in the game.. thinks he's dangerous

        He talks about his, Ovi and Nicole's alliance ... they named it the "Fellowship"


        • #5
          David is up now with Cliff

          They talk about David being banished .. coming back ...

          Cliff tells him that he knows he ( Cliff ) is "low on the pole"

          David talks about how Cliff got saved from eviction

          Cliff- yeah by Sam.. he's a dad.. I'm a dad ...

          Cliff talks about how they don't really have a "villain"


          • #6
            Cliff to David - I thought it ( the villain ) was gonna be you...

            David - I heard that.


            • #7
              David tells Cliff that he thought about being a villain ... but "that's not him" ....

              He goes on to say that it would crush him trying to "maintain" ( being a villain )


              • #8
                Once David leaves and Cliff is alone again ...

                Cliff to camera - maybe I need to work with him ( David ) ... looks like he and I will be ( the ones ) on together in the mornings.... I'll be cordial..... it would be helpful to have a guy I can call a friend down the road.


                • #9
                  Cliff talks about how everyone else is so young.... but he doesn't see himself as "old" ....

                  He talks about how he's there to play a game.. not talk about his bowel movements... etc.

                  He says he does what he can to fit in ...


                  • #10
                    Cliff to camera - I'm having fun even though it's stressful. .... I came to play this game... I came to win this game... I also came to experience this game


                    • #11
                      Cliff to camera - I don't know that I came here to make friends,.... but I think I've made friends.... so that's a bonus.


                      • #12
                        Once BB wakes everyone up ..

                        The topic with Christie, Holly and Analyse is about her night with Jack

                        Analyse - his **** is huge.. I'm not even kidding


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                          Analyse tells Christie and Holly that she hates it when guys don't make a move and wait for her to ...

                          She tells them that she kissed him.. left and came back up ( to the HoH )

                          Christie - and it happened right away?

                          Analyse tells them she will talk to them more about it later


                          • #14
                            Analyse tells Christie that she's worried about what's going to be "out there"

                            Christie tells her that it's definitely out there on the updates

                            ( yep )


                            • #15
                              Analyse talks with Jackson

                              Analyse- why does Nick ****ing care what I do .. he sleeps with Bella ...


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