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Live Feed Updates - July 8 - Day 20

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 8 - Day 20

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    6:32 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping.


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      Sam didn’t use the POV. Kemi and Jess remain on the block.

      Kemi spoke to Jack after the ceremony and Jack was open with Kemi that she is a bigger threat to him than Jess. Jack did compliment Kemi on how well she is doing on the block by being chill.

      There is trouble brewing within Gr8ful and I am trying to figure out who is behind it... They are whispering so much!


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        2:00 p.m. BBT

        The problems within Gr8ful seemed to be diffused. Kemi was trying to stir the pot by telling Bella that Jackson was planning to put Bella and Nick on the block if he won HOH. Bella and Jackson spoke and confirmed that he did not say that to Kemi but simply made some reference to who was behind the creation of the Black Widow alliance. It seems like everyone in Gr8ful has settled back down.


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          ( thanks nannicarol )

          I'll catch us up ...

          Here's what Kemi had to say about Bella when all that nannicarol was telling you about was going on ...

          Kemi to herself ( about Bella ) Goddamn bitch ... keep your mouth shut ... what the **** would she even say to him ( Jackson ) ... she's so ****ing stupid


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            Kemi talked with Nicole more about Bella

            Kemi - she ( Bella ) has a big ****ing mouth

            Nicole continues to tell Kemi to be careful .... watch what she says .. etc .

            Nicole to Kemi - she ( Bella ) will spin it so it's only you


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              Kemi to Nicole - I can't win this game if I keep running my mouth to someone that I can't trust ( Bella )

              Kemi - why the **** is she ( Bella ) like this ..... it's so pointless..... you're dragging people down for no good reason


              • #8
                Kemi went round and round wit Bella about what Jackson said or didn't say ...

                Bella says Jackson told her he was testing Kemi by saying things that he said to her

                Kemi tells Bella there's no reason for Jackson to "test her" because she doesn't even talk to him ...

                Kemi tells Bella that she's made things worse for her ... and now for sure she's going home.. no way that Jackson would think that he could trust her ...

                Bella tells Kemi that she's not going to fight with her over this .. that she said what she said .. she said what she was thinking ..


                • #9
                  Kemi to herself - ( about Bella ) I'm going to lose my ****ing mind..... I'm not going to fight with you about this ... Bitch ... no one is fighting with you .... you (Bella ) are not making sense.... you ****ed my game....


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                    Kemi talked with Jack ...

                    She asked him if he still feels like she's a threat to his game

                    Jack tells her absolutely ...

                    Kemi asks how he would vote this week .. if he were voting

                    He tells her "with the house"

                    She tells him that she thinks they could work together ...

                    Kemi to Jack - if I were to win next week.... I would not put you up..... I haven't made that promise to anyone else.

                    Jack tells her that he will "take that into consideration"


                    • #11
                      Jack tells Christie about his talk with Kemi...

                      They both agree that she's a threat ... but anything can happen ...


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                        Analyse tells Christie ( just like Jack told Christie last night ) that if what she has going with Jack ... were to get in the way of their ( her/Christie's ) friendship .. she would cut it off ....

                        Christie tells her the same as she did Jack... she's fine with it ... yadda yadda


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                          Christie tells Analyse that "she's not here for that" ... she likes girls .. and even if she and Jack got wrapped up into something ( like that ) ... she doesn't want to do that ...

                          Christie to Analyse - and god forbid we get out of the house and he ( Jack ) has actual feelings...

                          ( this is the strangest cast )


                          • #14
                            Christie tells Analyse that whenever she uses the HoH shower .. that Jack follows her up there

                            Analyse tells her that she's noticed and it makes her feel insecure...


                            • #15
                              Christie tells Analyse that she doesn't have "romantic feelings' for Jack ...

                              Analyse tells Christie that she knows that it's not her .. it's always him... the things he says to her ( Christie ) the things he does/ way he acts...

                              Analyse says all that makes her feel insecure

                              Christie- I would feel the same way


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