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Live Feed Updates - July 9 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 9 - Day 21

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    6:00 BBT

    Nicole was up in the bathroom talking to Holly.
    Jackson and Kemi talking in the kitchen.

    Still discussing the Bella/Kemi drama and who threw names out on the black widows.

    Nicole said that she is the type of person that wouldn't say anything to someone else about a person that she wouldn't say to that persons face.


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      Just a quick update ...

      1:11 PM BBT

      Kemi to Nicole - if I know I'm going home before eviction night... I will ****ing blow up Bella's game..... I don't give a ****... I'd love for her to be in Camp Comeback and then I take her out

      Kemi to Nicole - I'm not going to let someone completely destroy my game without me fighting back

      Kemi and Nicole talk about how Bella keeps stirring the pot ...

      Kemi- if I stay and I win HoH next week.. it's a whole different ballgame
      Nicole- I want you to stay and go for her ( Bella ) I will back you up 100%

      Kemi - who do you think I'd put up

      Nicole - Jack and...

      Kemi- I wouldn't put up Jack, I already promised him I wouldn't ... I would put both of them (Bella/Nick) up with the intentions of taking Bella out.... I don't think a backdoor is necessary. ... you ( Bella ) can fight for your life... I'll end it

      ( that's all I can do for now )


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        4 p.m. BBT

        Apparently Christie caught Cliff talking to the Live Feeds this morning laying out his whole game plan to the feeds. Christie is busy telling everyone about the plan. So, here is Cliff’s plan according to Christie:

        - He has a 3 person alliance between him, Nicole and Ovi called Zing. He’s including Ovi because he believes he has the power.
        - Cliff sees that there are 3 power couples in the house running the show (Nick/Bella, Holly/Mickie, Jack/Sis). He sees Sam as a free agent but he can’t be separated from Nick so:
        - move 1: recruit Sam to pull him into the zing alliance and bring Nick along with him which will draw a wedge between Nick and Bella to break up that couple
        - move 2: take a shot at Sis/Jack and get one of them out
        - move 3: take a shot at Holly/Mickie and get one of them out
        - move 4: take a shot at Christie/Tommy and get one of them out (he sees them as couple #4)
        - then run through the remaining house guests for round 2

        So far, Christie has told this plan to Gr8ful and Sam.

        About an hour ago I heard Holly and Mickie plotting after hearing this story to approach Cliff to work together to protect their game.

        Also, while Christie was in the HOH room telling everyone Cliff’s plan, Holly and Sis are getting pissed at Christie for going outside their alliance to tell Sam about the plan.

        These houseguests are amateurs!


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          ( thanks nannicarol )

          I'll catch us up quickly ...

          Christie suggested to Bella/Nick/Jack and Sam that instead of getting Jessica out next week ... they still put up Jessica ... but they also put up Cliff, telling him he's the pawn .... BUT ... they send him home....

          Christie - Ovi and Cliff both being in this game is terrifying now


          • #6
            Jackson told his crew of Holly/Analyse./Bella.Nick/Jack and Sam that next week they nominate Cliff and Nicole


            • #7
              Christie - he ( Cliff ) just ruined his whole game..... by trying to play to the cameras


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                Kat and Holly talk about Bella... they think she's a bitch .. mostly to only the girls.... they wish they could send her home... but won't try until after Camp Comeback is over.

                Holly to Kat - the other day ... she ( Bella ) saw me crying .... and she started crying with me.....

                Kat - I don't know if that's her being a good heart... or if she's a sociopath

                ( LOL )


                • #9
                  Kat and Holly agree that Sam is a huge threat... probably more so that Jack

                  They think Tommy is playing the floater game..

                  They say if they are not careful... he ( Tommy ) will end up in the F3 .. like JC did ..


                  • #10
                    Kat and Holly agree that they do not want to get rid of Jessica... because she's a number for them

                    They also agree that no one would suspect that they ( Kat/Holly ) are working together ...

                    6:45 PM BBT - Boat Room

                    Sam- if I won HoH .. I don't think I'd put up Cliff and Jess... I would stick with Jess and Kat ... because it doesn't harm my game

                    Bella -yeah .. I think I could win HoH .. and still keep Jess and Kat as noms.... because I have an excuse for wanting Jess to go home.. so I think I should win

                    Sam- we are not here to do other people's dirty work

                    Bella - no

                    Sam - so unless Jackson, Sis or Christie win ... they can do it ... ( put up Jess./Cliff and target Cliff ) ... but I'm not here to play their game...

                    Bella- I need me, or Sis ( Analyse ) or Holly to win ...

                    Sam- but Sis and Holly would put up Cliff and Nicole or Jess

                    Bella- yeah .... but I would put up Jess and Kat

                    Sam - I bet Nick would too ( Jess/Kat )

                    Bella- yeah but I don't want Nick to win ( HoH ) because I don't want him to have to draw those lines...

                    Sam- I've talked to Christie before and she's okay with that later on .. like Jack and Jackson have to go .. immediately later on

                    Bella- but you know what .. she ( Christie ) is in such a good spot .. she can wait to see who is better

                    Sam- right

                    Bella- which sucks

                    6:48 PM BBT

                    Bella to Sam- okay I'm going to tell you something ...

                    Sam- go ahead .. I won't tell anybody

                    Bella- I know you won't ... but you're kinda gonna be upset

                    Sam - okay ...

                    Bella- so .... there's an 8 .... it's everyone upstairs.. you know who ... and you're the 9th .. but the thing is .. me and Nick are waiting .. trying to figure out how to ....

                    Sam- what get out of it?

                    Bella- yeah

                    Sam- but why .. why am I the 9th??? Why am I not in it?

                    Bella- because it was made on like day ... it was like made earlier ... like way earlier ... it was like 6 ...

                    AND .. Ovi walks in .. and that convo ends....

                    ( she just can't help herself can she? )


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                      Currently it's 7:24 PM BBT

                      And it's Taco Tuesday time in the BB house .. family style dinner time


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                        7:51 PM BBT

                        Sam and Bella in the bathroom

                        He's asking her for the "deets" on their convo that was interrupted earlier ...

                        Sam says he's surprised that Nick didn't tell him ....

                        He asks if the 8 alliance has a name...

                        Bella tells him the name - Gt8ful ....

                        Sam- why am I not in it.. is there a reason?

                        Bella- we can talk about it later.. not now

                        Sam- tell Nick you told me... so I can talk about it with him ..

                        Bella- no .. not yet.... because I want him to tell you ....

                        Sam- oh... but he might not ...

                        People are coming in and out .. so the convo is broken up here and there

                        Sam- Christie told me she wanted Jack out before Jury ...

                        Bella keeps telling him that they can't talk about it now...

                        Bella- but I just wanted to tell you .. wanted you to know ... I think Nick didn't tell you because he didn't want you to feel left out .. but I wanted you to know ...

                        Sam keeps pushing about why he wasn't in it ...

                        Bella- I think it's a given that you are the 9th ...

                        Sam- but it's an 8 person alliance

                        Again convo is broken by people walking in/out - this time it is Nick


                        • #13
                          Bella now in the HoH room with Jack

                          Jack- how do we feel about that information about Cliff? Does that change anything for us?

                          Bella- what do you mean?

                          Jack - I dunno .. once again I think we keep putting people up because I'm at risk ... if Gr8ful thinks we should make a bigger power move then we should.. even if it puts me at risk


                          • #14
                            Bella- but that is the move

                            Jack - yeah .. are you thinking about talking to Kemi about it

                            Bella- I was thinking about it .. but I don't know what it benefits

                            Jack- yeah

                            Bella - I'd rather her tell me ...

                            Jack- that she found out about it ...

                            Bella- yeah .. because if she goes around digging .. it won't benefit anyone

                            Jack - girl ... you just won my heart

                            Bella- why .. were you concerned that I was going to ??

                            Jack -no

                            Bella - oh.. okay ... because if she found out .. she would tell me .. and if Nicole really has the power .. then good for her man ...

                            Nick comes in ...

                            Tommy there too ( he was in the shower )


                            • #15
                              They talk about Cliff's talk with the camera.... and his targets...

                              Nick - I can't believe Nicole has it (the power).....

                              Bella- I said Nicole had it the minute we came out of the competition

                              Tommy - she does?

                              Nick - it has to be....

                              Jack - unless if Ovi's was a thing where... he....

                              Nick- you don't think he would have leveraged that when he was about to go out?

                              Jack - unless it last a long time... and he's coming back ...

                              Nick- I think he would have told you ( Jack ) .. no way that he would have gone out without telling you ( Jack ) or Jackson that he had the power .. that only leaves Nicole.....


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