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Live Feed Updates - July 10 - Day 22

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 10 - Day 22

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    6:00 BBT

    Kemi, Nicole, and Jessica are in the lounge talking about people, primarily Bella and how much Nick has put his whole game with her.


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      Peeked in on the Live Feeds

      Sam has been working to try to save Kemi ....

      Sam to Kemi - I'd rather vote out Jess....

      He tells her that he's going to talk to Nick, Bella, Tommy, Christie and Nicole ....

      Sam - that would be 6 with me ( votes to keep her )

      Sam - I have to be careful cause I don't know if they are in alliances I don't know about

      ( but he does know )

      ( I will try to post updates ... if I can ... )


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        ( ugh .. work keeps getting in the way !!! )

        Sam told Nicole, Bella and Nick that they could save Kemi this week... and she ( Kemi ) could win HoH and put up Jack...

        Sam- and then it doesn't even touch us

        Nicole - that's true...

        Nick- it will ruffle feathers...

        Sams- so what?


        • #5
          Sam to Nick - why are WE getting out Kemi? ... she means no harm to us ...

          Nick - she means harm to him ( Jack ) and he's the HoH


          • #6
            Nick and Sam continue to talk ...

            Nick worried about ruffling feathers so early in the game..

            Sam asks if it's really ruffling when Jack said he is 50/50 ) about keeping Kemi )

            Sam tells Nick that Kemi would not go after either of them....

            Sam to Nick - why are we doing this? ( voting out Kemi )

            Nick- cause it's an easy move....

            Sam- for Jack


            • #7
              Sam asks Nicole if Cliff would vote out Jessica? .. or go with the house ....

              Nicole- we're the majority if he comes with us. .... we become the house


              • #8
                Nick talks to Christie and tells her about keeping Kemi .. and how she would go after Jack

                Christie tells him .. that if someone goes after Jack fine... she can't .. he can't ...

                She tells him to keep her posted


                • #9
                  Bella and Christie talk

                  Christie tells Bella about how she thinks/knows that Jack/Jackson/Holly/Analyse are working together ..

                  She goes on to say that when it gets down to 6 ... she knows she will be the first to go .. then Tommy


                  • #10
                    Bella to Christie - I think we have the numbers


                    • #11
                      Bella tells Kemi about how Christie overheard Cliff talking ... to the Live Feeders ... and how she found out his plans....


                      • #12
                        Sam pitches the idea of keeping Kemi to Jack

                        he tells him that Kemi has said that she's out for him ... but that Jess is out for all the guys....

                        Jack tells Sam that he has made it clear that he's down for doing whatever is best for Gr8ful

                        Jack- I mean whatever is best for our NINE

                        ( LOL ) ( oops )


                        • #13
                          Kemi checks with Cliff about his vote

                          He tells her he would much rather her stay .. he knows she would shake things up


                          • #14
                            Jack tells Analys e about how Sam wants to "communicate" with everyone about how he would like Jess to go over Kemi ...

                            Analyse- no ****ing way.... I'm not changing my vote.


                            • #15
                              Holly tells Jack that she's always walking in on Sam/Kemi and Bella talking ...
                              She tells them they are close
                              She also tells him that there's no way that Kemi would not come after him

                              Jack- then it stays the way it is ( voting Kemi out )

                              Holly tells Jack that she will not waver from the 6

                              Jack talks about how Sam is worrying him .... now


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